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Coming To Incirlik?

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Just out of curiosity, PhillipB... are you talking about taking a short tour so you'll get preference for Izmir because you'll be coming off a short tour? Just wanted to tell you what worked for me. Now I've been out of the war for ten years now... and I don't know how things work any more... take this for what it's worth to you.

I was at Whiteman AFB for around three years. I had to go somewhere. But where I really wanted to be was California. Of course, everybody wants to go to California. Here's how I got there. I took a short tour to Lajes Field, Azores, for 15 months. Had a great time there by the way... But when I filled out my dream sheet at Lajes for my next assignment, I didn't put multiple bases. I only put one regional area, California. And that's all. No other preferences or choices. I intended to do exactly that, I had a plan to get to California.

I figured that the assignments guys got evaluated on the number of people they put in places they wanted to go. And everybody else was putting MULTIPLE locations on their dream sheet (I am sure many of them put California first or near first). But they could be placed in any one of five places. Me? I was the problem. because I was only requesting ONE place. It would follow, according to my reasoning at the time, that the assignments guys would have to place ME in California, regardless of the slots available, while placing the others at any one of five bases, since technically, the others would be put in places they'd be happy with. The assignments guys would get positive marks for placing everybody where they wanted to go, everybody would be sent to places they had said they wanted to go on their dream sheets, and I'd be in California.

And did I get California? Heck yeah. I got San Diego! Exactly where I wanted to be. There was a little OSI fraud detachment there (I was an OSI agent). I was happy as a lark, thank you very much! :(:kicking[1]: :kicking[1]: Anyway you might try that if you want to go for Izmir. Do a short tour, get the short tour preference (if they still have that) then only put "Izmir" on your choice of destinations. No guarantees it will work of course, these days no telling where you might end up in the USAF. But coming off a short tour and having only Izmir on your dream sheet might do the trick and get you back here. If you try it, I hope it works for you.

And if it does work? Well, you owe me a beer when you get here. I will hold you to it!!! :(We have another member here from the West Indies, forum name Lawman. An old friend of mine, formerly stationed in Izmir. Haven't seen him in the forum for quite a while though!

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As for the short tours, yes that is the idea. You can pull off a short tour accompanied @ Incirlik if I remember correctly.

Its funny you mentioned your dream sheet...

I had my first choice Osan OVER Izmir (6th choice) and got Izmir (the luck!)...so there's no telling, its wherever the AF needs you.

Right now I have about 6 short tours and 2 extended longs currently on my dream sheet.

I haven't heard anything yet & I'm up for my re-up in 3 months (that may be why). So hopefully I hear something between then or it will be the next assignment release. We'll see.

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The sheet you fill out with your preferred next assignment, although I'm sure it's not a "sheet" any more. Probably don't call it that anymore, either...

Ken I was really being a Smart [email protected]@ when i said remind me of what a dream sheat was. meaning most of the time, many of us just dreamt of what we filled in on the form and never saw the place but only in our dreams, sorry my humor or attempt at humor Ken.
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