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Found 198 results

  1. Statistics Residence

    Is there any statistical chart available where by country we can see the residence permits granted by Turkey say for 2016 cheers
  2. overstayed

    My residence will expire today but when I went to book for a renewal, they told me that the system is not good and they gave me an application number without print out of details and money. I want to know if I have overstayed by doing that today without a print out.
  3. Temporary visitor permit

    Hello everyone-I know things change very fast in Turkey. I am just wondering if I can stay in Turkey 4-6 months every year. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, did you encountered a problem like mine? It's a bout 2 days that my renewal procedure stop when i click NEXT on the passaport information page. See the attached pictures:
  5. Residence Permit

    Good morning folks, I can visit Turkey via e-visa valid for a short period of time. However I would like to get a residence permit for myself and family. Do you know the procedure and the cost per person? Cheers
  6. Foreigner ID before residency

    Hello everyone! Maybe you can help me sort this out. I went to open a bank account as part of the documention for the residency and they told me I need the Foreigner ID number besides the Tax number (which I already have). Is this Foreigner ID number the one you can ask for at a Nufus office? Or where can I get this number prior to acquiring the residency... Also I use to have one when I lived here before and it is now dated/due but will it be the same as the new one I will get? Thanks for your feedback!
  7. Hello everyone , I just got into trouble about the address that I registered in my application. in the time I was making appointment and the randevu time , my husband and I were living in that address and we didnt want to move from there but we had to move to a new address 1 week after my husband's randevu. yesterday it was my randevu time and I noticed that they still didnt send my husband's application to ankara while we were expected to receive his Ikamat in 2 weeks . and they told me the police went to that address but coundnt find you there and they asked the neighbors is any American is living here and they said no, while we don know our neighbors too and our lookings is not like Americans and they think we are Iraqi, so they told just Iraqis are living here. now we faced a problem how to replace our new address to our application because our residency permits are expired both and we can not make a new application. should we just go to police and show them our new address to let them verify we are living or should we go to Amniat and say we just wanna change the address page from our application? can we print down our new address and just replace this paper with the old one ?
  8. Sooo, I filled my RP application online before my 90/180 days were full. BUT I didn't print it out in same day, because I thought I only need it for my Randevu appoitment..So now I have overstayed and there is no point to go to that appointment (which is next week) because I have overstayed they wouldn't accept it and would send me away. Somebody told me I should go and take a trip to Rhodes for one day, that they will make me sign some paper that i understand i have overstayed and when I'm back I could apply my RP again. But I'm so nervous that if I go to Rhodes can they not let me come back to Turkey anymore or give me a ban or something? Any advices what should I do? Same happened to anybody else? Thank you.
  9. hello, i want to live in turkey with my husband et my 3 childs, i want to know if it's possible to have a rp and after search a job there. it's legal to search for a job when you have a resident permit. un other question please, can i apply for rp for me and my family in the same time thanks a lot for your response.
  10. After a lot of stress about the best way to send my 7500USD to Turkey without incurring annoying eft costs or the instability of shifting large amounts of money around to different countries banking systems, I decided i'd just go to the interview in Izmir with my foreign savings bank statement and if they needed me to notarise and translate it or send it to turkish bank account, I could do that on the day or in the 30 days they would have given to get my documentation, But it turns out everything was fine and my interviewer spoke better english than I did and accepted my bank statements. So now I have my short term residence permit without needing a Turkish bank account to send money to and it was very easy! They did ask me about the Turkish bank account and I just said i'd had some difficulty opening an account currently (which was true) One thing I also voluntarily did was print out an everyday foreign bank account i used for free international debit card purchases that listed all of the places i'd shopped aka MIGROS, CAREFOUR, BIMS etc and explained that I used my foreign account for shopping, which could've helped them see that i didn't need a turkish account. Additional tip: My health insurance was with SOMBO JAPAN and it cost me 209 TRY as a 30-35 year old, they had people standing outside the offices offering the insurance, however i bought it somewhere earlier.
