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  1. I am currently visiting Turkey on holiday and I would like to extend my stay. However, it will mean that the visa I used to come in on will have expired as it says I can only be here for a month. I arrived on Sept 14 and I am currently meant to leave on October 6. But I want to leave on October 23 or 24 depending on what the costs are to change my air ticket back to South Africa. Is it possible for me to get on the which is valid until 11 March 2020, or must I leave Turkey as I have a Schengen visa and apply for a new visa while outside the country? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  2. Foreigners are typically deported from Turkey because they didn't get a residence permit or didn't extend it, then lived in Turkey until the police caught them. While a short overstay involves paying a fine on departure and perhaps a ban of three months to a year, a long overstay can involve detention and forced departure, and a five-year ban. Deportations are carried out by the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management, or immigration office). Reasons You May Be Deported from Turkey You may be deported from Turkey if you: Are convicted of a crime resulting in imprisonment. Are found to be a member or supporter of a terrorist or criminal organization. Use forged or fake documents when entering Turkey or when applying for a residence permit Work in Turkey without a work permit or make a living through illegal means. Pose a threat to public order, safety, or health. Stay in Turkey for more than ten days beyond the validity period of your visa or visa exemption, or if your visa or visa exemption is canceled. Apply for a residence permit more than ten days after your previous residence permit has expired and don't have a valid reason for your overstay. Remain in Turkey after your residence permit is canceled. Enter or exit Turkey illegally. Enter Turkey while banned from doing so. Administrative Detention You can be physically detained and placed in a detention facility if you: Are an escape risk. Have violated the laws concerning the entry and exit procedures of Turkey. Have used forged documents Didn't leave Turkey by a date on which you were ordered to leave. Pose a threat to public order, safety, or health. Maximum Detention Period The maximum detention period is six months. It can be extended if you have no documents showing your country of origin, if such documents are fake or have been forged, or if your uncooperativeness causes the court to be unable to make a decision. Release from Administrative Detention Every month, the provincial government reviews the cases of people in administrative detention. If they find your detention is no longer necessary, they may release you and require you to stay at a particular address and periodically report to government officials. Deportation You can be deported to: Your country of origin. The country you were in before arriving in Turkey. A third country as decided by immigration officials. Travel Expenses of Deportation If you're deported, you'll be responsible for your travel expenses. If you can't pay them, the immigration office will. You'll have to repay the immigration office before you'll be allowed to enter Turkey again. What to Do if You Have a Long Overstay Don't wait until you're caught. It just takes a policeman asking for your ID card or someone calling the authorities to bring an unpleasant end to your stay in Turkey. If you meet any of the criteria above for deportation, contact your country's embassy or consulate. They can assist you in turning yourself in and leaving voluntarily. Ken Grubb As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.
  3. Most visa or residence permit overstays are minor issues, involving a foreigner forgetting when their visa expires or accidentally staying longer than their visa allows. Short overstays only involve a fine on departure. But longer overstays can include a re-entry ban of three months to a year. Very long overstays (for years) can incur a ban for up to five years. Typical Reasons for Overstaying Besides a validity period (the time from the date your visa was issued or activated to its expiration date), every visa also has a limit on the number of days it allows the visitor to be in Turkey. For citizens of many countries, including European countries, the U.K., the USA, Canada, and Australia, an e-visa has a validity period of 180 days, and it allows the traveler to be in Turkey for a maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period. This is called the "90-in-180-days rule." If your visa goes past its validity period, or if you've been in Turkey for more than 90 days in the previous 180 days, you'll be in overstay status. Visas of other countries have a different validity period and number of days allowed in Turkey. Read you visa to learn the rules. Visa Overstay Fines If you stay in Turkey beyond the expiration date of your visa or remain for more days than it allows, you may be fined at the airport or other border gate when you leave Turkey. The calculation of your fine will depend on your nationality and the