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Importing A Car As A "student"

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Dear All,

Currently I am in Turkey on a student Resident Permit that valid for 3 years "I guess". Recently I decided to buy a vehicle in Istanbul, however; and for some reason, the secondhand cars are way too expensive Posted Image. So, I have my car back home sitting in the garage is doing nothing and no one is using it.

My question is, what has to be done in order to register my car that I will ship in two months? I knew that importing a car is a headache, but I can't afford to buy a car in Turkey since I am a student Posted Image. Also, I am wondering if there are shipping companies who can handle the shipping and the registration process :)

I am open to any suggestions



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Adie you will need to open the link to find out more information. I can't help you with information on shipping companies.

.II) Foreigners Receiving Education :

a) Residence Permit (education purpose)

b. Student Certificate given by school addressing to the Association.

c) Passport, driving license (together with its photocopies)

d) Vehicle Licence as the evidence of the vehicle belongs to him/her, if any vending, sales contract (together with photocopy of seller’s license) from relating consulate.

e) Delivery receipt report of the vehicle from related Customs Directorate

f) Security according to engine capacity and year model of vehicle. (Demand bank letter of guarantee in cash or complies with Association sample.) Please click for guarantee list , Please click forSample of Demand Bank Letter

g) Application form to be completed and signed by owner of the vehicle. Please click forApplication form


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Currently I am in Turkey on a student Resident Permit that valid for 3 years "I guess".


Pardon me for being a bit blunt but either your permit is valid for 3 years, or it's not. There's no "I guess" about these matters when permits run out. If you overstay, you'll have more trouble than you ever imagined to deal with.

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Hey KKW, thank you for bringing your concerns, I really appreciate it :)

I am a 100% sure that the RP is valid for 3 years, and by "I guess" I just didn't know how many years are left in it. I took a quick look today I have found that the RP is valid for 2 years and 7 months to be precise

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