  11. I'm coming to turkey with a tourist visa and I want to extend my visa at least for a month or two! Please explain or help how I should do so! And I'm from Sri Lanka and looking to settle down in turkey as my gf is in turkey and planning to get married in and year! So need to have a long stay as to get lot of things arrange! Please suggest me or tell me what I should do!
  12. I do not want to make the forum busy with a lot of topics. So, I asked here. Even though, it is somewhat related. Assuming this : Someone wants to go to the university in Turkey and he should apply. Also, he wants to come, for instance,5 months before the term begins. If he stays there more than 3 months till apply to the university and then for example after 2 months (all in all 5 months) go to the university the goc fine him because of that 2 months without any excuse? So, it is better for that person to get tourist visa while getting Turkey and then change to the student ikamet, right? Is it possible to change the visa status? (As far as Ken said, it is easy and no problem) I have another question about the legal and illegal work. Is all of the jobs without insurance considered illegal? I mean if someone (like the person I told above) wants to work for 5 months legally, he should find a employee? Which kind of works are legal? Thanks all
  13. Well it finally happened - one of us (my wife) has lost her Ikamet card. She had it in her hand going through customs leaving Ataturk Airport on July 17th. Two weeks into a two and a half week stay in the UK we realized it was missing. As we were not carrying it around over there we are sure it must have been lost at Heathrow or Ataturk Airports. So we contacted Heathrow lost property, (returned to Istanbul on 3rd August) Turkish Airlines lost property, the Airport lost property and finally the Police at Ataturk (where important documents that are lost are supposed to end up). All to no avail. So today we obtained a Lost Property Report from the Police station in Uskudar - the first question the Turks always ask is "Where did you lose it?" Well if we knew where we lost it we probably wouldn't have lost it in the first place. The added complication is that 3 days after coming back we moved house. If we go to the Kadikoy Goc Idaresi and request a replacement without telling them we've moved they are going to send it our old address which will be a potential disaster in terms of finding where it ends up. If at the same time we say, by the way we've moved can you change our address I guess they will want to see another notarised contract (can anyone confirm?). We can't register at the Nufus Mudurlugu without the new Ikamet (I can but not my wife). At least we can do utilities with my Ikamet. If anyone has any experience in lost Ikamets please share - e.g. apart from the Lost Property Form is there anything else needed? What fees do they charge? Graham Nelson
  14. Hello everyone, this is a great forum with great advice, a big thank you to everyone who posts on here! In short I've been living here in Turkey for around 10 months now, I have a 2 year residence permit and bought a house after getting my permit. After setting up a private company here with the intention of doing business, expenses have mounted tremendously and my savings have certainly dwindled. I searched about this but couldn't find a clear answer and I feel that very often even when asking a government official, they don't have an answer (plus my Turkish is not so fun to interact with). Can I apply for a job and get a work permit without having to change my residence permit? I feel it will be a hassle to change the status for myself and my large family. I really doubt this can be easily pulled off, but does anyone have experience with getting a work permit after getting a residence permit and what was the process? Thanks in advance, peace!
  15. Hello, I have recently applied for a short term residence permit and a couple of months have passed since my interview. However, my personal circumstances have changed which require me to potentially withdraw my application. What would be the consequences if I withdraw or not withdraw my application regardless of the outcome? Will i have problem in the future to visit Turkey again? Thanks,
  16. Dear Ken (or any other friends here) I am a student and married. Should I get residence permit for my wife or she should stay there under my residence permit (rp) card? I know that she should have an insurance. But, what about a rp card? Should I pay the same amount for her to get a card or she just can stay under tourist resident permit?(The one that given for 3 months and then extended for a year I think) I heard about "Refakatci" what is that? Thanks
  17. Resident permit HELP

