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Found 19 results

  1. If you've been living in Turkey for at least one year with a residence permit, you can enroll in Turkey's Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu (Social Security Institution) Genel Sağlık Sigortası (General Health Insurance Plan). Often called "SGK Insurance," this is Turkey's comprehensive national health insurance plan. You can join the SGK plan at any age and have insurance coverage for the rest of your life. While SGK doesn't cover chronic, pre-existing conditions you already have when you join, it will cover them, continuously, if you develop one or more chronic conditions after you've joined the plan. Free Treatment at State Hospitals After you've successfully enrolled in the SGK plan, you'll receive free medical treatment at any state hospital, for practically any medical condition. There's no card involved—show your residence permit when you go to the hospital and, with your yabancı kimlik numarası (foreigner identification number which is printed on the card), and the hospital will bill SGK directly. Treatment at Private Hospitals Many private hospitals also accept SGK insurance. While they're more expensive than state hospitals, you can use your SGK insurance to cover much of the bill, then pay the rest out-of-pocket. If you also have an insurance policy from your home country, which covers you in Turkey, you may be able to send the unpaid part of the bill to your home country health insurance provider for reimbursement. Check with your home country insurance company for details. Turkey's private health insurance companies also offer an SGK supplemental plan you can use to cover out-of-pocket costs that SGK doesn't pay. To learn about these supplemental policies, contact Selma Akdeniz of Mertsel Insurance using our health insurance inquiry form. Eligibility To join the SGK plan, you must have lived in Turkey, with a residence permit, for at least one year. Required Documents You'll need the following: Your current residence permit card, with an expiration date at least 30 days after the date you enroll in the SGK plan Your previous residence permit card if the start date of your current residence permit is less than one year ago, to prove you've been living in Turkey for at least one year A photocopy of the front and back of both residence permit cards. They may ask you to get a health report from a state or private hospital. Learn how to get a health report. Insider Tip: Even they don't ask for a health check, it's a good idea to get one anyway. If you later develop a chronic health problem, and SGK doesn't want to pay because they think the condition existed before you joined, the health report will help you prove you didn't have the condition when you joined the plan. Coverage for Your Family Your policy will also cover your spouse and children at no additional cost. An SGK policy for a single person and a policy for a family costs the same. Required Documents for Your Spouse To get coverage for your spouse, take your Turkish marriage certificate (International Family Book) to the SGK office with both of your residence permits (or work and residence permit if you have a work permit). If you have a foreign marriage certificate, you must have it internationally legalized with an apostille, then have the marriage license and the apostille translated into Turkish by a sworn translator. Learn how to get a copy of a Turkish marriage certificate. Learn how to get a copy of a foreign marriage certificate and have it legalized and translated. Required Documents for Your Child To get coverage for your children, take your child's Turkish birth certificate or a foreign birth certificate, which has been internationally legalized and translated, to the SGK office. Learn how to get a copy of a Turkish birth certificate. Learn how to get a copy of a foreign birth certificate and have it legalized and translated. Enrolling in SGK While Extending Your Residence Permit When you first enroll for SGK insurance, you'll experience what seems to be a dilemma. Let's say you're completing your first year of residence in Turkey. You're about to apply for an extension of your residence permit, and you want to join the SGK plan and use that as your health insurance coverage. But there's a problem. Your current residence permit only has, say, another month left before it expires. Here's how to handle it: Provisional Enrollment in the SGK Plan Before You Get Your Residence Permit When you go to the SGK and enroll, you'll at first be "provisionally enrolled." The SGK will give you a Provizyon Sorgulama Cevap Belgesi (Provision Inquiry Reply Document). This document proves your enrollment in the SGK plan. You'll include that document in your residence permit application package. Permanent Enrollment in the SGK Plan After You Get Your Residence Permit Later, when you get your residence permit card, take it to the SGK office and they'll formally enroll you in the SGK program, and set the coverage expiration date to match the expiration date of your residence permit. Visit the SGK Office Every Time You Extend Your Residence Permit Your SGK insurance coverage will be suspended whenever your residence permit expires. So whenever you get a new residence permit, go to the SGK office with your new residence permit so they can extend the end date of your SGK coverage. Reinstatement