length of your overstay. The total fine amount consists of a penalty for the first month and additional months of overstay in U.S. dollar equivalents. There will also be a fee for a single-entry visa and the amount you would have paid for printing your residence permit card if you had applied for one (which you should have!). Here's what citizens of European countries, the U.K., the US, Canada, Australia, and many other countries can expect to pay. If you're not from one of these countries, the following should give you a general idea of what you can expect to pay. Overstay Fine Amounts First Month Overstay: $50 USD (equivalent) Additional Months Overstay: $10 USD (equivalent) per month Single-entry Visa Fee: ₺1,033.60 Residence Permit Card Printing Fee: ₺160 How the Fine is Calculated The fines for the first and subsequent months of overstay are self-explanatory. The Turkish government also charges a single-entry visa fee and a residence permit card printing fee, which are fees you should have paid if you had obeyed the law. It's also a way to ensure there's no financial incentive for foreigners to overstay their visas. Why You Must Pay a Single-entry Visa Fee The single-entry visa fee is paid during the residence permit application process by citizens of countries who have a visa exemption. Because you'll be in overstay status, you'll have no valid visa, so you'll have to pay for one as part of the penalty. You'll have to pay this fee no matter what kind of visa you used to enter Turkey, and even if you're visa-exempt. Why You Must Pay the Card Printing Fee If you'd followed the law and applied for a residence permit, you would have paid this fee. So even though you won't receive a residence permit, the Turkish government isn't going to let you get out of paying a fee you should have paid anyway. Thankfully, they don't also charge the residence permit processing fee, which is a much higher amount. Turkey Residence Permit Overstays and Fines The fee calculation works the same way with residence permit overstays. Once your residence permit expires, if you haven't applied for an extension, you'll have ten days to depart Turkey or pay a fine when you leave Turkey. Instead of Overstaying Your Residence Permit, Consider Leaving Turkey and Returning with a Visa If your residence permit expires, you can leave Turkey, buy an e-visa, and return the next day. After you return with your e-visa, you can apply for another residence permit. Turkey Re-entry Bans If you're caught by the authorities more than ten days after your visa or residence permit expires, you may be arrested, fined, deported, and even banned from re-entering Turkey for three months to a year. If you have an excessive overstay (involving years), you can be banned for up to five years. For short overstays over ten days, the Turkish police can be quite lenient. They may tell you that you must leave Turkey and take no further action. But don't count on it. Turning Yourself In If your overstay is an excessive one, it's much better to turn yourself in to the authorities than to get caught. Before you do so, it's probably a good idea to contact your country's embassy or consulate first, then let them arrange it. According to Article 9/4 of Law No. 6458, Foreigners and International Protection, if you turn yourself in to the authorities and make arrangements to leave Turkey before you get caught, your re-entry ban will be a maximum of one year. How to Know If You're Banned from Re-entering Turkey If you were banned, the immigration officials should have notified you about the ban and the duration of the ban. And just because you're able to get an e-visa doesn't mean your ban has been lifted. You'll still be stopped at the airport or border gate and sent back home. If you think you're banned from re-entering Turkey, contact a Turkish embassy or consulate and ask them to check your status. Having a Ban Lifted You may be able to have your ban lifted if you apply to a Turkish embassy or consulate and pay an application fee. The Turkish embassy or consulate will forward your application to the ministry of the interior in Ankara, who will decide if the ban should be lifted. If you were banned because of a failure to pay a fine, you must pay it at the Turkish embassy or consulate before you can do anything else. Be Polite and Respectful to Border Control Officials Some travelers have reported having overstays of several months, then after being polite and respectful to the border control officer involved, receiving a lower fine than they expected, without a deserved re-entry ban. On the other hand, some travelers have been angry and disrespectful, resulting in a higher fine and a re-entry ban. So when you're interacting with border control officials about your overstay, by all means, be polite! Ken Grubb As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.
  4. Can you please confirm me if anyone overstay on tourist visa, one of my friend want to stay more for 7 days after his number of days allotted. he was allowed to stay up to 7 days and but he want to stay 7 days more, could you please confirm if there are any penalty and how much is the penalty per day?
