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Found 11 results

  1. Hello all,I recently started dating a Turkish girl ( I live in the United States and she is here working for the summer). I am extremely interested in her so far, it has only been about a week of us hanging out, but I think she is very interested in me as well. I just want to know some of the customs and best practices for dating a Turkish woman. The best advice I've seen has been to buy then things--gold, etc. I don't know if this is old-school or if this girl is just different, but it doesn't seem like she would want or need to be showered with gifts. I of course pay for the big expenses when we have gone out, but she always offers to pay and I have reluctantly allowed her to pay for desert and things like that. Another thing is that she is set to go back to Turkey in about 2 months, so I don't have much time. I haven't really thought about long-term, I just know that I like her a lot so far--if we're still dating in 2 months I will figure things out from there. Thanks for any help! Best,Thomas
  2. Hey everyone. I'm a 21 year old guy who has been living in Turkey for 2 months near Izmir. I'm half Turkish half English and I speak Turkish fluently. I have an English name and when ever I tell people they name they look at me so weird haha as my Turkish is actually perfect. I didn't grow up with a big family like most Turks and pretty much grew up with just my mother and brother. Me and my brother both moved here and have started a business which has been doing really well so finances is not an issue at all. I'm having trouble understanding the dating culture here. Whats the best way to ask these girls out? How many dates until you can go for the kiss, hold hands and stuff? I understand that girls want to get married once they start dating a guy and I'm ok with that as I would love to settle with a nice Turkish girl. I'm also skinny (going to start hitting the gym as its getting a little embarrassing haha) but I dress well (suit whenever I'm at work) and drive a nice car. I just feel like the girls aren't very interested. I also have a hard time understanding the humour and I'm sometimes lost for words as I don't want to say stupid things. I also live near Izmir.
  3. Hi to everyone. Im just new here. Im so confused please help me if you can. I married my Turkish wife just 2 months ago. I am a New Zealander. Im 36 she is almost 24. We met while i was in Turkey on a business trip. I was working in the Middle East but now im back home. I flew to istanbul 3 times to see my girl and we talked every day on skype. We got engaged in Turkey on one of my trips and she had just 6 months to go of university. I met the parents and got their blessing and even was allwoed to bring her to N. Z for two months before we married. We married in Sept in Istanbul and now i am back home and she is in Antalya finishing her exams in 2mths. (she failed a couple so had to go back)While we were dating and seeing each other she had some really aggressive moods/behaviours over the smallest most pathetic things. Things that were so small that i couldn't even pick exactly what she was angry about. She can go from being extremely loving,caring,genuine etc to just vile in a matter of minutes. You will ask why we married. Well i put most of this down to misunderstandings which it was often, cultural, and boundary testing since we were new to being together and also her age. Now we are married we talk twice a day for hours but every 10days or so she just goes crazy over the smallest thing. I send her money but its always an issue whenever we talk about money and she makes me feel so bad because she always says i make an issue out of it. She gets incredibly jealous over the smallest things like when i go to the gym or even at work with work colleagues. She hates my best friends wife whom she met here in NZ and has gone absolutly vile after i said i was going to her birthday party. She said she cant understand how i could possibly go to her party when i know she doesnt like her. She has said many times now she wants a divorce and can never be with a man like me and can never come to N. Z to live and i call her bluff and say "ok if thats what you feel". She wont talk to me for 5 days then come back to me saying she misses me like anything and loves me so much. In the meantime she has deleted me off facebook. Changed her name back to maiden name on facebook and takes her picture of us off? Even on our honeymoon she went crazy and actually left our honeymoon for a day and night because i swam with some other girls and guys that were on our yacht we were sharing. She doesnt swim but said i could swim. There were three single girls and some couple guys and we all swam together but she said a Turkish man would never ever swim with other girls while his wife is not there? Ive told her how hurtful that is when she does that and please not to do that but talk to me instead like adults. So when we have the next argument (which seems to be over nothing) she immediately goes to facebook and deletes her account or changes her name again. Its got to the point now im about to buy air tickets to go and pick her up and bring her back to NZ. Plus getting her visa. Weve discussed having children. One week she says she cant wait to have children with me and the next week she says she wants a divorce? Are these just cultural things, or misunderstandings, or what?????? Anyone with similar experience with Turkish woman. A N. Z woman would never ever behave like this. Not even close. Not even a 23yr old one. Thanks so much in advance for your help.
