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A Trip to Alanya

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We're spending two weeks in Alanya in early May. Can anyone tell me what trips will be available whilst we are there, and also what the coach services are like? We will be heading back to Altinkum at the end of the holiday and was thinking of going by coach. I have tried some of the web-sites without much luck, and also have been looking to fly from Antalya to Izmir as another option.

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Alanya in May will be in full swing, and the bus service is excellent. I went from Side to Kaş last summer via Antalya and although it took me 5 hours. There were lots and lots of toilets and coffee stops along the way.

I would assume it would be similar from Altinkum to Alanya. Check at the bus station when you arrive.

Nearby trips around Alanya that are lovely are

Dim Cay River where you can sit on pontoons in the middle of the river and be served lunch and drinks by the waiters there.

Sapidere Canyon is only a few kilometers from Alanya and there are over 30 waterfalls along the walkway between the steep canyon there. It is also a super place to have lunch in the middle of the forest there.

In Alanya itself, down by the main beach area, there is a pretty little cave with stalactites and stalagmites and where the locals who have asthma go because the air down there is so very clean. It is called Dalmataş Cave. Only around 2 TL entrance just off of Kleopatra Beach. There is a nice restaurant above it with fabulous views along the coastline, and a good sandy beach for swimming.

Day trips from Alanya in May would include

Whitewater rafting in nearby Taurus mountain area

A day trip to Side which has many historical sites, and turtles, and a new walkway dotted with little bars and restaurants. And the second-longest sandy beach in all of Turkey.

An ancient, but still active Roman theater where you can see pop concerts, ballet and opera for FREE in the summer months.

Also visit to Aspendos theater, one of the oldest in Turkey and one of the best-preserved in the world.

You can take a day trip to Antalya's ancient harbor and Duden Waterfall Park where you can sit next to the waterfalls and have lunch or walk around them. A very pretty park and excellent value shop there for watches at just 5 TL or pashminas of silk and wool for just 25 TL.

Maybe ScoobyDoo can add to this as she lived in Alanya for some time.

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Sorry guys, been busy settling back into life in the UK and not been on here lately.

Regarding Alanya, sadly I only lived there a year and I think you just about covered everything I would have mentioned Angela.

You can also take a selection of boat trips from the harbour, which in itself is lovely to wander around but you do get hassled by the boat captains.

At the moment there is a great exhibition of stone sculptures in the harbour, created by a team of international artists.

Later in the year they will be scattered around various sites in the town.Think that's all I can add for now, except to say hi to everyone and hope you are all well and happy. I'm settling back into life here in the UK and surprisingly enjoying the weather! It might have something to do with lovely warm houses with central heating and fitted carpets! Have got my first job interview on Monday, near Saffron Walden where I used to live 9 years ago so cross your fingers for me. Need to get saving up for those holidays in Turkey!

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