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The short answer is...it depends. Yeah I know that's about as much help as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick I know but it does. If you have an address of a house that has been finished for a couple of years at least then it will probably be ok sending it there, depending on what you are sending. Parcels are often left in the sorting office to be collected if they are bigger than a few books. If the address is of an apartment block then there is usually a bank of mail boxes in the foyer, mail is usually left somewhere near the boxes. If the address is in one of the nearby villages don't send anything until a few days before you depart UK because it will stay in the village pigeon holes (or on the floor) in the sorting office for a while then be left somewhere in the village, possibly (but not necessarily) in or near the mosque.

Where are you going to be living?

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Hi CukurbagliBy the way, love the Blog.

We will be living in Bayinder to start with and then who knows. We have friends in Cukurbag and we have stayed in the village a few times. We will also be bringing our two dogs over with us as well so lots to organise. The information about the postal service was useful. We will be over in April so,hopefully, we could have a chat.

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Thanks for the kind words about my blog, must get my act together and post another one.

Certainly we'll get together for a chat, you'll know where my house is I suppose and your friends here will have my phone number I expect? Let me know if not.

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