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Driving To Turkey From The UK

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A VERY USEFUL POST! Thanks, I think this one has given a nice idea of what to do now.

Really appreciate the detailed write up from Keith & Tony, very helpful.

Now its all about getting the timing right.

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We have just done the big drive from Portsmouth to Çeşme in Turkey. It was not to bad a drive. We did it in 4 days all in costs was about £600, which I think was good, we now have to drive back in 2 weeks time, might try the car train this time.

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4 days and £600 sounds good to me as well. What route did you take?. If you do go back on the car train I hope to you post and let us know all the details as it will be helpful for others.

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We went:

  • France
  • Holland
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria.

All was very easy apart from Romania, where the roads where so bad. In fact  you can't call them roads. :lol: The whole trip was 2450 miles. We used 5 tanks of petrol, I was the only driver and I drove for 26 hours the first day then 16 hours the next day. Then we just did the rest slowly, it was a great trip. I can't understand why I have never done it before, will not be flying again to come here. We will all ways drive now.

Its so nice having your car here even just to be able to go to the sea or shopping, the only thing I will change for next year is I am going to buy a motor home, and do it in that, because the kids found it hard and to be able to stop and sleep.

Any way any one thinking of doing it, they should.

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My partner is driving from the UK to Marmaris, leaving middle of March 2013.

Large SUV; Dog and one adult.

Emails from and to Aegean Tour Travel have so far proved very helpful, including price quotes.

I was just wondering if this information is helpful to anybody else.

Expensive/reasonable in the view of seasoned road travelers.

Find below route details and overall cost as sent of Jan 2013

Seems OK to me, but would appreciate any current alternatives anyone might know of or further advice/ options.


Lin x





VEHICLE = JEEP 5m-1.80


Patras-Athens 200 km with motorway.


ROUTE 2 -FERRY = - DEPARTING ATHENS ON 2013-03-15 AT 19:00 ARRIVING IN KOS ON2013-03-16 AT 06:35


VEHICLE = JEEP 5m-1.80




2013-03-16 AT 16:30


VEHICLE = JEEP 5m-1.80

ACCOMMODATION = DECK_____E-voucher issue fee= Including.

GRAND TOTAL: ROUTES-1,2,3 = Euro 975.00

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Thanks for that @academylin. That sounds a reasonable price when you think of the miles you are missing out, especially if you buy your diesel in Turkey!

I hope the dog will be able to keep its legs crossed. :)

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Hi Sunny - Thanks for that.

Is diesel much cheaper than uk prices in Turkey?

£143.9 per litre here....

:huh: eek! Just tried to google current diesel price and answered my own question, found this link!



Turkey has the highest gasoline and diesel prices in the world due to high taxes and profit margins in the country in addition to soaring oil prices, new energy data has revealed on 29 September 2012. Around that date, the price of a liter of gasoline in Turkey reached $2.6 and diesel $2.4, according to International Energy Agency (IEA) data. With the recent price hikes in 2012, gas and diesel prices hit TL 4.92 ($2.71 per liter) and TL 4.81, respectively. The share of taxes in gas prices in the Turkish market is 72 percent, while by comparison it is 62 percent in Germany, 57 percent in Italy, 60 percent in Japan, 25 percent in Canada, and 12 percent in the USA.


Actually a little bit more expensive, £1.77 there if current rate is 4.92tl.

Does anybody know what price it iss at at the moment?

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The price of diesel is 4.23tl (1.778 euro) at the moment.


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Hello all again,

As I mentioned some time ago, my partner is due to leave England soon and drive to Turkey with our dog.

Because "the Geoff" has spent so long in his office organising many different points and intricacies involved with this trip, and because the information on this site has not been updated for a wee while, I have compiled some pointers which you will need to be aware of before embarking on this journey or something similar- in an endeavour to help anyone, who in the future may be wishing to replicate this (or similar) journey.

I have been corresponding with @Mouse64 for some time now as she is doing similar trip at similar time, and even she and I have been getting differing information. However, at this time, the following details are correct!


Green card needed or insurance certificate to cover Europe and Switzerland.


K. Insurance EXCLUDES Turkey, so cover needs to be arranged there.

Check European breakdown cover.

Some countries expect minimum tyre tread especially in the winter, which differs from U.

K. Requirements, so make sure to check with the countries you are going through.

Some countries insist on you carrying snow chains for winter travel (whether you have to use them or not is another matter) so check your vehicle's handbook for compatible equipment. Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

A spares kit is recommended, and is a legal requirement to get through France. A "European kit" can be purchased containing all necessities: bulbs, hi visibility jackets (including for passenger) headlight deflectors and personal breathalyser kits.