and Reimbursement for Medical Bills if SGK is Suspended Reinstatement If you're renewing your residence permit and it expires before your new one arrives, your SGK coverage will have been suspended as of the last date of validity of your previous residence permit. To get reinstated, go to the SGK office and show them your new card. They'll reactivate your account and set the end date of your coverage to match the expiration date of your new residence permit. In some provinces, the SGK will accept the İkamet İzni Müracaat Belgesi (Residence Permit Application Document) that the immigration specialist will give you during your residence permit application interview. This document serves as a temporary residence permit until your residence permit card arrives in the mail. You'll have to check with your local SGK office to see if they'll reinstate your coverage with this document. Refunds for Treatment While SGK is Suspended If you receive medical treatment during a period when your SGK coverage is suspended, you'll have to pay for it with your own money. After your SGK coverage is reinstated, take the bills back to the hospital along with your residence permit card. The hospital will bill SGK for your previous treatment and receive payment from them, then give you a refund. The SGK Monthly Premium The monthly premium for 2022 is ₺1,200. It increases every year. It is also means-tested, so if you're unable to afford the premiums, visit your local SGK office to see if you can get a lower premium. Maintaining Your Enrollment You must also keep up with your monthly payments. If you miss any, you'll have to make the missed payments along with your current month's payment. You can pay your SGK premiums at any PTT (Turkish post office), or online using the e-Devlet website. Learn how to pay your SGK premiums using e-Devlet. You can also make payments automatically from your bank account. As of this writing, only the state-owned banks, such as Ziraat Bank and Halk Bank, offer this service. Quitting the SGK Insurance Plan Once you enroll in the SGK plan, your coverage will continue for life. You can't quit unless you're permanently leaving Turkey or switching to a Turkish private health insurance policy. You'll need to go to the SGK office to disenroll. Mertsel Health Insurance and Residence Permit Application Service Mertsel Insurance provides residence permit application services and health insurance policies (among other services) for the Turkey Central community. Mertsel charges only according to what you need. You won't find a better price for the services they offer. Within 24 hours after you send them all of the required information, Mertsel will: Get you a tax number Create your health insurance policy Apply for and get your Residence Permit Registration Form Set up your appointment at the immigration office and Send you the documents for your application package. You can get a free price quote from Mertsel according to your needs. Contact them by clicking below: Buy Health Insurance for Your Residence Permit Ken Grubb As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.
  2. If you're between the ages of 18 and 65 and applying for a residence permit in Turkey, you must have health insurance coverage that meets Turkish government standards. Types of Health Insurance You Can Use in Turkey Travel Insurance While travel insurance is required for all visitors to Turkey, it can't be used for residence permit applications. So, you get travel insurance for your visit to Turkey using your visa, then buy a Turkish private health insurance policy when you're ready to apply for a residence permit. Learn more about travel insurance. Turkish Private Health Insurance Policies (For Foreigners Applying for Residence Permits) Most foreigners buy Turkish private health insurance policies which are specifically designed to meet the government's minimum coverage requirements for health insurance coverage. They are available for anyone from 0 to 64 years old. Those who are under 18 years old or over 65 years old don't require health insurance. The premiums (prices) vary by age. There is one price for the first year and a higher price for the second and following years. This is because these types of policies have limited coverage in the first year, in order to filter out those who have pre-existing conditions. T In the second year and the years after, you'll get more comprehensive coverage. And there's another drawback to these policies. If you're treated for a medical condition in any year of coverage, the next year's coverage (and coverage in the years after that) won't include that medical condition. The only way to get guaranteed, continuing coverage, without the policy eliminating medical problems every time you have one, is to get a more comprehensive (and expensive) private health insurance policy or join Turkey's national health insurance plan (see below). All private health insurance policies are sold by the year. If you're applying for a two-year residence permit and need two years of insurance coverage, most insurance companies can sell you two back-to-back one-year policies. After the first policy expires, the second one begins. Cost (Premiums) for Turkey Residence Permit Health Insurance (2022) Age First Year Second and Additional Years 0-5 ₺1,600 ₺2,400 6-17 ₺1,200 ₺1,800 18-25 ₺810 ₺1,215 26-30 ₺1,080 ₺1,620 31-35 ₺1,080 ₺1,620 