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Only 1 Mobile Phone In 2 Years

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Only just noticed this. You are now only allowed to bring one phone in TWO years:-

(It used to be one a year.)

According to the Turkish customs regulation, from 1st February 2008, travellers can bring only one mobile handset into Turkey in two calendar years as one of their personal belongings, free of customs duties.

In order to get your handset registered, the following documents should be submitted to the Information Technologies and Communications Authority within one month from entrance date, through a subscription centre (

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I just went to register my iphone with avea.. and I was turned down because apparently I had another handset registered within the last 2 years :( But, there is one way I can still register my handset... good news for people in my situation :) The Avea and Turkcell representatives told me that if I find a Turkish national who has been abroad within the last one month, and if that person is willing to register my handset, they can register my phone in his/her name and wala! Done!

So people dont be disappointed, just ask a Turkish friend who has been abroad recently to register your phone for you! One last note - the phone registration can happen in two ways - the first one allows your phone to work in Turkey with any SIM card (so you can switch SIM cards, for whatever reasons you wanna switch them)... the second one allows only 1 particular SIM card for one said handset, hence even if your handset is shown registered, you will be able to make it work with 1 SIM card you registered it with. Tough, eh?

I have no idea why this ridiculousness? There is some new techno phone, new phone upgrades in the market every month, who keeps the same phone for 2 years now?

Can someone please explain the logic behind this block/register thing? Thanks :)

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It's to try to cut down on the number of phones that are stolen apparently.

The UK doesn't seem to have this system as I've had no problems when taking my Turkish bought phone to the UK and putting a UK SIM card in it.

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