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Getting a Monthly Transportation Pass in Istanbul

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Hi All,

I recently had to apply for a monthly pass (aylık mavi kart), because it turns out that you cannot simply purchase them over the counter at any kiosk anymore (apparently, this has been the case for a few months).

A picture and ID number is now required on each monthly pass.

If you use your current IstanbulKart or Akbil more than three times per day,  you may want to consider the monthly version. The rate is 140TL. If you are enrolled at a school in Turkey, you can apply for a student card, which runs at 70TL. I won't explain how to do that because your school should help you.

To apply, you must bring a photo (any wallet-sized photo, and they give it back to you), your kimlik number or passport, and 10TL (the price of the card). This office will not load the card, you have to go to an Akbil site to get the monthly credits loaded.

The location where you can receive this valuable item is In Mecidiyekoy, near the Metrobus stop. Exit Metrobus, walk down the stairs and under the bridge, then take a right. Walk right until you see the small building, which will certainly have a line of people at it. The process is short -- give the man your stuff, and in 2 minutes you'll have your card -- but there are many people applying. You do not need any Turkish whatsoever to complete this process. :) I would set aside 20 minutes to be safe. The office opens at 8.30, so even if you work full time, you should be able to get one of these time-saving and money-saving items.

Good luck! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


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