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Yalikavak in Winter

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Hi neighbors,

After three months in the US of "licking my wounds," as they say in the cowboy movies, I'm coming home to an empty house. But I won't be alone--I'll be bringing my nephew to stay with me until April. He's a smart, fit 22-year-old with a keen interest in ancient history and a more impressive knowledge of it than I had imagined. And he's so excited about this trip he can hardly contain himself.

Since I'd only lived in the area for 2-1/2 months before my husband died, and was spending all that time caring for him, I haven't seen ANYTHING of historical or geological interest on the Bodrum peninsula or surrounding area.

Are there any of you who live there year-round and know what's open and what's good to visit this time of year? We'll spend a few days in Istanbul, and I know what to show him there, but once we arrive in Yalikavak it's going to be pretty quiet. I don't even know what the weather will be like.

I'd love to meet some of you as well one of these days. I look forward to any suggestions, including restaurants and jazz bars that might be open. Happy New Year to all of you, wherever you may be.


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Sorry for replying so late LiLi and glad to hear that your nephew will be coming back with you for a while. If you have a car you could try Ephesus , you could also visit Pamukkale. Nearby to Pamukkale are the ruins of Heropolis.

Closer to home you could visit Bodrum Castle and The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Should you want to mix with expats I believe they are usually to be found at Dede's and Musti's which are along the beach stretch in Yalikavak and have heard good reports about.

If you ever come to Çeşme there are a few forum members that live here and you would be very welcome to visit, but probably better to come late spring as there are a few that winter overseas and don't come back until then.

Hope that helps in a small way.:)

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You should visit the Castle and the Underwater Museum at Bodrum centrum.

You can also visit Mausoleum. It’s one of the 7 Wonders of the World. But don’t expect to see much-most of it had vanished.

There is an Ancient Theatre to visit. And the Myndos Gate.

There is an underwater path to a nearby island at Gümüşlük but at this time of the year you can’t walk on it-but maybe you can see it.

If you are able to travel around, you can visit some of the sites near Bodrum such as Labranda, Iasos.

Other than these historical places you can spend some time at Oasis, the open-air mall with a movie theater, a bowling arcade, restaurants and cafes.

And you can also visit a few Greek Islands as well. I’m not quite sure about the visas for you to visit Greece but if you don’t have a visa problem you can visit Kos. There are ferries between Bodrum and Kos everyday and Kos also has archeological sites.

At last, since I live in Istanbul when you come here and/or you need help and if there’s anything I can do, don’t hesitate :)

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Hi, if you are in to history, try going to Derekoy. There is a museum there which is very interesting and you will get a warm welcome from the gentleman who runs the place. He is a famous Turkish diver; who found a lot of relics in the sea which are now in Bodrum castle.

Well worth a visit.

Hope you settle back in Yali, it's a great place to be. X

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Hi Iza and welcome to our forum, do you live in Yali or just have a place here for the summer? I heard it's a nice place but never been there yet.

LiLi, I was thinking about when your nephew left and if you have managed to make any friends yet. If you are an animal lover and have time on your hands if you would be interested in getting in touch with the Yalikavak Animal Welfare Centre, link below. It is run by a lady called Rosemary, as the local shelter is over crowded she take dogs in and has a fair few until they can be re-homed. I know she is very grateful if anyone can spare a few hours helping out when they can, by taking dogs for a walk within a secure area so they are not stuck in cases all day, day after day. It's just a though in that you may make some new friends and maybe a new interest.

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Thanks Abi and Iza for your suggestions.

Abi, to answer your question, it's complicated. I live in Yali as a permanent home, but besides the traveling I'm doing with my nephew, I will be going back to teaching in the fall. It may not be in the Bodrum area for various reasons, but at least I'll be in Turkey. If you haven't been to Yalikavak, you are welcome to visit me! Perhaps I will contact the Animal Welfare Center, because it would be nice to help out with the animals there.

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In Yalikavak, you can venture out on the Kudur Peninsular, where the Panormus Rock Caves are. It if nice to take a walk around the Kudur area, as you get a good view of Yalikavak Bay.

It's also nice to buy a picnic from the market on then follow the road that runs parallel to the market, and hike up to the village of Sandima.

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