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Cost Of Living In Istanbul

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Dear friends, as I have mentioned earlier I will be moving along with my girlfriend to Istanbul for an exciting new job in ITU university. I have been reading about the cost of life there and I am a bit confused. Some very good sites mention that life is less expensive compared to Athens (actually they say that it is 16% less). I will be earning 3250 TL and they will be providing also an apartment...

Is this enough for two? My girlfriend will be seeking work but not on the first instant...thanks for all the answers

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I agree with swabs that your salary should be enough to live on especially as you won't have to pay rent, which can be expensive in Istanbul. Just take it easy to start with before having champagne suppers. Posted Image

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They are both expensive here. Stick to soft drinks. :D

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Hi , Istanbul is a weird city to make comparison with other cities. Its a city that poor families with 3 children in urban areas can live with even 1000. But what you like and your hobbies will say if it is expensive for you or not.

I know a big common characteristic between Greeks-Turks: Fancy and luxurious.

Istanbul is kind of like Moscow. You can go to a restaurant and eat for 10 TL for 2 or go and eat for 200 TL for 2.

One thing is very expensive according to other cities when compared especially with Europe: alcohol.

Like in Barcelona a bottle of Absolute Vodka is 11,5 Euro which means more or less 28 TL. In Turkey it is 65. Alcohol is classified as big luxury according to Economical Indicators in Turkey (which i think they do it to keep people away from alcohol; thanks to our Islamic ruling party AKP). And thanks to it, Its more expensive even than Norway.

Apart from alcohol , a lot of things are cheap when you are not in fancy districts. If you go to fancy districts things can be expensive there. But like I said if you go to one of the most luxurious restaurant and after most fancy club, drink a lot and reserve a table in club you can finish 1/4 of your money in 1 night easily. 3,250 TL is pretty much okay if it's rent excluded.  It's hard to get if you're not a manager or something in Istanbul.

Have fun in the city and you can talk to me any time when you wish or you have problem. I'll be glad to help you out.

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