  5. We arrived in Turkey on August, 13 2018. We hired a lawyer to help us with obtaining the residency. We had an appointment on Jan,3 but when we went for the appointment we found out that the lawyer had filled in the wrong date of arrival on the form (he filled in our date of arrival as august 31st). I don't speak Turkish so I don't know if we were denied or if we just needed to fix that error. My question is 1) As we have already overstayed the 90 days of our 180 day tourist visa do we have to leave the country or can we just reapply (our 180 day visa is up on Feb 13th) 2) If we leave the country can I just go to Bulgaria and turn around. and if I do leave will I have to pay fines and do I have to get a new tourist visa. My husband already has a Turkish ID number.
  6. I overstayed my 90 days visa, I paid fine left for month then came back, at the airport they made me sign to get my resident card in 10 days which I did but it was denied. I have now one more month for my 90 days visa if I leave before my 90 days are over and come back with another 90 days visa which I can buy online since I have an USA passport, they will let me in or not? do they will ban me for 5 years? Whats the rules please?
  7. I am a Swiss citizen residing in Switzerland and not yet holding a passport but travel document passport . I applied for a tourist visa from Turkish consulate here to go for a honeymoon in Istanbul but unfortunately they gave me a visa period of validity 1 month and duration of stay is only 10 days, I am so sad and dont know what to do .. I have arranged my plan booked hotels and domestic trips in Turkey. My questions are : Can I extend my tourist visa as to stay 20 plus days over the visa limit? if not how much will I be charged at airport as fine per day while leaving Turkey .. I need urgent advice as my trip is in June 18.
  8. My case is like this : i entered turkey on 28 Aug 2017 with my Jordanian passport on a 90 Days visa. I applied for an appointment for the residency permit , got it on 29 Nov 2017 i went to the appointment and they requested extra papers from Jordan like bank account balance and a clean criminal record ( that will take 2 months to be issued from the embassy ) the criminal clean record issuance date is 5 Dec 2017 and had all the legal government stamps from Jordan and translated to English. i got the papers today 3 Feb 2018 but I was told that I have only 30 days to get the requested papers and get back to the appointment again but it took 60 days am I considered as an overstayed person ? And what will be the procedure when I get back to the residency office and show them the papers and tell them that it took two months to be issued.
  9. My residence will expire today but when I went to book for a renewal, they told me that the system is not good and they gave me an application number without print out of details and money. I want to know if I have overstayed by doing that today without a print out.
  10. I filled my residence permit application online before I used the 90 days allowed on my visa. But I didn't print it out in same day, because I thought I only need it for my residence permit appointment. So now I have overstayed and there is no point to go to that appointment (which is next week) because I have overstayed they wouldn't accept it and would send me away. Somebody told me I should go and take a trip to Rhodes for one day, that they will make me sign some paper that i understand i have overstayed and when I'm back I could apply my RP again. But I'm so nervous that if I go to Rhodes can they not let me come back to Turkey anymore or give me a ban or something? Any advice what should I do? Same happened to anybody else? Thank you.
  11. Me and my husband are INDIAN PASSPORT HOLDERS RESIDING IN DOHA, QATAR. We plan to vacation in turkey in September 2017 and have got the VALID TOURIST VISA -SINGLE ENTRY for the duration of 10.08.2017 - 10.11.2017. Stating the DURATION OF STAY - 10 Now while confirming our flight bookings we decided to extend our trip by 2days and have already made the reservations and bookings. I want to avoid rescheduling the flights and reservations as I will end up paying a lot in cancellations. I want to clarify - 1) Will I be penalised for over staying for 2 days? 2) If yes? Then what would it be? 3) Is it possible to make the change on the printed visa? 4) If in case I decide to travel without making any changes to my planned itinerary or visa would I be fined? And how much would that be?