  4. Hello, My name is Cameron. I'm prior military(US Army). Just got back home a few months ago and decided to restart my life. I signed up on a dating/social app called POF. I met a woman on there who's Turkish. Very traditional mindset but with a modern american twist. We're both Muslim and shes stunning with an accent that's to die for. Now I'm 23 and she's 25. Culturally these are the typical ages where one should be focused on family and things of that sort. I've had my fair share of run ins with ladies at bars, clubs, and other social events. However, I'm not sure what it is about this woman but i cant get her out of my mind. We've seen each other a few times and its nothing like what I'm used too. Sometimes i'm not sure what to or how to prove to her that I'm serious. Shes very attractive and I'm more than sure theres alot of guys hitting on her but it makes me happy knowing that she wants to spend time with me. shes grabbed my hands a few times and has given me kisses on the cheek when i drop her off. Sadly i found out that she has to leave in about 5 months because of her tourist visa. She says shes willing to stay and things for like school or something. Shes the most beautiful woman I've ever had want to get to know me and i don't want to rush anything but I'm not sure how to get her to see that i want her. To show her that I'm willing to take her serious. She wants a real relationship and marriage and a family. Which in time i'm more than willing to give to her. Does anybody have any tips on this? I've never posted on something like this before and never really asked for advice because i was quite wild before the military so never thought about it. But after the military my outlook on life changed and now i want the same thing she does. But is it worth going for even if she may possibly leave in half a year? I've never been in love before and don't know if this would cause more harm than good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I am a Young Turkish-American who is in his mid 20's born and raised in the States. I just recently finished school and didn't get a degree, due to not being able to get accepted into a Vocational Program. I am trying to figure out what to do with my life. I just recently this summer came back from a trip to see my relatives and I first of all have to say I really enjoy seeing the lifestyle there. I enjoyed being around my relatives, as well as the hospitality of all my relatives. I cried seeing kids playing happily in the streets of the neighborhoods, as I don't see this stuff at all in local Southern California neighborhoods. I also have noticed that when I am shopping malls, airports and other places, I have caught myself staring at girls way more in one month then I do in a whole year and am interested in meeting a girl from Turkey. I was wondering, how do more physically attractive girls in Turkey think like. Will the judge you if your not physically attractive (I don't look like a macho bad boy, I am really skinny, I have a really high pitched tone of voice, I look way younger then my actual age, and consider myself extremely plain looking), do not have a Bachelors Degree (due to struggling with a Behavioral+Learning Disability) and I am taking some time to figure out what to do with your life. As a person, I have a good personality, am very fun to be around, and whenever my relatives back in Turkey see me, they consider me to be really fun to be around and I have younger male cousins who look up to me and greatly respect me. Can a person like me get away with mainly a nice personality, fun to be around and having a good sense of humor, or will girls and their families be judgmental just because I am lacking some strengths as a person. I mean if I date a girl, I will be willing to do things like treat her like a queen, be as fun to be around as possible, do things like clean the house up and make food and other things. I will even better myself as a human being too. So will having a good personality be enough to get girls that look like on a 8/10 scale. Another thing is since I just recently went on a trip to see my relatives who live all the way in Turkey, I had so much fun and so much amazing memories hanging out various places, which I don't think I will be enjoying for a while if you ask me. I was going to nice pristine beaches drinking on the beach, meeting random people during the summer vacation, trying to talk to random girls at beach places and island places, having good times with my cousins and so on. This had led me almost consider living there for a couple of years, see how it is like and how I can improve my Turkish language skills. I was originally considering to look into starting a Small Business, or get my Insurance License, or start Writing Books to earn $, but now, this trip I have enjoyed a whole lot really makes me think, boy I miss seeing all of my relatives so much to the point I want to live there. But will it be realistic for me to move there all the sudden the same year after enjoying this trip, or should I just build a career in the States for a while, maybe going to see relatives more and maybe move permanently in the future once I can speak Turkish fluently (I have a hang of the language somewhat but need improvement). What is your take about this issue guys about what girls I am looking for and whether if they will judge me or not? What about how realistic it is to move to Turkey maybe in a few months to year, or maybe in a few years? I'd like to hear some opinions.
