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Property Buying Advice for Bodrum

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So you hope to escape from the wind and rain to the sun?

What we advise everybody to do is to have a look around places and then rent for a year or so before buying so that you can see an area in all seasons as what seemed a quiet place turns out to be surrounded by discos in the summer, or a lively area in the summer becomes a ghost town in winter.

Another thing to do is avoid buying off plan no matter how good the offer seems. So many people have had problems and it's taken them years to sort it out and sometimes they never get their money back.

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Ha ha, it's always wet and windy in Galway! And if it isn't just wait ten minutes and it will be! My first wife was a Galway girl, had some good times over there. Welcome to Turkey Central, hope you enjoy yourself here. As Sunny says don't go looking to buy somewhere until you've rented here for a year or so, the rent you pay will be saved at least double because you'll learn all the things to avoid.

Never buy off-plan, you'll lose your money.

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