    hello I have a question I had applied for a short-term resident permit, I'm currently off turkey I will stay more than 2 months in my home country I will apply another visa to come back, so my question is I just received this "There is a Problem at the Phase of Card Printing. It is required to apply to Provincial Directorate of Migration Management." and I don't know what to do because I'm out of turkey and i can not came back for family reasons . please reply, thank you
  18. Hi I am looking for a bit of help. So I came to Turkey in 2012. I got my first rp and then my second one with no problems. on my 3rd rp I got caught in the new system and had a 2 day overstay. the police at the station told me to just go to Bulgaria for 24 hours and then come back and do the new apointment within 10 days. so off I went. I had a fine of 400 lira for just 2 days. I have heard that it depends on the mood of the people for the amount. there was a kid in front of me who had stayed 2 months and got the same amount. maybe the difference was that I wanted to come back and he was just leaving for good.. idk. so I got back and got the new permit. then i started to work at a school that said they got the permit for me. well i never really checked on it as i was really liked at the school and everything was fine. I resigned with the school and again they said they will handle the permits. I was happy to not have to deal with it. Now I need to leave in may because my daughter will graduate university back in america and I went to ask for the permits and all papers as they knew at the start of the year that I would go in May and return about 10 days later. They told me that they never got the permit because I never gave them my rp. Come to learn they also did not do it last year. SO at this point I am overstayed by 19 months. I know there will be a huge fine which I dont think I can pay so I have decided to go home and work for a year or so. I read here that bans can be up to five years. I also read that someone can apply to the Turkish Foreign Department back in the US and ay the fine and have the ban lifted. So I had decided to do that. But last evening I read that if someone has overstayed 2 times that they will be banned forever. Is this true? I need someone who knows this for sure and not a guess. Can anyone hel me on this ? Or tell me what I need to do in order to be able to come back to Turkey after about one year? Thanks in advance
  19. Ikamet

    1: Hi i have residence permit (short time) anybody knows if i cancel my application from ikamet website what will happen? (Because i need edit my info) 2:And anybody know if I should go as person to immigration office or I should post my documents ( because system gave me time&date in April 2017 to going there with my application & documents) but i heard people just extend/renew it by sending their documents with ptt post after they fill their application from online 3: My permit expire date is 12 February But it is written by mistake as 20february in my application (and system is lock & no way to edit) please if you guys know something about these 3questions let me know regards
  20. Hello everyone, I have been experiencing ikamet renewal woes, and wondering if anyone can help. My last ikamet expired on January 1, and I tried to start the renewal process online on December 31. The system gave me an application number and seemed to register my application, but it never reached a screen at which the system told me how much money to pay or gave me a form to print. I thought that with the new online system maybe it would take a few days and that the Göç Idaresi would email or text me. I just checked again and found that the system has no record of my application, and when I went to the Kadıköy Göç Idaresi office they told me to start the process again online. Now I see that I cannot use the Renewal process, as the system is telling me to start again as if applying for an ikamet for the first time. My questions are: 1. If I start the process online today, will that "freeze" the number of days that I have overstayed my ikamet? I am planning on showing them a copy of the email that shows I tried to apply for renewal on Dec. 31, the day before my ikamet expired, but of course there's no guarantee they will be receptive. I'm wondering if I should just leave the country now and then come back with a tourist visa and then apply for an ikamet as a first timer, or if I can stay here and continue the process. I would hate to get an interview two months from now and find out that they consider me to have overstayed my old ikamet by a full two months! 2. Once an ikamet application is filed online, how many days can one leave the country? Last year one could spend up to 15 days out of Turkey while waiting for a new ikamet. Is that still true? And can one leave before the interview for those 15 (or however many) days, or can one only leave after the interview, while waiting for the ikamet to arrive? 3. Finally, I have read online that if you overstay an ikamet by 10 days or more you can be banned from the country for a period of time. Is this still true? Thanks to anyone who can share any advice or guidance.
  21. Hi, I'm a Malaysian. I came to Turkey in 28th July and left on 28th December this year. I don't need a visa to enter Turkey but I did overstay by two months because of residency application issue. I'm engaged to a Syrian in Turkey, we live in Gaziantep. I applied for a short term residency in Gaziantep in August but got an appointment on 16th December, my fiance ensured me it's okay to overstay while waiting for the ikamet appointment. On the day of the appointment, the Goc Idaresi employee told me that he couldn't accept my papers ( I've prepared all the necessary) because he is going to reject my application, and that will be a trouble for my future application unless we can get married within 10 days then he can help (my fiance has a work permit in Turkey, but I am not sure we can get married in Turkey), The reason he gave was the short-term residency in cities near the borders of Syria such as Gaziantep, Antakya, Sanliurfa and etc will only be granted to Syrians. He advised me to leave the country and pay the fine at the airport and they will not issue any entry ban and I shall able to enter the country and apply for the ikamet within 10 days in other cities that are not close to the Syrian borders. I double confirmed with the officer at the visa violation office and he said no ban will issue. But I have reservation about his answer. So my questions are as below: (1) How can I find out for sure that I'm not banned for a certain period to enter Turkey? (2) Can a Malaysian and a Syrian get married in Turkey? (3) How to resolve the ikamet issue? Any answers or suggestions are greatly appreciated as I'm waiting anxiously in Malaysia, counting the days I can get back to my fiance. Many thanks in advanced.
  22. Cost of Insurance..