36-40 ₺1,080 ₺1,620 41-45 ₺1,500 ₺2,250 46-50 ₺1,674 ₺2,511 51-55 ₺2,394 ₺3,591 56-60 ₺3,600 ₺5,400 61-64 ₺6,000 ₺9,000 Comprehensive Private Health Insurance Comprehensive private health insurance policies have greater coverage than those designed for residence permits. They can have as much coverage as you want, with whatever deductible and co-pay you want. You can even buy policies which exceed the coverage provided by Turkey's national health insurance plan, Genel Sağlık Sigorta (General Health Insurance) managed by the Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu (Social Security Administration). How to Buy Private Health Insurance You can buy a policy by walking into an insurance company office with your passport and paying the premium. It's that simple, and it takes around 30-40 minutes. You can also buy a policy online and have it sent to your address, anywhere in Turkey. If you want to buy residence permit insurance online from our community agent, Selma Akdeniz at Mertsel Insurance, you can get a free quote here: Get a free quote for a Turkish health insurance policy. Learn more about health insurance policies for residence permits. Learn more about buying health insurance online. Health Insurance from your Home Country A health insurance policy issued by a foreign company won't be accepted with residence permit applications, unless the company is licensed in Turkey and has an office in Turkey. However, you can use your foreign policy to pay for any portion of your medical bills your Turkish insurance doesn't cover. SGK Insurance Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu Genel Sağlık Sigorta (Social Security Administration General Health Insurance, also called "SGK insurance") is Turkey's government-managed comprehensive national insurance plan. After you've lived in Turkey for one year, you can join this plan, then pay monthly premiums to stay enrolled. With SGK insurance, one policy covers the primary insured person and their family, at no additional cost. So, if you're a single person you get a policy that covers only you, and if you're married with children, you get a policy that covers you and your entire family. Both policies will cost the same. SGK insurance provides for free treatment in state hospitals for a wide range of conditions. There's no card involved, just present your residence permit and they'll use your identification number to see that you're covered by SGK. With SGK insurance, you can also get discounted treatment in private hospitals. But you'll have to pay part of the bill out-of-pocket since treatment in private hospitals is more expensive. If you have insurance from your home country which covers you in Turkey, you can use that to help pay the additional amount. You can join the SGK plan at any age. Pre-existing conditions are not covered, but if you develop a chronic condition after you enroll, it will be covered for as long as you remain enrolled in the plan. Learn more about the SGK health insurance plan. SGK Insurance Coverage Under Bilateral Agreements If you're a citizen of a country which has a bilateral agreement with Turkey to provide free healthcare for each other's citizens, you can receive treatment in Turkey's state hospitals for free. But there's some paperwork involved before you can be covered. First, you'll need a document from your country (the name or number of the document varies according to the country involved), which states that you're covered under your country's government health insurance plan. Take that document to an SGK office. The SGK office will give you a provizyon belgesi (provision document) which states you're entitled to health insurance coverage under SGK. Include this document in your residence permit application package to satisfy the health insurance requirement. Learn more about health care coverage under bilateral agreements. SGK Insurance for Employees If you're working for a Turkish company, the company will arrange for your insurance coverage under SGK. The company will pay the premiums, and it'll be completely free for you. Mertsel Health Insurance and Residence Permit Application Service Mertsel Insurance provides residence permit application services and health insurance policies (among other services) for the Turkey Central community. Mertsel charges only according to what you need. You won't find a better price for the services they offer. Within 24 hours after you send them all of the required information, Mertsel will: Get you a tax number Create your health insurance policy Apply for and get your Residence Permit Registration Form Set up your appointment at the immigration office and Send you the documents for your application package. You can get a free price quote from Mertsel according to your needs. Contact them by clicking below: Buy Health Insurance for Your Residence Permit Ken Grubb As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.
  3. I am over 65 years old. Is my health care free in Turkey? Or is there government insurance I can get?
  4. I am thinking to have a good health insurance, which we as a family can use, when we are sick. I am 60 years old and my husband is 66 years and both have a short term residence. I read about SGK insurance, but I am not sure if it is a good health insurance or maybe there is a better one with an reasonable price and coverage? Any advice or experience will be appreciated.
