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What Is The Difference Between A 'rapor' And A Prescription?

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I've recently joined the new government health insurance scheme and understood from the eczane and other sources that this entitled me to an 80% discount on prescribed medicines.

I have to take medicines for several different chronic problems and before joining the scheme have just paid the going price for these. None are controlled drugs - they can all be bought without a prescription.

Since joining the schemeI have seen a doctor about one of the problems, and asked him if he could please write a prescription for the other two also. He did this. But when I took the prescription to the ecane she told me that I needed a 'rapor' also to qualify for the health insurance discount.

The doctor and hospital staff didnt seem to be aware of this.

Can anyone tell me what a 'rapor' is exactly and how I would go about obtaining them?

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It might be that they want to check that your condition isn't one that you had before joining the scheme as the SGK states it won't cover illnesses that people had prior to joining the scheme.

The only people who can provide you with this 'rapor' are either the Salik Ocagi or the hospital.

I'm not surprised that the doctors aren't aware of it as I don't think many people have got the whole story right yet.

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