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Boy, 13, Pulled Alive From Rubble 100 Hours After Devastating Turkish Quake

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This is the incredible moment a 13-year-old boy trapped under rubble from the Turkish earthquake - for a staggering 100 hours - was miraculously pulled out alive.

This morning's dramatic rescue in the town of Ercis lifted the spirits of workers who have been searching for survivors since the powerful 7.2 magnitude quake hit eastern Turkey on Sunday.


The boy, named as Serhat Tokay, was put in a neck brace and taken on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance.

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Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz1c4BI5HbC

Last week, a major earthquake of magnitude 7.3 hit Turkey. In eastern regions of Trukey, no building stood unscathed.

The entire city was in ruin, and tall buildings disappeared without trace.

Number of dead and missing has been increasing without end, and it is rumored that the number will exceed 1,000.

Turkey is a nation that bled with South Korea when Turkey sent 15,000 combat troops to Korea during the Kroean War.

South Korean government and civilian organizations have been sending relief supplies to Turkey, but moref attention and help are desperately needed.

We hope for no more earthquake damage and for quick restoration of the nation....

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We too hope there is no more damage. Unfortunately the chance of finding more victims alive is diminishing by the hour. We hope that Serhat makes a full recovery.

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