I didn't know this but if pulled by French police and they want to breathalyse you, you have to have your own test.


As we have discovered, if you go into Turkey with your car it is entered on your passport. You are therefore expected to leave with your car. A way round this is to leave the vehicle (if for example you have to fly home) in a customs bonded area, or, as has been mentioned before in this forum, get the car to Rhodes or Kos and fly back from there.

"The Geoff" chose not to travel through parts of Eastern Europe because of potential problems with documentation for the dog and also because of numerous security warnings still in circulation with regards to bombs and mines etc.

It is important to understand that the UK is part of EU but Switzerland is not, as it is a listed country however, it is treated as EU.

Turkey is not listed so different rules apply.


  1. Export certificate
  2. Rabies blood test
  3. Tapeworm treatment for re-entry

Download information from DEFRA website

Pet passport obtained from your vet (dog must be microchipped for this)


see section regarding non-EU countries.

Rabies blood test, predominantly for return to EU. Check time limits.

Tapeworm treatment for return to EU. Check time limits.

There is an "export certificate" needed to be able to get the dog from Europe into Turkey. This isn't easily made apparent, you MUST contact these people in order to obtain the forms to complete and obtain an export certificate.

AHVLA (animal health and veterinary laboratories agency)

This must then be approved and signed by an approved vet (DEFRA panel 2 approved vet) and then - after all this, you only have SEVEN days of the certificate being validated!

Bearing all this in mind, here are our/his plans

Travel Plan

Built around two fixed points. Ferry from Ancona departs on a Thursday and ferry arrival, at Bodrum, is on Saturday. So three days export certificate issued by AHVLA valid for 7 days.

Export certificate applied for to AHVLA

AHVLA sent to nominated vet prior to appointment and travel date

Vet examines dog, checks passport, etc., and signs certificate. It is important for certificate to be signed as close to the time of departure from the UK as in my case I need time to drive to Anconia Italy.

Sign off by vet in Cornwall. I would use one of the seven days as I would need to drive from Cornwall to Folkeston (Euro Tunnel), so then only three days from there to Ancona, which is a bit tight.


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Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to help other members. I hope the trip goes without a hitch.

Apparently the Turkish green card is available at points of entry.

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I sometimes find the internet frustrating because so many of the articles are not dated so you don't know if they are up to date or not.

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Great post Lin :clap:

My information I have gathered up to now pretty much cover a lot of the same, the major difference being that we will take the long drive through: France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia,Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria hopefully we wont have any problems.

Our normal Vet is doing us the favor of dating the papers one day ahead which will help if anything goes wrong.

It will be two of us driving and we plan to just go for it and if possible not stop in hotels at all.

The ferry was just not an option for us because we are driving with a Luton Van and we couldn't get reliable quotes for the ferry costs. Funny enough for a camper van of the same size its no problem to get a quote :)

Additional we found the travel time by ferry just to long as we don`t need the sleep time gained as much as a single driver

We will be getting around the "winter tires/snow chain" rule by driving after end of official winter (19.03.2013) but we will still pack chains just in case for Germany/Austria because you never know :cold:

Food and drink will be covered "on board" and we will really push to make the best time possible, it will no doubt be a punishing drive and I would love to do the same trip one day and be able to make it more of a "holiday" but this time we haven't got the option.

I hope we wont have any problems getting all our stuff through the many borders and into Turkey as once again the information i was able to get were very confusing, so we will just hope for the best. As far as I could gather all I need to get the furniture and personal belongings through are:

  • Residence permit
  • Kimlik number
  • Tapu or rental contract
  • Bill and serial number for electronic entertainment systems (and be prepared to pay fixed rate on these [I believe 18%])
  • A detailed inventory list

Hopefully this will be enough and we won't end up having to empty the van, as that would be a nightmare, but I know its a possibility depending on who is on the border at the time. I think I would just have to cry then :crying: because going by the state of my garage at the moment it looks like the packing of the van will more and more resemble a very tough Tetris game.

Once we have done the trip we will have to get together and compare notes, Lin :beerchug: :lol:

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Just received an email from the Geoff, he left on saturday to drive to Turkey.

Here's the story so far.


Well all packed, organized and plan to leave Cornwall 9:00 but probably 9:30 or 10:00 at the very very latest. Left at 11:45. Oh well!

Weather dreary with light rain and pretty depressing. Reached Devon and drove into brilliant sunshine and the bluest sky I have seen for months. England is not too bad after all. Drove past Bristol and the heavens opened. Wind, rail and sleet/hail. Yep, UK weather is crap.

