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I moved to Turkey to marry my Turkish husband ,My property in England was sold which belonged to myself and my late husband.

Land was purchased and a house built in Turkey which my turkish husband did not contribute to.

He put the Tapu in his name as said it did not make any difference as we are married.

After 2yrs we moved to the UK (7yrs ago) where we have jointly bought a property.

The property in Turkey has been rented out as to which my husband keeps all the money.

Our marriage now seems to be finished if I divorce my husband is he entitled to half the property in Turkey for all it was paid for by myself.

I know he will be entitled to half the property in England.

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Hi Unhappy sorry you had to join due to your circumstances. Indeed as the law stands because the Turkish house is in his name you would only be entitled to 50%. Having said that I think you need to take advice from a Turkish lawyer because if you can prove that you paid all the monies for the property there maybe a chance that you could get more. I think you also need to talk to a British lawyer as well to see where you would stand if he causes a problem about the Turkish house. It might just turn out to be a case of you forgetting the house in Turkey and him signing over his rights to the English property into your name.

Whilst we do have lawyers who answer peoples problems sometimes, it's usually to just basic problems. Your situation is complicated and therefore would need to be handled off the forum and I'm not sure how much it would cost.

Maybe one of other member may be able to help you better than I can.

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I'm very sorry to hear that, if that is the case it is horrible thing to do to someone. Don't give up hope yet, as I said if you consult both Turkish and British lawyers they will be able to advise you better than I can.

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Welcome to the forum Unhappy. I'm sorry to hear bout your situation but I'm afraid I agree with the advice Abi has given you. I'm afraid that your Turkish property is at risk too as there is nothing to prevent your husband selling it on and hiding the money or transferring it into a relatives name.

I am not a lawyer but the only thing that I can think of to possibly prevent this is to start divorce proceeding here in Turkey, preferably initially, without your husbands knowledge and make sure your lawyer gets a block preventing the house being sold. But as I said I am not a lawyer, so I'm not 100% certain that this is possible.

The British Embassy in Ankara has a list of English speaking lawyers. I suggest you contact them to find one in the area in which your house is situated.

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Dear Unhappy,

I will give you necessary legal information regarding your questions according to Turkish Laws.

According to Turkish Family Law, any property purchased within the marriage after 01.01.2002, the spouses may request the ½ share of the property. By proving with bank transfers, you may definitely have a RIGHT of ½ of the house. The important point is to take the injuction to prevent the sale to 3rd persons!

As the property is in Turkey, I advice to open a divorce case (requesting ½ of the house, alimony and custody –if you have a kid-) in TURKEY, for not to waste time with UK Court decision to be recognized here.

If you have further question, please feel free to ask.

I hope I could help you with your problem.

Best Regards,

Merve Balin

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The sitution makes me very sad as I still love my husband dearly.

He has changed so much since coming to live in the UK.

Sometimes he gives me the wrong signals that he does still care for me and then in the next tells me he hates me and is looking for someone new the only provocation I give is if I ask how the house is in Turkey.

At the minute I feel that he is trying to push me out of our home.

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I sympathise with you. Unfortunately, we have heard about a lot of similar situations. You may still love him but I doubt that things are going to get better and may very well get worse. As said before you would be well advised to get legal help in the UK as well as in Turkey.

If he is getting angry about the Turkish house there is a chance that he has already disposed of it.

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Yes,but I am not going to let him do this to me.

I am not his 1st wife before he married me he was married to a Turkish woman he has 3 children and 2 grandchildren who he does not seem to care about.

I don't think he had a very good childhood and now making everyone pay for it.

Over the 10years we have been together I have supported him.

I was happy living in Turkey but my husband wanted to come to the UK.

When we came here we had nothing and have had to work hard for what we have.

He has 2 spells of unemployment but we got through those difficult times.

We managed to buy our own house here but due to unemployment have had to move to another area,where things seemed to of gone wrong.

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Mrs. Lawyer and Sunny have given you good advice about putting an injunction on the house to stop him selling unless he has already done so. If he has already sold I'm not sure what you can do about getting your money back unfortunately. Hopefully he hasn't done that but you should consult with British lawyers to see where you stand.

I wish you luck and hope that you let us know how it all goes.

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