    Please, Any suggestions of companies' names for insurance : let's say the minimum requirement to get the Residence permit , what do they offer the best prices ( age range 30 - 40) ? SGK is it a government insurance ?Is it possible to get one if no yet Residence Permit per year ? Also, what I understood that if you're a foreigner you pay more than a turkish in a hospital, it's both for government and private hospitals ? and if you have a turkish friend , you can convince them to pay as a local.. Thank you for your help, Please, Any suggestions of companies' names for insurance : let's say the minimum requirement to get the Residence permit , what do they offer the best prices ( age range 30 - 40) ?
  23. It took me about 3 months of trouble, probably 100 calls to 157, 2 appointments and generally lots of work, expenses and waiting to get my residency permit in hand. (1st time short term tourist) It was issued for 11 months, instead of 12 I applied for for some ridiculous reason. (Not important for my question, but whoever cares for the reason: My address is a hotel and the hotel owner wrote me a letter that I stay there and the end date was matched to fit my first appointment, I didnt ask them to re-write it for my second appointment, and even though it is a hotel and I can stay there as a guest how long I like, they just used that stupid date and gave me one months less on my residency permit.) Now I am thinking about going to another province ... I called 157 to ask what I need to do to notify them of my changed address should I go to another province. They told me I would have to make a completely new first time residency permit application!! Like start from 0 again. No way this can't be true I am thinking and I don't really feel like doing this .. I am a very experienced expat and in all countries I lived in I made sure to comply with all immigration rules, but this is so ridiculous that I am thinking to simply ignore this ... there is no way I am going to do this all over again ... sorry .. besides .. I am not even sure how long I will stay at a single address ... I might be moving around every couple of weeks .. They told me I have 20 days from moving to making a new application. What if I am not even staying 20 days at the same hotel or rental .. ?
  24. Hi This specific issue is affecting me right now. My wife and I decided to cancel our Istanbul appointments at the main Fatih Göç İdaresi that were due on Sat 10th Dec because we had heard that if you have a Saturday appointment and need to take more documents back it can only be done on a Saturday and we are in the UK for the 2 Saturdays after 10th and don't want to be told on the 3rd Saturday - "sorry you're too late, you should have come back earlier". So we cancelled them ok. We did my wife's again and got to the final screen and "Make Appointment" is selectable. So I then tried to do mine and got all the way to the same point and "Make Appointment" is greyed out. I know this happens all the time unless you make sure your insurance expires a day after your Ikamet - so we did that for my wife's and that worked. So for me, even after doing this and checking that my personal info is exactly what I typed 3 weeks ago it just will not let me book anything. I scrapped the application and tried again - same result. I have a feeling it is something to do with my date of birth on the 2nd screen which it pre-fills with "05/30/1959 12:00:00 AM". What the time is doing there I have no idea. I never typed it in. It lets me proceed to the next page - if I remove the time it always comes back eventually. If anyone has any ideas about how to make the Make Appointment option clickable please reply. Graham Nelson
  25. Hi. just a quick question. my appointment is on 15 November for my first resident permit. i need to travel out of turkey. i believe we can get a paper which allow us to stay 15 days out f country. my question is do i need to get another visa to enter turkey as mine was single entry visa. or can i just show that paper on immigration desk.. and what is that paper called ? 2nd question is can my wife receive my residence permit card on my behalf ?