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New To This And Have Questions On Finance Visa

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Hi there, I have been reading this site for hours.....learnt so much things and nice to read everyones experiences.

I have been looking into a finance visa as I would like to get married in the uk so my family can be there and meet my boyfriend first. I was just wondering if you have to send original's or photo copies of your supporting documents along with the application. And also how much does it cost for doing the A1 English test... Can't seem to find prices on line? Thanks claire

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Hi Claire and welcome to our forum. Glad that you are finding the forum helpful, always good to know, When you submit your application you hand in both original documents plus a copy. If they keep original documents and you want them back you should tell them that you do want them back as they don't always do that unless you ask.

If you click on the link I have provided it will tell you at the bottom on of page how much the English test will cost.

DEAD LINK. This is just one test provider and it might be an idea just to contact them to ensure the price hasn't changed.

I'm sure that some of the other girls who have been through this will also give you advice.

I hope you application is successful, if we can help with anything else feel free to ask, :)

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HiI am new to thisI was looking for some informationI met my kurdish bf in turkey 2011. we have since developed a steady and loving relationship and I am now engaged, I have visited his home town twice in the past year and we wish to marry 2013.

I have no contacts etc and do not know where to start on getting my fiance into britain. I love his home town but I have a young daughter who I do not wish to take out of british school so to move here would be ideal. I am not sure whether to get a fiance visa or a settlement visa, I do not mind getting married in turkey it would suite me fine but i do want to live in the uk with my then husband and for him to work full time.

I was wonering if you would be able to help me as i do not know where to go for advise.

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Hi Nikki and welcome to our forum. If you want to get married in the UK you should apply for the Fiance Visa, it's valid for 6 months and as soon as you are married he must then apply within that 6 months to extend his visa for a further 2 years. Before you can apply for this visa he will have to pass a English exam and the certificate has to go with the visa application, He will not be able to work until he has got his extension.

If you marry in Turkey you would apply for a Settlement Visa. Again he will have to pass the Ebnglish test before you can apply.

You must have 106GBP plus 63GBP for your child left over every week after all bills are paid, also the accommodation must be big enough for you all to live in.

There is a lot more information if you click here.

Good luck but be warned it can be a very stressful process. Posted Image

Edit. I have removed your other post because it was asking for the same information andis better that people answer in the same place.

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