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wow look at those results. for the past 2 nights i think they have lasted for about 20-30 seconds (feels like forever). they have been so bad. the 1st night was the scariest for me as it was the 1st time i have ever really noticed it and to wake me up ... well it must have been bad because i am a very heavy sleeper. my husband was the best though, when i woke up and saw the door moving i shouted oh my fudging god (sorry about my language) and all he said was sam shut up and go back to sleep!! haha. but last night the earthquake give him flash backs of the earthquakes turkey suffered in 1999 and he was quite freaked about about it and never saw him like that before. do you think we have more on the way? xxx

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I am not in your area. I am in Istanbul, but we have our share of tremors. I've gotten very accurate at estimating the strength of quakes just while sitting at my desk and working. I call it my butt-o-meter.

I'm also have an accurate mom-o-meter for estimating temperatures on sick children's foreheads. Very useful. :)So far since the Big One we haven't had anything that would open our cabinet doors or knock over an iron. Thankfully.

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