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Adana Airport Duty Free Allowance

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I have just been talking to a friend about the amount of spirits I am allowed to take IN to Turkiye.

I was under the impression that I would only be allowed 1 litre of spirit but she said that I can take 1 litre from my UK airport, another litre from Istanbul airport and another again at Adana arrivals Duty Free, totalling 3 litres.

Is this right?

I have been asked to take vodka for friends which I will quite happily do but I do not want to get in trouble with customs at either Istanbul or Adana.

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You haven't arrived through Izmir then. Posted Image

It isn't legal but if you don't make it obvious that you have already bought booze you can do it.

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There is definitely a duty free at Adana arrivals, I've been using that airport for 11 years now but have never bothered to go in the shop, lol!

After looking at the price of vodka at Stansted duty free I think I'll leave it until I get to Istanbul and ask in that shop what my allowance is. Then when I get to Adana I will also ask there.

To be honest I'm not going to risk getting in trouble for the sake of a bottle of booze and I'll be so excited about the fact that my husband will be waiting for me that I may not even bother. :-)

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Sounds like I've been walking through airports with my eyes shut, in my defence I'm usually so keen to get out of the damn places I wouldn't be bothered about duty free stuff anyway. I love flying but hate airports, although Oslo was nice last January and I got my first pint of draught Guinness for seven years there. Nectar!

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