Traffic all good and driving along M4 and looked left then saw Slough. That place is enough to make anybody suicidal. Then looked right and saw Windsor Castle. It is a beautiful sight. I think I saw Her Majesty looking at me through a window. She waved and mouthed the words Bon voyage mon Cherie. We are very close you see.

After 350 miles of hard driving from Cornwall I reached Ashford Travelodge. First time I have ever stayed off beer and wine but I had some tough driving ahead of me.

Asena (6 month old White German Shepherd) was brilliant and slept all the way.


Got up bright and early 7:00, it made a change waking up sober! Asena and I make a lovely couple. Both blonde and stunningly attractive we could be twins.

At 9:30 saw Clare the vet at Companion Care Vets in Ashford. Excellent service. Cant recommend highly enough.

Asena was a prude and sat down when the thermometer was up her jacksey. Paperwork signed off and I left at 10:10. Just needed a stick on GB sticker because the magnetic one did not work. Stroke of luck Halfords was next door. Paid £2.99 and I got sorted.

Off to Eurotunnel. Got there early and got on the earlier train at 11:50. No problems on the train. Got to Calais at about 1:30 local time.

Weather was crap just like England. Strong wind, and heavy rain. Drove down to Dijon and trip was pretty uneventful except In Epernay (where the bubbly comes from). Sun shone when driving through Picardy and I wanted to sing. There is a song Roses or flowers or something else from Picardy. I do not know the words or tune and cant sing so kept blurting out Picardy at the top of my voice. Oh dear I am rambling.

After 350 miles on French Toll roads (bit pricey) I got to Dijon at 7:00 and checked into the Ibis hotel. All good.

Asena slept all the way.


I decided to Drive about 360 miles to Milan and sleep there on a sofa in student digs of a friends son. Looking back I question my sanity on all counts.

Weather brightened up and became sunny but temperature dropped from 8-9 degrees C to 1 degree C. Got to southwest France and the countryside changed rapidly from pretty boring flat countryside to hills and then mountains. Scenery was brilliant. Started to worry a bit when the Sat Nav changed my route a couple of times because of problems. The snow was falling and there was thick snow everywhere except on the roads. They were clear but I had not yet got to the Swiss Alps. I took the precaution of fitting new tyres (really good thing to do) and had snow chains but I was venturing into the unknown and about 250 miles to go. It was great that the scenery here was stunning because most of the way it had reminded me of the stretch of road from Edinburgh to Inverness which is known as the MAMBA country. Miles And Miles of Bugger All.

Anyway, I crossed the border into Switzerland somewhere but don't know where. I was driving most of the time on the A1 and the A2. Stopped for half an hour and there were two memorable firsts. Asena's first time out in snow. She played in the snow and as she is white she was well camouflaged and I could not see her!

Set off again expecting serious problems with snow and ice on the roads but no roads were all clear. I found Switzerland a bit disappointing because there was thick mist covering the mountains so I did not see any of the spectacular scenery and when it was clear I was going through tunnels. The tunnels are amazing but do take much of the adventure out of the trip. One of them (Gothenburg Tunnel?) is 17 km long or 11 mile to educated people. Driving through Switzerland was a bit uninspiring somehow because the roads were brilliant, tunnels light and clean, road signs were accurate and the road surfaces were excellent. It was a bit structured, predictable and lacked flair just like the Swiss (oops sorry).

The most memorable sight was a rod sign that read Berne-Wankdorf.

Then I crossed into Italy. Well the first thing I immediately noticed was that the Italian drivers who had been driving like normal human beings were transformed into animals as soon as they crossed the border. Then there were the poor road surfaces, roadworks and dark dirty tunnels. Weather in Italy was wonderful. Bright sunshine and blue sky. The fields and mountains were snow covered and it all looked beautiful. The best sights on the whole trip.

I reached the edge of Milan to see Josh the student at the agreed time of 6:00. He got back from University at about 8:00. Oh well time to feed and walk Asena then play hide and seek with her.

Asena slept all the way.

Went out for a meal with Josh and his mate Will, as they are typical students always hungry. Had a great evening then sleep on the sofa. A pattern was emerging. Woke up at 6:00 in the morning by Asena sticking her nose in my ear and trying to get on top of me. She is only a puppy but weighs 25kg already so not a good idea to let her jump on top of me!


Said bye byes to Josh and Will then set off to drive 280 miles to Ancona.

