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Teaching English to Children in Turkey

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There are always far more jobs available than get advertised. The best places rarely advertise as they fill their positions by word of mouth or from teachers approaching them. There are always some adverts at  www.tefl.com .

There are also jobs in Turkey on daves: http://www.eslcafe.com/joblist/ and in many other places too that you can find by google. Jobs are often advertised by agents, I would advise you to avoid agents as they do not provide any advantages over applying direct to a school.

If a school is advertising, it may mean that they are big and have a lot of vacancies, or it may mean that they have not been able to fill their positions by word of mouth or teacher application. There may be reasons for this that do not reflect well on the school.

The best thing is to decide where you would like to work and send your CV and a covering letter to the kolej in that area. The largest number of jobs are in istanbul. If you are thinking of going there it would be a good idea to find teachers who are already there and ask their opinion. Ankara and Izmir also have plenty of jobs, but really, there are at least 3 or 4 or more kolej in every city. The only places where it is very difficult to find a job are in the resort places like Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Altınkum etc.

In April to July many schools will be filling places for the new school year in September, so now is a good time to start to apply. If you are in Turkey and can make face to face contact with schools it is of course much better because then you will be able to get some idea whether the managers, staff and children are people you want to work with.

In Antalya you could try Antalya koleji, İstek koleji, Bahçeşehir koleji, TED Antalya koleji or AKEV koleji for starters. If they don't have vacancies there are also 7 or 8 others.

Good luck.

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