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i so wish i had time to reread this topic as been a while :-))) but my son has worn me out as ever hence not posting much......well we r still going strong me & my husband and he is still as hard working as ever and i can say i was lucky :-) dont know your set up but wish u well Danielleat.   Emreoz where is that comment you would add ......just curious :-))))

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People are serious and unserious everywhere. Girls dating on holiday are not always that serious, they break local guys' hearts too you know. Turkish men can be charming all right, they are often forthcoming in a smooth way and pleasant to be around. They usually expect the same ammount of polite forthcomingness back, which I found troublesome in the beginning but now I am sort of getting the hang of it!


I am dating a Turkish guy slightly into the second year. I might have payed "a small fortune" to be with him but it has all been expenses to support our relationship, nothing more. He is a kind and proud man who doesn't ask for money. He works full time and he pays his expenses, we share our common ones but I pay more since I earn more. I have met his family and friends. We have applied for visa for him to come see me. He is my boyfriend and I trust his intentions. He has been open about that he and his friends see my country as a better place to live because of worklife conditions which I can understand. We have discussed the possability of him finding work in my country in the future, if he learns my language. He finishes his studies soon, and once he pays his military debt he is free to settle where he wants. I am learning Turkish and my work allows me to live in Turkey part time. I am also considering moving to Turkey, should that be the best solution, or continue to fly back and fro to see him. I feel we are both doing what we can to prepare for the future.

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