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Turquoise Apartments

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We have an apartment on Turquoise and are starting to rent it out. at present we have only had friends staying there so have been able to give them a key personally before they go out to Turkey. Obviously if we rent it generally we won't be able to do this. What do other people do?

We have emailed the management company as it seems sensible that they hold the keys and pass on to guests but as yet we have had no response.

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Personally, I would be very careful who you give your key to. If you decide on a management company I would check them out thoroughly before settling on one.

Alternatively there may be expats living in the area who would also do this but can't advertise because of the employment laws.

Again, these need to be checked out personally.

If you rent out your apartment you become liable for tax and the Turkish authorities are apparently checking websites that offer holiday homes for rent.

You will also need to employ someone to clean the apartment and provide fresh linen and towels at least once a week.

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There are several independent management companies whom you can contact and they do a magnificent job. If you contact me I can pass you all the details. We also have a Turquoise owners website which you can access and find out lots of useful information. I own a villa on Turquoise and mine is managed by a separate management company, and I rent out too.

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