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Found 21 results

  1. I will soon extend my residence visa for tourist purpose and have some questions. Wondering if I have right documents?. I have a contract for a flat to be stamped by the Notary. Does the landlord need to accompany? Can I and the man I live with use the same contract when both name of the acquaintance is on the contract. My partner will search in September and I in January. I have a pension from Sweden, is there a certificate from the Pension Authority, which shows how much money I receive each month? Could it be written in English? We are over 65 years old, do we need to take out Insurance. I have read that you do not have to go to a meeting the second time you apply. i have to go to Ptt and email the documents from there, one and one. Can I send the mail from hotmail. Must I scan all documents? Or can Ptt help me with that or can Ptt help me with that. I will be thankful if you can answer me as soon as possible. if you can answer me as soon as possible. Payment:, first time I paid single visa entry with about 450 lira, do I need to pay it again. ( we are Swedish and don't have to have visa normally).
  2. To start off, I have touristic residence permit valid till April 14 2020 issued in Afyon. But after I arrived from my vacation from Europe last January 2020, I was already starting to live in Antalya. Covid came, and I wasn't able to move intercity to Afyon to do my extension and I was stuck in Antalya, so I did a new residence permit application in Antalya scheduled July 2020. I was wondering if there are new requirements. I just wanted to prepare ahead of my appointment. I have rental agreement with my apartment here in Antalya, bank statement, application form. Is there anything else I need to prepare? Also regarding registration of my new address, should I wait till my appointment to do it at the immigration office? Coz I heard it was moved from Nufus office to the immigration office for foreigners.
  3. Three police officers stayed for half an hour and wrote down a letter that me and my other housemate signed, saying we lived there, the house was a positive place, that i worked online and did not work in Turkey etc. I'm applying for my 3rd RP, another renewal. I've applied for 2 years this time. Is it normal? I should mention my card expires 23rd August, but i applied on 20th august and got appointment on 27th of august. They mentioned to apply before the expiry date next time, but I'm still unsure if they had visited because of the expired date OR because i have an application under processing, I'm concerned though, i generally only give documents only when i am asked and just let the immigration officer ask for what he requires, so he did not ask for financial information and did not ask for an undertaking when submitting my renewal. I simply gave real estate type of form saying i lived at the address, and of course my application and insurance. SO maybe they flagged my application for me to be visited by police to confirm my residence address and get an undertaking. Should I go back to immigration office in Izmir and give them more documents? i currently have the temporary residence permit paper and receipt they gave me and maybe i stupidly thought it was all approved and i just needed the card mailed, but i just feel after police visited you, very worried. Another question, if your 2 year renewal is only given 1 year, do you get half the price refunded (cause i payed double) or can you get the amount added to the following year? Maybe it's too complex for the computer system though!
  4. My wife is a student and her residence permit is going to be expired after two months. She wants to apply for renew next month in order to avoid any excessive fee. The thing is that I forget where should I pay that 72 tl? We paid something like this and do I need to pay it again? How about the rp card fee? University said that just around 200 for insurance and 72 tl for ...!? I don't know whether they are correct or not. Rules in Turkey are somewhat vague!
  5. Its my 5th year renewal of RP, every year I was able to do my application online and then sent all my document by post. As I was told today the immigration office in Bakirkoy was close down and apparently everybody must come to an interview now. After I submitted my application I waited 1 week for a message to come giving me an appointment which was 1 month later. As almost everybody I was having problems with the website as well giving me errors all the time, but after 2 hours I was able successfully submit my application ( problem seems to be solved when you use Turkish language only ) I brought all the documents required on the website and yet left with missing documents and have to go back again. Every years they asked me for a photocopy of the passport - translated and notarized - this year they didn't accept it and asked for a photocopy of the passport with all entries and exits from turkey (didn't accepted notarized version as it was only required when mailing documents by post ) . As I live with my Turkish fiancée as every year we just get notarized paper saying we live together and he is responsible for me, this year on the top of it, they wanted paper from e-devlet saying he is single. I am trying to get 2 years RP so lets how it will go. I have attached their original paper of documents required, so hope it will help
  6. I finally got the ptt SMS with tracking number and saying that my card has been issued and shipped to me from Ankara. These are some information may help you: Istanbul Date of renewal 21 Dec 2018 through PTT. SMS date is 31 Jan 2019. I have sent the renewal application before the RP expires in two days, then I left Turkey. First issue was 6 months, Now with renewal I got 2 years.