  6. Just over a week to the next Koycegiz WOW! meeting on 4 October. Everyone welcome - you just need basic English to join in so it's a good opportunity to explore something new and practice the language too! Share, chat, relax, learn, enjoy, mingle, chill, meet...... 11 am to 1 pm. Dogusbelen - Close to Koycegiz, and on the Dolmus route. Hope to see you! https://www.facebook.com/events/297747473762971/?ref=2ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
  7. A heart-warming article about 2 brave women who run the Ailanpa cafe in Urgup (and they haven't told the half of it!)http://www.kadinmedya.com/kose-yazilari/cesur-yurekli-kadin-emine-yagizel.php
  8. Good day to everyone, I wanted to write to you seeking advice concerning my relationship with a Turkish girl. I am a greek, living abroad, aged 33, and she also lives near my city here, about 40 minutes in distance. I met the girl (26 years old) around 4 months ago at a party and from the first moment it looked as if we connected very well. We spoke from then on every night for the coming months online about everything and she seemed to be genuine interested. In this 4 months we only met 4 times, everytime that I was asking her out, she had some short of excuse. I understood that she is a person that doesn’t want to be pressured, so I started asking her out less frequently and let her take the initiative about when and where we should meet. Two weekends ago she came over to my place, and we spend a really nice weekend together. She was very affectionate and although she left kind of suddenly, it seemed that she was also very interested in me. Apart from the weekend we spend together, when we were chatting, she was always kind of making plans on how we would meet in our respective countries, her coming in Greece, when my holiday was there, and she invited me to visit her in Istanbul, when she would get back. From my part, I was also affectionate, showed her that I care about her, but up to this point. No promises were made on either side, because I knew that it was too soon. My problem started after the weekend we spend together. First day in all her messages she really seemed affectionate, but then as I was asking her to meet again, she declined. And after a few messages, she wrote to me that we shouldn’t be meeting so often, because she doesn’t feel free. I then told her, its ok, we’ll meet whenever you want, and that I wanted to discuss this with her. For one week there was no reply, so I contacted her again (through messenger, she refused to meet me face to face saying she was busy). So I told her that I was confused, and she said that she was sorry and that she knew why I might feel confused. So I told her that I really like her and that I thought that the weekend that we spend together was really nice for me and also all the time that we spend together. She then wrote me back , that she also had a great time with me, that there was nothing wrong from my side, but it was her. She said that she was not good in this kind of realtionships and that she needed to get away, since she realized that I was taking this relationship seriously. Truth be told I care about the girl, that is why I am asking for advice, but apart from showing her that I cared I never pushed her¸ cause I understood that she is the kind of person that doesn’t like to be pushed. So I answered back that its ok, we can take it slow, that I don’t really see where the problem is since we both enjoy each others company. She didn’t answer anything to that and this is how our last conversation ended. My problem is , since I am genuily interested in seeing her again, do I just stop contacting her and wait till she feels like (if) she wants to see me? She seems to be saying the truth since she mentioned twice that she wasn’t feeling free, so maybe ,even if that was not my intention , she clearly thinks that I put pressure on her? Or if I contact her, how do I do it? Thanks in advance for any answers I might get.
  9. Hello everyone! My name is Angela and I have been married to a Turk for 6 years now and have resided in Oregon. We are moving to Beysehir (small city outside of Konya) in April, permanently! I am excited to finally occupy my home (which has been renovated and left empty for years) on a permanent basis and start my new life in Turkey. I am hoping to meet other people who are in a similar situation as me. It would help me feel less isolated and more comfortable during this big transition. I am a make-up artist by trade and my husband is an Engineer. We met while he was attending college for his masters degree in 2006. He never planned on staying here for an extended period of time until he met me Now it is time to pursue bigger and better things. Moving to Turkey is the best decision we have made. I am SO excited!!! Angela (Melek)
  10. I was just wondering if there are any females who moved to Istanbul or Turkey and did so alone? Just interested to know how you found it initially? Was it quite difficult or did you settle in quite quickly? Would be great to hear some stories.
  11. Just out of interest are their any single female expats living in Turkey? As I am going through the threads on here to get as much info as possible. I am wondering if Turkey is the right place for a single female to move to.
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