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Turkish Postal Service

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has any experience using the Turkish postal service PTT.

I want to send gifts back to England from alanya as my suitcase was way over the 23kg limit on the way in and i have been told it will work out cheaper to EMS all the gifts back to England. Does anybody know how safe and reliable PTT is, specifically the EMS service ? Also I have been told there are certain things which are not allowed to be sent in the post like fake perfume, but apparently fake clothing is ok ? I would ask at the PTT office but they don't speak any English and I don't speak a word of Turkish! Hence why I'm here :)Any replies will be much appreciated.

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Whilst living in Turkey for nearly 6 years Mrs KKW ran a business through Ebay and sent and received several hundred packages using the PTTs signed-for service. Not a single item went astray. She also used Aras Kargo, TNT, DHL, Fedex and UPS for larger items without any mishaps.

There's no restriction on sending fake items out of Turkey. The problem arises when the post hits UK, US, Australian etc soil.

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Was wondering if there's any current wisdom/experience with this issue.


My object is to save the extra bag fee of 100$, plus the aggravation of lugging it through the system.  The size limitation for airlines is 22K and 158 cumulative cm lxwxd, and I'll be pushing that limit.   Straightforward cost-benefit problem, eh?  Always with the details.....


For a larger box this size will I pretty well need to take it as extra luggage to avoid some exorbitant charge?  Someone must have shipped a rug to the UK or US.  In my checked-past in the US I sold those things, and a typical 6x9 carpet would run 55 lbs (about 23 K).


The local PTT office tells me for a box larger than the ones they offer for sale (like a boot-box), they will pack for you, and anything going abroad they will need to inspect before sealing anyway.  I forgot to ask what extra charges would apply.


What's this EMS business?  Cargo companies like UPS tend to be competitive for comparable services, but PTT's surface shipment may be something these other guys don't offer.  

Oh, and my Turkish is so bad I barely got the above information.  May have gotten it wrong at that..... It does seem I should have been able to get all the answers while there, but I'd run out of the novelty and charm one exudes being a clueless yabancı. 

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My original post was a bit stream of consciousness.  Sorry.


I was figuring that the surface rate via PTT for such a rug would be roughly the same as the max legal "luggage" box, described above.


I have since managed to take a friend to PTT and learned that even a substantially smaller and lighter box (10K) would cost about 360 TL to the US.  So much so for cost savings.


It may be a pain to take another piece of checked luggage, and pay 100$, but the cost savings is compelling, especially if one wants to push the size/weight limits.  


I/ve done this before coming to Turkey, and you can pick-up a box at Home Depot that is the perfect size for 6$, rated for eighty-something lbs bursting strength.  On two trips it worked fine in terms of holding together, using plenty of strapping tape.  With a local box I just found, and VERY liberal use of the tape I brought with me, I'll be confident going it in the other direction, even if getting the box to/fro the AP is a pain.

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