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Cosmetics Stores In Ankara

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I know there are two M.


C Cosmetics stores listed on the www.maccosmetics.com web page but has anyone ever been to them or seen one? I am curious to know about these stores as I am a makeup artist by trade and it would be VERY expensive for me to obtain the cosmetics outside of Turkey.

Do you know of any other retailers of high end cosmetics?

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I'm hoping one of our Ankara members will able to help you out with your question. Cosmetics tend to be very expensive in Turkey so bring as much as you can with you. Harvey Nichols a British store for people with money has opened in Ankara so they would be worth a visit as I'm sure they would sell foreign brands. There are also stores called 'Watsons' Your Personal Stores who have outlets in shopping malls.

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I think your best bet would be to check out any of the large malls such as Armada, CEPA or Kentpark (next to CEPA) on Eskişehir yolu, Panora in Oran on the south side of town, Ankamall west of the center, Tunalı Hilmi (a beloved shopping street in Kavaklıdere (Çankaya), Karum shopping center at the top of Tunalı Hilmi just below the Sheraton tower (can't miss it) or Kızılay the shopping and business district at the center of town.

Here are a few links

Armada AVM



Cepa AVM

You'll see the term AVM quite a lot. It's short for Alışveriş Merkezi (Shopping Center).

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