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Transfer Tapu In Divorce Case In Uk

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For information on the buying procedure for a house in Turkey take a look at the Turkish Embassy web site here The information that you have is correct about having 'to buy' the other half of your house and the price seems about right.

Either you will both have to come out here or give someone you trust with power of attorney.

I'm not sure if you will need two separate people as you are completing two actions, one of selling and one of buying. Perhaps one of our lawyer friends will be able to help with that information.

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Hello KazThis is a very simple procedure for a lawyer specialising in land/property law. To avoid you both coming to Turkey to deal with the matter, you could give a lawyer Power of Attorney - one of you will say you want to sell to XXXX and the other will say you want to buy from XXX. These can be drafted and emailed to you. You execute them in the UK and then they are returned to your Turkish lawyer to have them translated into Turkish and notarised. He can then deal with the matter for you. I would say you definitely need a Turkish lawyer to act for you.

The purchasing partner will need an Army Search and ultimately will need to pay HALF of the current 3.3% Government Transfer Tax, Stamp Duty (they only pay half because they actually own the other half of the property - you only pay these fees on what you are buying - not what you already own). The purchasing partner will NOT have to literally BUY the other's half (unless this is part of the agreement between you of course). The procedure is more or less exactly the same as that used when you originally bought the property. Legal fees will need to be discussed with your chosen lawyer. If you want more information, you can email me on [email protected]

Kind regardsDebbie

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