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OH just had a phone call from "BilishimTek" giving the phone number 0212 482 1003 which is just an answering machine.

The caller knew OH's name, and said they knew we had high electricity bills (everyone would say yes to that!)She said there is a government initiative which could reduce our bills by 25% - there would eventually be a machine to install which would do it.

She asked what our previous electricity bill had been - OH then played along and told them, realising that if they knew we had high bills, wouldn't they know what the previous one had been?

She then asked which bank we used the most to pay our bills with and what type of card it was........

THIS WOULD THEN GIVE THEM THE FIRST 6 NUMBERS OF YOUR CREDIT CARD as they are generic to each bank and card type.

He didn't give the numbers to her (as he knows what they are). She then said all she needed were THE LAST 10 NUMBERS OF THE CREDIT CARD (which is your name and details encrypted) to be able to get the discount.

He then said "I know exactly what the last 10 numbers of my credit card mean, and I am not giving them to you" She said "Thank you very much for your time" and hung up.

A quick internet check shows that people have had 100 plus TL debited from their accounts and the company doesn't exist.

We then phoned the bank and told them, they said they were aware of it.

They are basically asking you to give them your credit card number which you should NEVER do.

The first 6 numbers are your bank and card type.

The last 10 numbers are your name and details.



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yes, Sam, he's very wary about this stuff because he used to work on the hardware and software side of credit and debit cards at banks and building societies in England.

ALWAYS cover your hand when entering your PIN at an ATM, or in a shop, and look up and around it to see anything unusual, though the fraudsters use false fronts and fibre optic cameras which can be hard to spot if you don't know what you're looking for - but if you cover your hand they won't be able to see your numbers.

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