  12. This is a little bit of a crazy happening. I arrived in Turkey 4 years ago. I had a job at a school in istanbul and they did not offer a work visa. That was fine with me. I thought I would only stay one year. then after two years I moved to İzmir. my visa was to be renewed but ı did not have the funds to do it, so I let it lapse. My thought was that I would save the cash and leave for some time and then come back after a year or so. now the visa is over by two years and I am working as a private teacher and money is low. as in so low that some days I cant afford to eat. I had a friend that moved to izmir and we took a flat together. Now that the school year has ended , he left without paying me back for the 3 months rent I paid and he also didnt pay for the June rent. the landlord was sympathetic to the situation but now it is July and I still owe for June and now July. so here are my questions. 1. about the rent... is there a way that I can legally extend my time to pay? I mean should I have a friend explain in Turkish to them that I have lost most of my students due to the summer and ask them to let me pay like as much as I can each week? what are your thoughts on that working? they are very nice ppl... 2. seeing as how I have no family back in the states ( raised in foster homes and set out on my own a few years back) I have no one to ask for money help to get out of here... so could I like go to the embasy and tell them that I have overstayed and they send me back to the US? will they allow me to take my things with me? will I be arrested? could I ever come back to Turkey if I do this? thanks in advance for the help even though it is bad all around and I am at a loss every day on what to do
  13. i have a German passport and stayed in the beginning of the year 2 months in Turkey. Now i am back to turkey and have one month left on my 90 days in 180 days. If i understand it correctly it counts from the first day of arrival. Now, i am planning to stay 2,5 months in Turkey. Between the 90th day of my stay and the end of 180 days is a gap of 3 weeks. one option would be to go out of Turkey for this time, but since my girlfriend is living here i am looking for a way to be able to stay inside the country. 1) what are the consequences if i overstay 3 weeks? would the 180 days start automatically or would i need to do a visa run? Does north Cyprus work for this? 2) A Friend told me to apply for a residency. While the process is going on i can(actually have to) stay inside the country. He said apply in the end and before it is getting to a interview or payment the three weeks will be over and i can cancel the application. Does anyone has an idea if it could work? Or maybe there are some official ways for this cases.
  14. i visited turkey last year and i have been there for 57 days from 15/7/2016 till 11/9/2016 but my visa was for 30 days only as visit type , in airport i was so late for my flight to Egypt and i traveled without paying fine 90 tl , i applied for new visa last Feb and i got it normally at 2/2/2017 , i went there but at Ataturk airport they told me u have ban , u should go bk to Cairo and apply again for SPECIAL not normal visa to remove ban then u can come back again , i applied quickly and i didn’t prepare my papers well , so after 1 month i got that i’m rejected , so now what can i do? it so deep humanity situation bcz i have long love story with my Turkish girlfriend and we have to live together and start our life i need to know solution also how can i know duration of ban , ONLY 27 DAYS overstaying , also today i complete 9 months ban
  15. I overstayed in Turkey my 90 days out of 180-days period. I did pay the fine before flying away from Turkey and nobody mentioned anything about a ban. Well...if I understood it right: from the day I left Turkey I cannot re-enter before 90 days has passed? Is it right? I called Turkish embassy and they told me , if I want to turn back Turkey before that, I have to apply visa. I did,the sticker visa. I've been waiting 4 weeks and heard nothing from the embassy. They said it takes normally 2 weeks, but can take 8!!! They are not answering what's the status of the visa now... Ok, the question is: If I now leave Finland (I am Finnish citizen) for travel more than 4 weeks, and visa arrives while I'm out of the country (and I won't be even needing it anymore,because of the dates I've been asking it)...will the visa be valid anyway???? I understood I have to go get it when they call me from Turkish embassy. And if I don't? Do they register it as a valid visa for the period I've been requiring it?
  16. Hi I am looking for a bit of help. So I came to Turkey in 2012. I got my first rp and then my second one with no problems. on my 3rd rp I got caught in the new system and had a 2 day overstay. the police at the station told me to just go to Bulgaria for 24 hours and then come back and do the new appointment within 10 days. so off I went. I had a fine of 400 lira for just 2 days. I have heard that it depends on the mood of the people for the amount. there was a kid in front of me who had stayed 2 months and got the same amount. maybe the difference was that I wanted to come back and he was just leaving for good. so I got back and got the new permit. then i started to work at a school that said they got the permit for me. well i never really checked on it as i was really liked at the school and everything was fine. I resigned with the school and again they said they will handle the permits. I was happy to not have to deal with it. Now I need to leave in may because my daughter will graduate university back in america and I went to ask for the permits and all papers as they knew at the start of the year that I would go in May and return about 10 days later. They told me that they never got the permit because I never gave them my RP. Come to learn they also did not do it last year. SO at this point I am overstayed by 19 months. I know there will be a huge fine which I don't think I can pay so I have decided to go home and work for a year or so. I read here that bans can be up to five years. I also read that someone can apply to the Turkish Foreign Department back in the US and pay the fine and have the ban lifted. So I had decided to do that. But last evening I read that if someone has overstayed 2 times that they will be banned forever. Is this true? I need someone who knows this for sure and not a guess. Can anyone help me on this ? Or tell me what I need to do in order to be able to come back to Turkey after about one year?