Sunshine all the way and good drive. Roads were a bit crowded but traffic flowed well.

Got to Ancona and checked into hotel at about 16:30. Feel pretty tired as have driven 1400 miles in 4 days but I am here and arrived 1 day earlier than expected. The Dijon to Milan drive was pretty hard but was worth it.

Asena slept all the way.


Spent the day chilling out and took Asena for a walk, run and play on a rocky beach at Porta Nova which is 10 miles along the coast. Used the 12-volt electric kettle to make a cup of tea but remembered I had left the milk and tea bags with Josh because he likes Tetley and his milk was frozen!

So I had a Minestrone Cuppa Soup instead.

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Great story and trip so far Lin :)

looks like he made the ferry port well in time. Makes me just a little sick to my stomach thinking that we are planning to do 1400 miles in one go, we must be of our rockers :lol: but at least we have decided to stop for one night now near the Serbian border to make that stretch hopefully a bit more rested.

I`m really looking forward to hear the rest of the story :)

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As you guys are anticipating the next installment, find below received email from "The Geofferage".

Seems its been quite stormy over there as well as here in the UK, down in the southwest where I am there have been floods and high winds for the past two days, I was concerned the Italian/Greek ferries wouldn't go if it was equally windy there. Anyway, find out below!


The hotel NH Ancona was great. Service, comfort and wine were well appreciated!

After breakfast at 9:30 I went to Port Office to check in for the ferry. Very efficient and professional. Almost got pulled by a bird wanting a trip to Greece. She was about 5’6” and slim. That was the good news. She was a tramp, old, dirty and did not smell of meths like UK tramps, no this one smelt of diesel! I thought long and hard, for about a nano second, and decided to go alone.

Went back to hotel to wait for an hour and hit the double expressos again. Then back to the port for embarkation (getting on the boat for you land lubbers!) all went smoothly but the parking was interesting. The guys directing you to your parking spot run about, jump and shout in a very high-pitched voice. I do not speak Italian so assume they were shouting and not screaming. It reminded me of the fueling berth in Marmaris on a busy day and also parking a boat in Simi when there is a strong cross wind. The Simi experience must be seen to be believed!

Where was I? Oh yes car was parked expertly by me then up to reception for a key then into the cabin. This was no mean feat. I was loaded with a small bag for me and a huge bag for Asena. Also I had to walk with her on a lead which in itself was difficult because if she was on my left I hit her on the head with my bag but if she was on my right I hit her with her bag. She thought this was a game and probably knew there was food in her bag so tried to eat the bag. My usual cool, calm collected self disappeared as I tried to maneuver like this through the impatient crowds. Anyway I got key and found cabin. It was excellent. Very small but the design was amazing as they fit in 2 single beds, 2 pull down bunks, toilet, basin and shower. The only problem for me was that it was an inside cabin with no windows. This was a bit of a problem as I am a bit claustrophobic.

Only problem on the boat is that there are few areas you can go with a dog but as Asena likes to sleep this was not a problem for me. The dog loo area is interesting but I will leave this to your imagination.

It was pretty windy and sea looked a bit choppy but the boat was so big that it was a very smooth ride. Sun shone so we had a sleep by the pool on level 10. No water in pool as this is winter.

Time dragged but there were a few interesting sights. The stairs and all the sheltered parts of the boat were littered with sleeping bags and carrier bags full of personal belongings. Most of these disembarked (got off) when we stopped at Albania. That is the people got off, not just the carrier bags and sleeping bags!

There were 2 guys who had a cozy night because they erected a tent on the deck and inflated a double mattress. Very nice. Bit surprised that there was not much of a shop on the boat. Certainly not like crossing the English Channel. Watched a DVD on laptop. Took Asena to explore the dog loo area – enough said, then went to bed.


Not a bad nights sleep but kept clothes on in case I had to make a panic trip in middle of night with Asena for a loo break. Out of cabin on level 7 up the stairs to level 10, round the back of the boat then along to the loo point at the front of the boat. Phew at least this was not needed. Woke up in a bit of a panic at 7:30 because message over the intercom to be ready for disembarkation (getting off) in 30 minutes. What! We were due to arrive in Patras at 2:30 so we must have made fantastic progress with a Jetstream up the rear? Got packed up as fast as only I can i.e. took ages but was ready to go. All packed, Asena on lead, coat on and I was rapidly overheating in my claustrophobic cabin. Made a quick call to Reception to check timing only to be told that we were approaching Albania and Patras was another 5 hours. Oh b____cks. Panic over so I fed Asena and I had bacon and eggs. Human again.

