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Sharing A Hotel Room Without Being Married

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Hi. I am sorry if this has been asked before but I am a separated lady and will be visiting Istanbul in couple of weeks for 4-5 days.

My office male colleague and friend is also traveling with me. We want to stay in the same room in hotel. Is it necessary to be married with a marriage certificate to share the same room in a hotel as our we have different surnames on our passports.

Thank you in advance

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Hi Naeemhumera.and welcome to our forum. I think you would be better getting in touch with the hotel and asking them just to be on the safe side as there are some hotels in Istanbul that won't let a man and woman share a room unless they are married.

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Hello HumeraNaeem,

Istanbul is a very large city and cosmopolitan, if you go to a hotel in the conservative area you may have a problem, however if you book a hotel in the European side you will not have a problem.

We recently stayed at a hotel when my brother and sister came to Turkey( from Australia), my brother and sister stayed in the same room (passport had different names) and we had no negative comments.

Have a good holiday


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