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Loud Banging At Night

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What time does noise have to stop here? Is it midnight now? Having suffered a year with the nightclub under my window, the noise of which thank goodness is now within acceptable limits, I've of course got Noisy Neighbours who moved in about the same time the nightclub noise died down! The night they moved in, it sounded as if heavy wardrobes were being hauled across the floor - from 12.30 midnight until the small hours! Now they usually come home about 11 pm or a bit later, as I'm trying to get to sleep so I have to routinely wear ear plugs or else just get woken up.

The latest thing is this DIY banging....as is their usual patter they are quiet all day and then wake up at night like vampires:( The trouble is I can't find who it is. This building is a huge rabbit warren of different flats and echos like there's no tomorrow so you can never find out where the noise is coming from...

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Hi Benhalterci,This is unfortunately a topic close to my heart (or should l say inner ear)!

I have had issue's with noisy neighbours in England & at one point l considered hiring a hit man.. its no joke when you cant sleep and you end up waiting for it to happen, even when it's quiet.

The way l see it you have a choice, you can put a note through the doors of each apartment, explaining the situation and asking for a little understanding.

If this fails you can put some nice loud (heavy) music on, go to work, see what happens.

It worked for me as my neighbours did'nt work so slept during the day time, they soon got the message. I even got an apology as they realised how frustrating is was when 'someone' evades your ability to live a peacefull life.

My sister is having a similar problem in Antalya at the moment. I'm going over on the 14 Dec so l might be packing ear plugs too! or a couple of Zeppelin CD's!

Good luck Bev x

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Hi Benh, I agree with you.. Can l just say, and please do not take this the wrong way. I spent a while yesterday reading your posts! OMG you have been to hell and back literally with the rats, fleas (think this is the worst) roaches, birds, leaks, and not to mention the neighbours! god girl most people would have run for the hills, screaming, or dragged dribbling from the apartment in a straight jacket by men in white coats!! l take my hat off to you for NOT giving in.. Your place sounds fab & l don't think you are about to give up on it anytime soon. Keep battling & l know you will win. I'm sure its your resolve and personality that are getting you through. What l say next l say in earnest - whilst reading your posts l laughed my head off, to the point of pain! You are soo funny the way you write things down. Have you ever thought of writing a book on your experiences, l say this because l for one would buy it. I haven't laughed like that for ages. It kind of reminded me of 'Sex in the City'. You could use your post titles for each chapter and maybe call it 'Infested in the City'. I am being serious, you could make a fortune and that would be Karma to your useless Rich b*tch neighbour.

Don't Give up girl. If all else fails.. :) Bev x

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