  5. If you get Turkish Citizenship will you get a reduction in the amount you pay the SGK?
  6. hello hello . i need to go to Finland for an Esports event that i qualified with my team. i moved to turkey a year and half ago and i'm self employed ( my job is being a professional gamer & content creator ) . i don't have SGK and i need to apply soon. was wondering how it's gonna affect my request for visa. i'd appreciate any info if anybody knows about this. P/s: i've had schengen visa on my passport before and i also have a 5-year multi for canada if it helps
  7. I searched all the links about SGK on this site but could not find the exact information I am looking for... I have questions about the SGK enrollment process, premium payments, and coverage. I'll describe below what I figured out piecemeal, hoping it can be helpful to anyone else who needs to know what to do. I am a US citizen on my third residency permit and have a cheap private insurance that meets the minimum residence permit requirements. However, I had heard that foreigners can enroll with SGK if they pay a monthly premium. I had also heard that the state healthcare system offers better coverage. My Turkish is not perfect so it was too complicated to ask the SGK personnel. I looked at their web site but the English version is different from the Turkish; even on the Turkish page there are so many links (and no search engine) so I found it nearly impossible to find the right information. PROCESS: This is what I know and have accomplished so far: I have gone to the SGK office in downtown Antalya, filled out a short written application and provided a color photocopy of the fronts and backs of my three residence permit cards, everything going back to my first residency. They told me the policy would begin on the date signed on the form. For any foreigner in Antalya who wants to enroll in SGK, ask for a ticket at the front desk to see counter C in the back room. (I waited and talked to 3 people before I was directed to the correct counter.) Within a few hours after they enter your application in their computer system, you will be registered in the SGK system under your kimlik number. They did not ask for my passport or a doctor's visit/form. They also told me the monthly premium would be 450 TL, but said I could not pay at the SGK office. I was told to go to the PTT or one of four Turkish banks. After searching online quite a while, I finally found a link to the e-Devlet site, where you can conveniently make premium payments online. The online payment option link is not easy to find on the SGK site but if you Google "SGK prim ödeme" you'll get a link. The e-Devlet link should be easier to find on the SGK site. You must first go to the PTT and show your residence permit(with the kimlik on it). The teller confirms that you are in the SGK system, then will give you a red envelope that contains your initial e-Devlet password. The teller will also tell you the amount due for your first premium, and will take your payment, giving you a receipt. My first premium was less, probably pro-rated for registering mid-month. There is also a fee of a few liras for the PTT to process the transaction. You can log in to the e-Devlet site with your kimlik number and your initial password from the red envelope. Then you must create a new password. I was able to find the date and amount of my first payment, and the date my membership began. In your ID profile, you'll want to confirm your cell phone number and e-mail address. You can access many other government sites via e-Devlet. The direct link for payment on the SGK site is: "Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu Kart ile Prim Ödeme Uygulaması." This link will also take you to the e-Devlet login, but there are other tabs in the box. The last tab, "İnternet Bankacılığı," shows several banks through which you can make a payment on the site. I believe you must have an account and a debit/credit card with one of these banks in order to pay online. You may also be able to pay the SGK from the bank's web site. QUESTIONS: So now I'm registered and set up online, but what next? Payment Due Date: I noticed that the payment I just made showed a due date at the end of December. I found this strange for enrolling mid-November. Does anyone know the time frame of monthly periods and when due dates fall? (Is this similar to employees? For example, our apartment has a full-time doorman, for whom we must pay SGK insurance of about 500 TL/month. The payment for a given month is due around the 20th of the following month. I wonder if my case is like this even though I am not employed. So perhaps my December premium will be due toward the end of January, at the full amount??) Renewal/Extension: Since I have to renew my residence permit once a year, I have to show proof of insurance that will last the validity period of the next residence permit. I read somewhere that you should apply for an extension of your SGK membership 60 days before your current residence permit expires; otherwise you may be dropped from the SGK system and have to start all over again. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is there anything I have to do to extend the coverage? Coverage: What does SGK health insurance cover for foreign members? I do not have any US health insurance that will transfer over. I think the plan for foreigners is letter D? I can't find the list anymore because their web site is overwhelming. To clarify, I don't work here; I'm not an employee or retiree, just a foreigner paying independently into the system. Can anyone offer any tips on where I can navigate for the information I need?
  8. Other than living in Turkey for over a year with a residence permit, what are the requirements for SGK insurance? Do I need to have a job with a work permit? I think that's what I was told at the local SGK office a year ago.
  9. Hi all, does anyone know what the story is, if say, you get insured with SGK, then afterwards once you have got your residency, you cancel SGK and go with another provider, does this affect residency in any way?
  10. Hi, Was hoping to get some SGK related answers by foreigners who are already living in Turkey. I'm considering to relocate within the next 6 months and have some questions 1) Based on updated and current SGK rules, is it mandatory for foreigners to opt in for SGK? 2) Can foreigners opt-in only after 1 year of RP? 3) SGK costs roughly $100 per month per couple? 4) SKG covers most medical care and surgeries except for cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic dental care? 5) My father has heart diseases and has gone through angioplasty twice. He also has diabetes and spends about $100 per month on insulin here in Pakistan. What choices does he have in regard with the health insurance, SGK or private or both. If private which one. 6) Are they are any good cardiology hospitals in or around Bursa. PS: Health insurance isn't popular in Pakistan and generally we pay per visit or per procedure so I'm an insurance noob. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  11. I am working and I know my employer makes payments for health, but its only for the basic state health? is that SGK? Does anyone know how much the 'top-up' is to turn it into private health? Also Is it worth paying the top-up (premium) what more does it entitle you to?
