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Holiday Home Owners

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Hello People

Just wanted to say hello to all you people out there who own holiday homes in Turkey. We love the place. When we are not there we really miss the place, the sun, the people and the food. When we use the Interwatch Security system we can see our property and this makes us want to get the next flight to Bodrum. Can't wait till we next touch down.

Babs & Dave

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I hope it won't be too long before you come back out here. It is lovely here at the moment with the day temperatures still around 30 degrees although the evenings are cool. People are still swimming, sunbathing and enjoying meals outside. :lol:

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I miss Turkey when I'm gone, as well, so I just live here now. Nobody back home understands it except for my sister and niece, who have been here also. It's difficult to explain, the place just grows on you. I often feel more welcome here than in my own country.

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...welcome Babs and Dave to turkey central.. :huh:

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Good Morning Turkey Central members,

I just wanted to contact all you home owners from the Bodrum area looking to rent their holiday homes. I have been working in Turkey for the past 10 years, mainly within the Property industry and as much as I love selling the dream and I have become to realise that those dreams for most are also an investment. I feel its now my time to give back. So any of your members that have your own holiday homes here in the Bodrum Peninsular looking to maximise from your investment, please feel free to contact me directly. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best


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