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Earthquakes - Fact And Fantasy

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Living here in Turkey gives us an insight to not only turkish customs, but also their old wives tales and folkelore.

Well these last couple of months in Kusadasi we have had a rather abnormal amount of tremors...

So, from what you hear from anyone you meet, turkish or otherwise.... plus whats on forums, or facebook/twitter comments, some of them do make me chuckle.. (and not a seismologist among them) (for that matter neither am I..)Heres a fewOh such and such had a headache, that always means ones coming :confused1[1]: Oh the street dogs were barking all night I knew we would get one :winner_first_h4h[1]: Well its best we have loads of small ones, means we wont get a big one :gathering[1]: Oh Kusadasi is due a big one anytime... :yeah[1]: I am sure you have heard more that you could add.

I am attaching a link of earthquake fact and fiction for a little bit of reading.CLICK HERE for the link..

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Coming here from California I was surprised at how little the Turkish public is prepared for a serious earthquake. In Cali we went through several eq drills every year in school, from kindergarten through high school, and now there is even a disaster mitigation plan going into effect in community colleges (thanks CSEA!). We also regularly had basic fire drills as well as annual major incident drills. Here, however, they don't even talk about it, let alone prepare for it. It's almost like they take the attitude of "if we don't talk about it, it won't happen". Scary. I, for one, am planning to talk to my school management in the fall to see if they're willing to implement SOME kind of earthquake education. Who knows, anything is possible....

If you have never lived in an earthquake zone before and want information about how to protect yourself and your family, there are excellent resources at the FEMA website (yes, FEMA got a lot of bad press after the Hurricane Katrina fiasco, but they still have good information available). You can follow the links to their publications from HERE. Trust me, it's worth educating yourself and your family BEFORE something happens.

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IWB I know what you mean about the little preparation that is done here in Turkey especially after the big devastating earthquakes Turkey have unfortunately had over the years. My husband is terrified of earthquakes because of the in 99 he was 14 at the time living in Manisa and he remembers it like it was yesterday so he makes sure he is fully prepared. we have an emergency bag at the door and others around the house just incase and we live in çeşme that isnt really effected alot.

Thank you for that link you included will have a read x

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