The rest of the trip went well and we got to Patras on time and were off and on the road by 3:00. SatNav is brilliant. The back roads to the main road to Athens were a maze but we did not put a foot wrong. Made good time to Athens Port (Peraeus?) mainly coz I drive like a Greek – driving on hard shoulder, overtaking everything and doing my best to put a few cars in the ditch. So I got to Paraeus at 5:40 in plenty of time for the Ferry to Kos. Peraeus was an experience. There were cars and lorries everywhere in no particular order. It looked like a scene from the roads in Naples (if you have not been to Naples this will be lost on you because Naples makes Paris look like Toy town).

Sorted ticket then went towards the ferry that I was told was the right one. Asked directions from a policeman and was told to cut in front of the lorries but be careful because they and crazy and will drive over me?! I cut in front then joined the car queue was then asked where I was going and when I said Kos I was told to cut in front of the cars as well. The chaos needs to be seen to be believed. I think the main problem is that there is no sticker on the can to say where you are going and nobody asks till the last minute. This was a particular problem as the ferry made about 6 stops before reaching its final destination, which was Rhodes. I had been worried that the ferry may not run because the max they go out in is F8 but had been F10 the day before.

Phew. Checked in at reception, was given key and taken to my cabin. It was really good and was outside so I could see daylight at least for an hour.

No incidents. Journey went well and Asena looked good when wearing a soldier’s hat. I got a picture. Got a bit annoyed by a woman who had a German Shepherd/Groendale cross. It was big, bounding, noisy and she could not control it. It was trying to pin Asena to the ground. I took Asena off for a walk till it cleared off.


Arrived in Kos about 7:30 and all great. Next ferry is at 3:30 so have a bit of time to kill. Went for a drive in to the hills and could not fail but notice that it was not really a road and what there was broke away to a sheer drop. Turning the 4x4 round to come back would take skill, nerve, blindness and stupidity.

Stopped off to feed Asena but she was more interested in eating goats poo (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it as my friend used to say!). Well I am ready for the next and last ferry to Bodrum.

Heard from Metin - our friend- (the Turkish Barbarian) that he will not meet me as we had arranged as apparently problem with flights because of bad weather. I've was going to be my Turkish translator if needed at port, will probably see him Monday or Tuesday I'm sure we will get through OK!

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Please pass on my thanks to your husband for an informative and very funny report. Hopefully that's the worst bits over and done with and look forward to reading about his and Asena's safe arrival. Posted Image

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Great report. Hopefully they have made it through customs OK by now and are safely in Marmaris :) fingers crossed we will have as nice a trip next week.

We have just lost our second driver who was supposed to drive back with my husband a week after arrival.

He is working off shore on a north sea platform and they have delayed all shore leave for the next couple of weeks because of the weather conditions, we are now frantically trying to find another driver to fly down to Turkey. :( ah well we know what happens to the best laid plans.

All in all the fact that the first problem has popped up before we even leave is not filling me with much confidence.

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Mouse, it is better when the first problems start appearing before you leave, than when it all feels like straight sailing and the problem just gets up and slaps you in the face when you are least expecting it. A bit like chickenpox, better to have it as a child. I'm sure it will all go fine and certainly be a story to dine out on!

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Thanks all for your comments on his "blog." He is funny isn't he?

Hopefully I should hear from him soon, waiting for the Skype to ring! @Mouse64, the Geoff did say that I should tell you to check the weather carefully, he said the roads through Austria were very well maintained, but other countries roads (if snow is still forecast) would be a nightmare!

Why don't you start a thread on here, see if anybody would be up for the drive back? Maybe someone is heading over to England, and would fancy the road trip?

And although perhaps there was no pun intended, "the best laid plans of MOUSE and men... Etc etc...

Seriously though, relax, it will all come right, get a thread up! ;)

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Well I just had a phone call. Yaaaay!

They're on the boat!!!:)There is no WiFi (he needs to buy a new card tomorrow) But quickly by telephone he confirmed that everything was good coming in, he said the most time consuming bit was getting car insurance at Bodrum. He's got a week so far, but Metin will help him extend it on Monday!

They're both a bit wobbly after the journey, Asena refused to walk across the pacherelle (the plank which goes from pontoon to boat) so he carried her on! Weighing what she does, that would have been a sight! Hilarious... but that's going to have to change!

Apparently from what he can see, the jobs that were supposed to have been done over the winter haven't been, seems Turkish yacht maintenance services are about as laid back as Cornish ones!

But, anyway, all GOOD!

Can't wait to get there myself! :)

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