  17. I used 60 days from an evisa for January and February. I was then on a students residence permit from 1 March to 1 June. During June I thought I was able to use the last 30 days from the evisa from earlier in the year. In July I started a new evisa and over July, August and September - I've probably used about 75 days, as I went away for a few days here and there. When I left Istanbul I was stopped and fined by the customs. They took a June as part of my new evisa, and said I've overstayed, so I missed my flight. Then he ripped up the paper with the fine and so he told me to book a new flight. Am I banned? How can I re-enter?
  18. I'm a student in Ankara i have overstayed my residence permit for 3 month and 2 weeks now. I failed to pay my university fees a semester ago and i could not renew my residence permit. My school refused to give me the required documents. But then i managed to pay for the next semester but when i was going to renew my residence permit and pay the fine they told me that i can not because my residence permit is no longer available and i have to go back to my country and get a visa and than come back and get a new residence permit. I just wanted to know with these new rules if i will be banned, I understand about the fines and i will pay them. And i also wanted to know if i can pay the fine. In Ankara airport when leaving or in Istanbul because my flight is from Ankara to Istanbul and than my country
  19. I'm a U. S. citizen. I overstayed my residency permit by almost 6 months. It will be 6 months this week. when i went to renew I was told about the new health insurance policy and I was planning on leaving a lot sooner but got delayed. At the time the fine was cheaper than buying insurance and new permit but now I don't know. I want to leave and come back on a 90 day tourist visa but I can't find out how much the fine is. I have read on forums some people don't get fined, others different amounts. It seems up to the discretion of who's working customs. I'm thinking if it's going to be a lot I might as well renew my residency permit. If I renew the residency permit BEFORE i leave will there still be a fine? Trying to find the cheapest route. Also, will i get a ban? I don't want to leave and have all my stuff in Turkey and not be able to get back. I've called U. S. embassy in Turkey, no luck there. Anyone know?
  20. I've been overstay about 1. 5 months in Istanbul. i came here on February 10, 2016 with E-visa and when i want to make an appointment to get my residence permit. My application has been avoid they told me it was late. one month I haven't any valid permit. So, if i overstayed here without permit till 1 or 2 years. i will get a banned and high penalty to pay? or 2nd options is i comeback to my country for example, i back on 26 and come back to turkey again on 27. can i do that? or there is a ban for me to leave turkey for couple of week or month?
  21. Hi all, I am an Indian student doing my research internship in an university in Izmir. I came to Turkey on May 4, 2014. My visa validity was from April 16 to May 16, 2014 (visa type: research). So I had gone to the police station near Konak, Izmir on May 9,2014 to get a Residence Permit. But I was told that the visa rule has changed and now for a research internship, the visa is valid for 3 months. So I need not to get the residence permit and I can stay in Turkey with this visa for 3 months. Though they didn't give me anything in written and when I asked they said that everyone knows about the change in visa rule and so I need not to worry Yesterday, to inquire some other queries, I went to same police station and I was appalled to hear that there is no such change in visa rule and my visa had expired on 16 May. No one was ready to talk beyond this. They told me that I will have to pay the penalty on the airport. Please suggest me what can I do now. I have only 2 weeks remaining. I am in contact with the Indian Embassy in Turkey and they told me that they will write a formal letter to Foreign Ministry of Turkey explaining this situation. I have also informed my hosting professor. I was afraid of this situation from a long time, and also to get the rules confirmed,I had sent a mail to a head officer of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affair on 18 May, but till date I haven't got the reply. I am not able to find the visa rule for research internship on the internet. In this condition, How will I know my visa is valid or not? Also the police officer told me that I have to pay about 250 lira as penalty but on the internet I am finding a varying penalty charge and some are exceptionally high. Is it possible that I can pay my penalty in the police station and get something in written as an official proof of paying penalty to show at airport. Also do I have an option to get banned for few years if i don't pay the fine amount. In that case, I think that the ban option is good for me. No doubt I have had a great time in Turkey and people are also very good, but due to this screwed system, I would not be disappointed if they don't let me come again. Do you think this will be good idea? Will the ban mark on my passport hinder me from getting visa of other countries like US, UK? what worst could happen if I don't have the money to pay as the fine on the airport?
