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Yesterday I was invited to a Turkish sünnet. Not quite knowing what to expect (it was my first) I made a cake and turned up at the appointed time with my camera.

They are a very poor family in the village, living just in one room with a narrow kitchen & shower-toilet. The boy was already past 11 years old and they had hardly managed to get the money together to get it done before puberty. Sadly they could not afford to do his 4-year old brother at the same time.

Relatives and neighbours were seated around outside in the side street, while the imam offered prayers. Meanwhile, the doctor was inside performing the deed, with various family members (and others) constantly trooping in & out to observe. Finally it was over and I went in to photograph the little prince in his bed, who was now a man. The shabby walls of the room had been adorned with colourful balloons. He proudly allowed all & sundry to observe his well-bandaged manhood, and many photos were snapped with family members crowded around his bed. Under his pillow was a small stash of money, including several 50-lira notes, gifted by attendees. We were served with light refreshments -- Fanta and lokum !

The family just can't wait to see the photos, which I'll need to get printed, because alas, they have no computer of course !

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Rather you than me Meral. I've only been to ones where the victim had it done at a polyklinik so we were spared the gory bits although I have been subjected to a proud mothers photographs when I went to a hairdressers once. I found another hairdresser after that!

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Regardless of how everyone is supposed to tolerate such a practice because it is part of a 'religion', it is an utterly archaic form of mutilation, has been shown to inhibit sexual pleasure and is only seen as 'normal' because it was scribbled down in the old testament thousands of years ago! Religion makes otherwise good people do pointless and, in this case, barbaric things. I would not attend on principle!

Edit: And how parents can be proud of the event that must, by definition, be harrowing for its victim at that age is testament to how much influence religion can have on otherwise good people.

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