  12. I am considering getting private heath insurance in addition to the state one (my employer only provides state insurance), Is anyone else doing this? Is it worth it and advisable? Does anyone know of a good but cheap private insurance company?
  13. On the 20th of December 2013 the UK Consulate met with SGK officials about the following topics: You can find a report about the meeting here: Meeting Between UK Consulate and SGK Officials Unfortunately with the system used on this website there is no way to print it out, you can only read it on the screen. Opting out of the Scheme Joint/Family Membership and Policies Dependents Retired but Not in Receipt of a UK Pension Definition of "Retired" Retired and Receiving a UK State Pension Medical Tests Automatic Payments of Premiums Individual Premiums Documents Available in English What is Covered by the Healthcare Scheme
  14. The following is quoted from the British Embassy in Ankara facebook pages posted today 2 July 2013: "Changes to SGK regulations: It is no longer compulsory for foreign nationals to join the SGK health scheme. Those wishing to join may do so after one year of residency in Turkey with a residence permit. All foreign nationals who have been residing longer than a year will also be eligible to apply and payments will start from the date of application. Payments will not be back dated. The only time when a foreign national will be able to cease membership, or withdraw their application from SGK, is when they decide to leave Turkey to return to their country or if they join an official health scheme (e.g. NHS). If leaving Turkey on a permanent basis an individual must surrender their residence permit to the Foreigners Police Department and write a letter to their SGK office informing them that they are leaving the country. On joining an official health scheme a letter proving membership of the scheme must be submitted to the SGK office."
  15. Hello, I started my job here in Izmir, and I got a paper from my employer (an state university) to active my SGK health insurance. Do you know the next steps? Can I do this in SGK building in Konak? which department is responsible for that? Do they speak English? I found is so difficult to do the paperwork here!
  16. For newcomers to Turkey I thought the following article might be of interest to you. State health insurance application made simple After many expats were put off joining the SGK (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu) – Turkey’s state health insurance – last year because of teething problems and a complicated application process, now things have improved and a much more streamlined sign-up system is in place. A brave couple who were keen to get to the bottom of the situation armed themselves with a Turkish friend as a translator and headed to the newly opened SGK office in Didim. And here’s what they discovered: If you are married, you need to take: • Your marriage certificate; • Your Turkish kimlik number (which the couple obtained by taking their residence permits to the local police station); • Proof of your address (this needs to be obtained from your local Nufus Müdürlüğü office) • Your residence permit • Your passport On returning to the SGK office, you will have to fill in a simple form that apparently takes less than a minute. The SGK staff will confirm by phone within a couple of hours that the application process is complete – BUT they do not take payments for the SGK at the office. How do you make the payment? In order to make your payment, you will need to pop along to the Ziraat Bank where you can then make the payment using their ATM machine. How much does it cost? The couple said they were charged 261TL (this includes the first month of SGK payment and application fee), but after this they will simply return to the Ziraat Bank’s ATM every month and pay the amount demanded. The average price for a married couple on SGK is around 230TL (approx. £72) per month. The couple said: “The whole process and paying into Ziraat was pretty smooth and we are glad to have done it. But we do advise people thinking of getting into SGK to take a Turkish translator or friend to the SGK office as none of the staff can speak English.” It now means that the couple can avail themselves of all the medical and health services that Turkish people enjoy. By paying monthly, they are entitled to free treatment in state hospitals and will be able to get treatment in some private hospitals at a reduced cost. Those foreign residents with a residence permit, and have been resident in Turkey for at least one year, can apply. A single monthly premium will cover a married couple and their children. However, there is no discount for single people, and those couples who are not married and simply live together have to pay separate single premiums. Source: http://turkeyguidenews.com/1ICP-1SP8I-D68DO95U71/cr.aspx
  17. I'm intending to move to live in Istanbul for a few months. I want to get SGK cover, how do I go about it if I am not employed? From what I know I need to be employed for a minimum amount of time. What about those who are self-employed? Any advice would be appreciated.
  18. Does anyone know if it is now possible to pay the monthly premiums of the new government health insurance by automatic payment through a bank? I tried to do this (thru Akbank) but they said they required another number in addition to the identity number. But when I tried to get this from SGK they said there was no additional number. I'm currently paying by going into VakifBank and paying cash there. The receipts they give me do not carry any number in addition to the identity number.
  19. A friend of mine just found out the hard way that if your Residence Permit expires you are automatically de-registered from SGK (Social Security Health System). It seems that when you initially register for SGK it is only for the duration of your RP so when you renew your RP it is important to go back to the SGK offices and have the end date adjusted.
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