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Doctors Jobs In Turkey

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I wonder if anyone can advice me about foreigner, English speaking doctors and how easy or difficult for them to find a job in Turkey? I am a female gynecolgy doctor who is going to move with my British husband to Antalya in the near future. We already bought a house there and my husband has started to set up his business following the normal channels and regulations. He will have a work permit and a residence permit. My concern is how can I fit myself in the country as a doctor as it will be unrealistic to stay unemployed. I will appreciate if anyone can help me in this issue about work as a doctor or even any related field in both the private and public sector, and what this needs from me.

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It's generally prohibited for foreign doctors to work here.

There may be exceptions, see the piece below but other than that if you live here for five years and don't leave the country for more than a total of 6 months during that time you can apply for Turkish citizenship and then hopefully you would be able to practise again. I will try to find more information for you about the law 3359.

I've had a quick look but so far nothing has appeared to say how you can use this law.

A suggestion. If you Google foreign hospitals in Turkey and look at their personnel you might find some foreigners who you could try contacting to ask how they got work permits. Occupations prohibited to foreigners in TurkeyOnly Turkish citizens may work as State employees in Turkey. For the sake of the general welfare,the practice of certain other professions is also prohibited to foreigners. These include law,medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and working as a notary public. However, according to Lawno.3359 of 7 May 1987, permission may he granted to foreign expert doctors to work in Turkey.

Apart from the professions listed above, some other occupations have been prohibited toforeigners according to the provisions of the "Law Regarding Trades and Services Reserved toTurkish Citizens in Turkey" no.2007 of 11 June 1932. Foreigners for example, may not work asitinerant salesmen, musicians, photographers, barbers, typesetters, middlemen, clothing and shoemanufacturers, stock brokers, sellers of State monopoly products, interpreters and tourist guides,transport workers, or construction, iron, and wood workers.

Foreigners are also prohibited from working at water, lighting and heating installations, eithertemporarily or permanently, and at loading and unloading sites. They may not work as drivers, daylaborers, watchmen, janitors, waiters, or household help or as singers or entertainers in bars, noras veterinarians or pharmacists

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I can't insert a link as it's not working, this is an article that was printed in Hurriyet Daily NewsWork permits for doctorsFont Size: Larger|SmallerFriday, December 31, 2010SADETTİN ORHANI want to respond to two different questions about work permits and pension systems. The first question is from Gilda. She asks,

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I'm a Turkish doctor and I'll try to answer.

First off, you can't start working here as a doctor directly. If medical degree from your homeland is recognized, you'll need to take the equivalence exam. You pass, you can start in private clinics.

If your degree is not recognized, you'll have to take the TUS exam, get accepted into a proffession and complete your residency all over again.

Foreigners cannot work in public hospitals.

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