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All American Muslims

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I live in the States and this show spurred quite a controversey. So much that LOWES, the home improvement center pulled its advertising due to anti-Muslim protests.

I think it sensationalises Muslim life and doesn't do much to cast the faith in a true light. Then again, normal, boring families who just happen to practice Islam isn't going to bring in the ratings, now, will it?

Also, all the Muslims are Arabic. American, maybe, but I was hoping the show would depict African Americans, White, Asian... So in a way, the program just perpetuates stereotypes.

It's not really educational; just another trash reality show in the theme of Jersey Shore or Real Housewives...

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Yes i agree with a lot of the points you made multlukadin. I've just finished watching all the episodes and it does end up being a lot like a reality tv series although i do still find it interesting. It is a shame that everyone knew each other and that they were all Lebanese instead of having different mix of people within that. I did find myself thinking every so often did they actually contact the broadcasters with this idea as everyone who was in it were related or close friends in some way.

The one thing i did really like was that every episode the focused on the different things that they have to deal with in day to day life. There were many aspects that were good to see with the way other people adapted to the culture such as all the team mates that played football. They done different prayers in English and Arabic before every game. Also when 9/11 happened and one of the couples went to the Christian church with all different religions and their was many talks given from all the priests etc.

I think as an 8 part series it is def worth watching and their is some interesting stuff within it, towards the end you do think alot of the points that have been raised aswell tho.

I do really like reality tv shows aswell lol xx

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To be fair, I didn't watch the full series. I knew that they were all from the same town, but not that they were related.

I didn't know, either, about the Arabic prayers at the FB game. That's cool.

I guess the best thing to keep in mind is that it gets people talking. But I still think it's a sad thing that LOWES caved under the pressure:


Reality shows are a guilty pleasure of mine from time to time- so are the shows where people take each other to court!

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well they aren't technically all related but they are all different families and then they have all known each other in some way since they were young.

Thanks for the link, it was an interesting read and the comments were a lot more interesting. I dont know for me i thought it was very good, it really annoys me how there was such a big hype about the fact that its a Muslim reality show, at the end of the day you have many different shows that are full of sex booze and fighting but no one ever complains about it! I found the show interesting and if they had been allowed to do another series i would have watched it even tho i agree a few teaks could have been good to help the show.

Shame that it got shut down if you ask me xx

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Americans tend to be totally ignorant about what is a Muslim and just "lump" them all together. Far too often they have no clue that of the 1.2+ Billion Muslims in the world there is a great deal of diversity. Of course I have met Turkish folks who think "christians" are all cast from the same mold... After 9/11 it seems there were a great many books written about Islam and Muslims, I saw an entire section devoted to the subject over 8 years ago! Alas, perhaps no one in America reads anymore?

For those who do and for the rest of you out there, I read a book called American Islam: The struggle for the soul of a religion which I found quite interesting. It is by Paul M. Barrett. Duke University has a department called Middle East and Islamic Studies:

There appears to be no shortage of information, but if all that Americans (or others) do is watch Fox or CNN, they will receive the classic dish of trash.

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Ill have a look into that book Hobbit, I don't know how it is America just in England and from living in Turkey. There are many difference diversity's where I live but there are still the mix of people who understand and some that are completely ignorant towards learning. Many times I've had from work friends associate Muslims to terrorists and its just a matter of correcting them and explaining to them that terrorists are not Muslims etc.

There are different parts of Islam as well, i don't really understand everything about it to comment yet, but i know that some of my Kurdish friends and one of my best English friends follow a same kind of Islam that is different to the standard beliefs. Im not really sure how to explain it as I don't know exactly the situation but i will ask her to go into more details for me when i return to work. xx

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Hobbit-I totally hear you about people's lack of wanting to truly educate themselves. Instead, people defer to the mass media for the "news" and seem oblivious to the biases. However, is it unique to the US, or aren't the masses in the UK just as guilty?

I tend to think that the best antidote to subjectivity is a good education...

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