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What To Buy?

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Hello! My husband is going to be visiting his family in Turkey, but I can't go. So he promises to bring me some gifts. I've been to Turkey several times, so I have most of the souvenir type stuff. Besides a few food items, I don't know what to tell him to bring. Any suggestions from those of you who are living there now? What music/artists are popular now? I love Turkish pop, but don't know who's big now. Any other gift ideas?

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I brought home a lot of Turkish towels when I was there this year. Those are becoming very chic in the US and buying them from import places here can be pricy compared to what you can buy in Turkey. I also sent people some nice scarves with crochet around the edges.

I didn't get into music as much as I should have, but I bought a Tarkan CD over there. It's okay, but not that great.

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I wrote an article about my favourite Turkish Souvenir... Pul Biber! I buy it from the local market, and repackage it in jars when I get home, and use it in most of my cooking.http://www.bodrumpen...enir-pul-biber/


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Grand Bazaar: Lokum, Spices, Really cool lamps (beautiful but a little expensive), really nice jewelry, hookah (should be around 30-40 usd after a good bargain for the syrian hookah), Kilims (could get a little expensive), scarves 

Taksim - Clothes at a good price (in European standards)

Beyazit - Jewelry, home decoration

Food: (you can get it also at the supermarket) : Knorr version of local soups, sunflower seeds, manti (turkish dumpling)

Turkish towels from ozdilek or from a shop in sultanahmet called Jennifer's hamam. You might find quality towels in the grand bazaar too if you walk down the small streets (recommended)

raki (turkish alcoholic drink - pretty strong)

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How about a Nazar Boncuk (nah-zahr bawn-jook)? Look it up in Google images if you don't know what one looks like, it's the Turkish "evil eye" talisman which wards off the evil eye and bad luck. Some of them are quite ornate. That would make an excellent conversation piece hung over a doorway in your house.


I've seen some which are surrounded with decorative silver or pewter that I like, I can't seem to find one like that in Google images though.

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