  22. This is crazy I know. But I have overstayed my visa by 4 months now and I am planning to stay for another 12-15 months. I have my reasons and when it was time to redo my visa I just did not have the money and since I have a date that I am going back to the US, and I do not work at any schools, only private lessons, I thought well, just overstay it and pay the price and get the ban. If I want to come back one day, well at least I paid the fine. anyhow, I am wondering a few things. 1 since I have overstayed I wonder if I check into a hotel if the police can find out. I was at a hotel last year with my bf and in the middle of the night the police came to give him the paper that said he had to go to military because he was not in uni anymore. So that makes me wonder if they can see me too. I am wondering if travel by plane is safe. Can they see that my visa is expired and meet me at the airport if I travel from city to city by plane. Is the bus safe or is there a chance they can see me there too?
  23. Hi Friends, I need an important help on my further visa. I have been in Turkey two years back on work visa. I was working for a company out there and it was an IT project. The visa duration was for a year but the project got finished soon (in 5-6 months). The company who sponsored me had to cancel my permit since the work was finished however I had the password + resident permit (which was valid for a year). I got some other assignment there itself and consulted friends lawyer about that. He told you can still work for a year. After 3 months that assignment was over (i.e. after total approx 8-9 months stay in turkey) I decided to go back to India. When I was at airport I was told that you have been over stayed and they charged me approx 70 to 100 lira and banned me for a month. During those three months of another assignment, I was worried about the same thing and I informed my new employer to reapply for my work visa but he avoided and lied to me that he already did so (I have those emails too). I would have gone to visa department but my mistake I want to understand will it cause issue to my next UK visa? If yes, any chance I can avoid it? Is this logged in central db. Can UK embassy track this? Do I have to mention it in visa form?
  24. So my 8 month old son has overstayed his visa by 2 months. This is due to me and my husband applying for a Turkish ID card for him and having problems applying from Turkey (long story short couldn't send postal order from Turkey so had to send all documents to my parents and have them send postal order from UK) upon departure from Antalya last Tuesday 15/09/15 myself and my son where taken in to the police office. They put my sons passport details in the system and printed off a paper for me to sign. They said from what I could understand that when we next enter Turkey if my son has his id card then we have no problems we can enter without any issues or having to do anything. However if for some reason we don't have his ID card they said we have to pay the fine. But on the paper it says he is banned from re-entering Turkey for 5 years. So does that mean that if we don't have the ID card we can pay the fine and re-enter with no problems or do I still have to pay the fine and still have to serve the ban. Sorry I'm a bit confused by it all.
  25. My 90 day visa is coming to an end soon. I really would like to stay for about 5-6 days after this. I had been thinking about applying for the residence permit. Or... maybe I could just pay the fine. I have researched this topic a bit, and it seems the fines vary widely. At the low end of the scale, I have seen fines for just 100TL, or even nothing... However, if the fine could be anything like 200euro/500TL and above... I don't think I would chance it. That's just too much. So - any guesses as to how much a 5 day overstay, on average, might cost? (including fluttering my eyelashes innocently at passport control) Also, I definitely want to return about 90 days later, so i'm hoping the overstay wouldn't affect that or incur any sort of ban (assuming I pay on the spot).
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