  7. My parents ( my father and mother both over 65 ) got their RP expiring end of August 2019. This was issued in Antalya for one year and it was on a rental agreement. Since then Me and my cousin bought a flat in Alanya for our parents and tapu (property title deed) is registered on our names but we both live in Europe and come and visit our parents sometimes. My question is can we apply for our parents in Alanya to renew their RP on our property as they will be living here not in Antalya. and can we apply for 2 years RP since this property is bought for them. in terms of finances we are supporting them so can we show our financial statements from Europe not turkey. What are the procedures so we can prepare in advance and plan our trip to turkey in terms of timings to be there to help my parents.
  8. I have hired someone to apply for a renewal of my touristic RP, it was 4 months, and we applied for 2 years, that person did the renewal through PTT, and after few days he sent me this pic (attached) as a proof of the approval, however, he is not telling me the system he gets this proof from, I think that happens for business and profession secrets reasons ! could anyone tell me where can I check the renewal status of my RP application ? before you guys tell me to try this web I like to tell you that I have done that through https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr but It did not work. I believe he uses a different web for checking the renewal status. One last thing, I have had two days left in my previous RP before I left the country during the process of the renewal, Now the old RP is expired, and I am outside of Turkey, am I in the safe side ? would my being outside of Turkey effect the renewal process ? Thanks a lot.
  9. My partner delivered her documents by appointment exactly 90 days ago (16 August 2018) to Istanbul, Pendik immigration office but she hasn't received any SMS or email so far. Also, the immigration office didn't give her the paper which usually they hand out after receiving the application. She went there a month ago again to find out about her result but they told her to wait 90 days. she made numerous calls to 157 and every time they told her to wait 90 days. Finally, today She called them and the first representative gave her a tracking number which made us excited but later found that it was for her old residency. She called again and submitted an inquiry with the second representative which apparently she should receive a reply within 10 days. Our first guess is that her application hasn't been entered into the system yet. (the day that she handed out the application, the officer took the application folders in bulk. because it was absolute madness). When I try to track the application online, it doesn't show the usual "under assessment message".(see attached) I read a couple of other experiences from other people on Facebook and they are in the same situation. they paid a visit to Fatih office but they have been told to wait. I wonder if there is anything that we can do at this point? it has been very frustrating and it sucks being in a limbo.
  10. In my home rent contract my name and my wife's name are written. I went to the Population and Citizenship Bureau (Nüfus) in order to obtain a proof of address document. They gave me and there is no problem. Now, if my wife want to get it in order to renew her residence permit I should go with her to the Nüfus or she just requires to bring the contract (notary approved copy) to the Nüfus and they will give her easily? Is there any problem with this? Maybe they said that this address is submitted by another person since they don't know she is my wife, right? Does the contract with notary stamp solve the problem?
  11. Two questions about leaving the country after having applied for extension by mail (and the old residence permit having expired). I am planning two trips abroad in the next couple of weeks, one for a long weekend and one for approximately 3 weeks. I did not receive a document allowing me to leave Turkey while waiting for the card to arrive - not even when I had to submit an additional document in person in the Bakirköy office. 1) After calling 157, it is my (skeptical) understanding that I should print out my application document and get it stamped and signed at the Bakirköy office and use that, together with the proof of payment, so I can leave the country for up to 15 days while waiting for the new residence permit. Is that correct? 2) What do I do if I want to leave for more than 15 days? When I called 157, the guy was adamant that I could just go and come back on a visa (I am a German national so I get 90 days), and I would neither have to pay a fee nor would it affect my pending application in any way. Unfortunately, he stopped being adamant after I double-checked that twice and asked me to ask the border guards when I'm at the airport. I would like to figure this out before I get to the airport, so does anybody here have experience with that? So old permit is expired, new one has not been delivered yet, need to leave the country for approximately three weeks. 2b) Just thought of a corrolary to that, what happens if the residence permit is delivered while I am out of the country? How long will the PTT hold on to it for?
  12. My residence permit ends at the end of March. My appointment for renewal is set for June 1. Can I leave the country before the expiration date and travel as a tourist before my appointment?
  13. I’m new to Turkey Central and desperately trying to fill in the online form for my Family Resident Permit renewal (my permit expires on MONDAY!!). This is my 4th year doing this but the offices I have attended previously have been super helpful and filled in the form for me. Same office, different staff, no help this time. They made out I should just put ‘blah blah blah’ on the form for all address details and it would be sorted out at the actual appointment. But now I cannot put matching addresses for my current address and my sponsor’s address (because I made the first one up like they suggested) and I cannot find a way to go back on the form to correct any errors without inputting acceptable info on the sponsors page (which I can’t do without going back, catch 22!). Is there any way I can go back on the online form or is ok to just cancel the application and start again? It asks for a cancellation reason as though it is a serious matter to cancel and I don’t want to be in a position to mess up the process even more! I’d like to just cancel and start again if that is the best option. I couldn’t get any answers from the unhelpful staff as my son’s school called and I had to leave to collect him as he was ill.
