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Price Of Property On Tapu

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Hi,I recently bought an apartment in Turkey. I was aware of the "local" custom to declare the municipality value on tapu rather than the actual purchase price. This was a situation I wanted to avoid being aware of possible problems later if property sold and a capital gain achieved. I have no intention to sell however I am anxious to get the true price entered on the tapu. Does anyone have any experience of doing this and what it might cost? I would add that I have been assured that the correct stamp duty has been paid based on true purchase price paid by me. I have read the guidelines issued by the Turkish authorities which are a little unclear. My fear is that anything other than the true purchase price on tapu is wrong so I want to rectify this.

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I doubt very much whether the "correct" duty has in fact been paid, despite any assurances that you may have been given by the vendor. You'll have been told exactly what you wanted to hear.

You should have queried the discrepancy at the time that the TAPU was issued. If you insist on getting it corrected now, I'd suggest that you meet with a solicitor as soon as possible and let them begin the process on your behalf.

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If you paid 3.30% of the actual price that you paid for the property and there is a lesser amount on the Tapu then that is fraud and you should persue the person you paid the money to particularly as you are required to correct the error and pay the tax difference or be liable to a fine as well.

The Mugla Governors Office has set up a special department to deal with complaints like this; they have English speakers in the Department . Dial 179 or E mail [email protected]

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