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A Letter Of Goodbye

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For about five years, I led this forum and realy enjoyed to help learners of Turkish..

I just want to continue as a regular member , I hope Ken will assign somebody else as the moderator..

So, considering the long time I spent here, I feel like saying 'goodbye', as I will probably sign in very occassionaly..

Best wishes for all..


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I wish you all the best Saffron, thank you for your teaching, I look forward to reading your future posts.

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Sorry I'm late in adding my thanks, Saffron. I also appreaciated your help some time ago with translations via PM's when I needed to get everything just right for a family occcasion which included a Turkish member. They were impressed with the words if not my pronunciation!

With good wishes for the future.

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I've not been on the forum much due to having a stream of visitors over the summer so only just spotted your post Saffron. I would also like to thank you for all the time and work that you have put into the forum. It has been invaluable and we are certainly going to miss your contributions.Posted Image

I hope you will keep in touch.Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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My apologies for checking in so late... when previously I saw the topic "A Letter of Goodbye," I thought somebody was asking a question about how to write a letter in Turkish!

Saffron, THANK YOU for all of the time and effort you've spent to teach our membership Turkish. You have made such a valuable contribution to this community that people will benefit from for a very long time, one has only to look at the thousands upon thousands of views your lessons have had, by both members and guests, to see the impact you've had. But things change and time moves on, and I wish you success and prosperity in everything you do. We have been very lucky to have you among us, and we are all in your debt.


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