  14. Can someone tell me how many days before my residence permit's expiration i must apply for renewal from website? Also i really don't like send my document by post PTT (confused) & I prefer go there as person , any solution?
  15. I checked the ptt website. in 25/12/2017 my documents have been delivered to immigration office. Today is 1/2/2018 and I haven't received my card yet. now I have two questions: 1) I told ptt that I need "iadeli taahhutlu" but I don't know he paid attention to this matter finally or not. I don't know my pocket has been sent by this or normal mail. I just paid 9 Tl for that. if it would be "iadeli taahhutlu" I should receive a paper form the ptt but I haven't received it. is there any problem in here?! 2) some one told me between 1 and 3 weeks you should receive your card. last year for my first time application, I received it less than 2 weeks. but now for extension it's last more than 1 month until now. what should I do? please help me.
  16. I have been experiencing residence permit renewal woes, and wondering if anyone can help. My last residence permit expired on January 1, and I tried to start the renewal process online on December 31. The system gave me an application number and seemed to register my application, but it never reached a screen at which the system told me how much money to pay or gave me a form to print. I thought that with the new online system maybe it would take a few days and that the immigration office would email or text me. I just checked again and found that the system has no record of my application, and when I went to the Kadıköy immigration office they told me to start the process again online. Now I see that I cannot use the Renewal process, as the system is telling me to start again as if applying for an residence permit for the first time. My questions are: 1. If I start the process online today, will that "freeze" the number of days that I have overstayed my residence permit? I am planning on showing them a copy of the email that shows I tried to apply for renewal on Dec. 31, the day before my residence permit expired, but of course there's no guarantee they will be receptive. I'm wondering if I should just leave the country now and then come back with a tourist visa and then apply for a residence permit as a first timer, or if I can stay here and continue the process. I would hate to get an interview two months from now and find out that they consider me to have overstayed my old residence permit by a full two months! 2. Once a residence permit application is filed online, how many days can one leave the country? Last year one could spend up to 15 days out of Turkey while waiting for a new residence permit. Is that still true? And can one leave before the interview for those 15 (or however many) days, or can one only leave after the interview, while waiting for the residence permit to arrive? 3. Finally, I have read online that if you overstay a residence permit by 10 days or more you can be banned from the country for a period of time. Is this still true?
  17. Hi My rp has been expired last time and I did not renew it last year since I came back to my home country. Now I am in Turkey and I want to apply again. I have not been in Turkey for more than a year. I went bank and enter my kimlik number and it is valid and my name appeared at the board. Do I need to pay the fees (both of them as far as I remember 50 dollars and 50 tl) again in order to get rp card? What do I need ?
  18. Hello my friends I have some thing i need to know i was here in turkey last year under an organisation and through it we got our residence permits so in November this year I came back because my residence permit was expiring on 7th December so I made an application for renewal on 28th November but I was given an appointment of January 8th 2017 .then a friend of mine told me renewal residence permits don't need appointments that u just send documents via PTT but as I went to consult at Fatih some one I found there told me I just need to come with all the documents on the appointment date that no need of sending them via PTT if I have an appointment so advice me is there any solution about my situation?
  19. First I'd like to thank this forum so much it gives a lot of great information about almost everything in Turkey it is my second year here in Turkey I've renewed my residence permit another year, my question is as I read in many sources after 5 years of my staying in Turkey I can apply for the citizenship but is it possible from the short term residence permit ? another word does this permit count ? some sources say it doesn't count only the long term residence counts. Another question. Can I renew the short term residence permit every year forever ? because some say this residence permit it can only be renewed twice.
  20. I live in Antalya since 2014 and i renewed my residence permit last year for the first time. No troubles at all. Some days ago I read on the internet that there is no guarantee for renewal of Residence Permit issued for touristic purpose. However the same article says that it is guaranteed in case of property owner with a tapu (property title deed). Since I am renting at the moment I am a bit worried. I would like to know if someone knows something about that.
  21. Hi, Im resident in Istanbul. After my anticipated wait to renew my visa on the new system using the postal application service I tried applying for my renewal today but on my attempts got told that I was not recognised on the system. Frustrating part is I've got all documents ready to go then face this problem. I wonder if anyone else has encountered this problem ? Or advice on the issue. Help would be most grateful.!
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