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Did The Earth Move For You?

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Mr P was quite shaken (pun intended) last night as he experienced his first earth tremor (only 4.4, 137km W from Kayseri). Nothing spectacular just the bed that moved as if somebody had given it a mighty shove and all the windows rattled. I had experienced worse during 5 years living in Nice where that sort of thing is common but he is now sorting out things this morning to create an emergency bag.

School fire drills having drummed into my unconscious that you don't take anything you just get out I am not convinced that I would instinctively grab the emergency bag but what do you have in yours?

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It never even occurred to me to have one, perhaps I'd better think about, my external hard drive that I do backups to would have to be first in it. Passport, Residence Permit, next?

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I would definitely suggest bottled water since electricity and water supplies are the first things that go. A penknife and basic first aid kit, warm clothes, passport and cash. Chocolate or energy snacks, matches, torch and batteries. Basically I would imagine the same sort of kit you keep in the car boot.

The only thing as I say would be having the reflex to take it!

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We always had one back in '99/00 and I've been thinking about one again when we move into our flat, but now having 2 kids, my list is very, very long!!

However, one of the things I read recently stuck in my head, it is to have recent photographs of the family in case one of them gets lost.

I'm going to keep our camping 'head-lights' by the front door (those torches attached to a strap for your head) because if it's in the night we'd be carrying the kids down 3 flights!

A radio, I've got a wind up radio/torch.

I guess a USB stick with copies of all paperwork on would be useful.

We've got a set of walkie talkies - might be useful.

Oh blimey don't get me started I'll be here all day - it's gonna need to fit in a rucksack - and I don't travel light!!

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I don't have an emergency bag as I don't live in an earthquake zone. If I was apart from what everyone else has written I would take A whistle to signal for help in case I got trapped in the building on my way out and couldn't get a signal on my phone.

A blanket, a piece of polythene sheeting to either sit on or use for shelter if it was rainingDust mask if I lived in a densely populated area because if there was a lot of damage there would be a lot of dust flying around.

Baby wipes to keep myself clean also mouthwashDog bowl and food for my dog for a couple of daysA camping plate, cup, knife fork and spoon.

Sturdy shoes near the front door.

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This is something I have never really thought of. But I think everything you have said above seems to be all.

Sue, my husband's aunty keeps all recent photographs in her purse just incase of emergency including mine I thought it was just to show people her family but she told me it was for emergencies aswell as showing around haha. xxx

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