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Turk Facebook Love

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Hello, guys.

Glad to have found this website,I will get to the point. Ok this may sound stupid but i am just a sucker for love and probably, young, stupid and naive and almost always online. Am a teenager (18).

Okay, when i was 16 and working at a cafe, had plenty of facebook time to chat and hooked up online to this cool Turkish guy (21) who i would chat with almost non-stop for a month before he goes quiet on me for 2 months and comes back again until i decided to put a stop to it like 2 years later. I swore not to fall for a guy on internet but guess what, i succeeded for a while until another friend request came and another Turkish guy started to chat with me.

I took it casually until we discovered we are sooo alike besides religion and race of course. but we discuss freely about it, he is 19 but mature. we already make plans to marry and meet... okay yeah we are crazzy.

The point is, i am sometimes scared he may start to ignore me like the former Turk love chat mate i had but he has promised to start just calling me this month as chat is getting boring for him. And i also wonder if i am fooling myself by believing someone online.

I am anxious this month as he promised he will start callling me eveeryday. i want it to work out, i really do. But again if it works out i am scared that he may lose his trust in me if he discovers that in the past, i had a facebook chat mate like him. he trusted me with his facebook password and email password.

This was suppose to be a short post but, i guess i dont exactly know how to express myself... last question is; am i stupid to fall for someone i never met. we have made so many plans for the future and believe me he is reallly smart from our chats. he seems like someone i can live with,Thanks again.

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Hi and welcome to our forum Barbs. You are 18 and he is 19, you are both very young and to be thinking of marrying someone especially when you haven't even met. Have you told your parents about your plans?

Where does he live in Turkey and what does he do, are you thinking of living in the UK or Turkey?.

My advice to you is to forget about getting married until you have spent as much time as you can with him in person, It's very easy to get carried away, there is no rush, just take your time.

If you did marry him and you wanted him to settle in the UK do you earn 18,600 GBP per year. if you don't he wont get a settlement visa.

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I hate to tell you this, but some Turkish guys will say just about anything to marry someone for a marriage visa to go to another country. Lots of romantic words are always involved. I have no idea if this is the case here, but it seems suspicious to me that he's bringing up marriage already. What Abi said is right.

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I agree with Abi and Ken. Take it very slowly and take anything he says with a pinch of salt, ie don't believe half of it. Turkish men could charm the birds off the trees, unlike UK men, and will say all sorts of romantic things which once they marry you, you never hear again.

Don't spend so much time on the computer, get out and meet real live UK men. All right they won't be as romantic but you know where you are with them.

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Thanks Abi, Ken, Sunny and all.

Yeah i am too young to be thinking of marriage and i find your information very valuable in making informed decisions for my future. I really dont want to ruin my life over making a wrong decision in a relationship...


He lives in Andana near Mersin and he wants to live abroad in either America or UK. I dont earn that much 'hehehe' and he knows that. we are both students in university. he plans to marry when we are 25 and he 26. I am not decided where i want to live. :DYeah, i have loads of experience online with Turkish romance talk.they are so gooood at it!. i think its time i used social network for more useful stuff than just chatting, you are right, i will go out and meet guys. I am not bad looking after all. :)hahaha InstabulWhiteboy, i wish i could but i am so goal oriented, i like to plan every detail of my life. waiting for 10 years to know who i could spend my life with is like suicide to me... i want to contro my life but i guess hmmm i cant control all of it, especially this part.. *sigh*Thanks. By the way i am even studying Turkish, maybe i should stop,. :)

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