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Found 60 results

  1. Hello there, i am a pakistani guy married to turkish girl on 22nd june 2018 in kayseri Turkey. Things didn't work out between us and we want a divorce with mutual consent. Someone told me that you can not apply for a divorce within a year of marriage, is it true? Thank you
  2. Hi there, I am in an odd and uncomfortable situation and I need some advice. My wife of 17 years and I are having great difficulty, and she is considering abandoning me and our son (he's 34, from her first marriage, and lives with us, and we get along fine). We were legally married in Istanbul. We still all live in California for now. She is making threats against my assets, saying things like Divorcing, but also saying she would just leave and deny Divorce, but still would get half of all my assets. It's unclear what she actually wants as she doesn't really know herself and we both get very emotional when the topic comes up. I still love her dearly and am very distressed about her unhappiness, and am more than willing to try anything to make her happy, so of course I don't want a Divorce. Background - she is still grieving over the recent loss of both parents due to natural causes, and very distressed over the lack of emotional support from my own family. In fact, I am happy to give her *some* money, on the order of maybe $50000 USD, much less than she has in mind, if she actually manages to force a Divorce with me. But I have no idea how she could actually sit down with me and negotiate this number, as she is way too emotional and gets agitated whenever the topic comes up. Again, I really want to Reconcile. My question, in general, is, how much power does she have in this situation? What could she possibly have Turkish Lawyers do to me? Can she actually force a Divorce with me, from Istanbul? Does she have legal claim on my assets? A lot of my assets I accrued before we were Married. Thanks for any input /advice.
  3. ngwy

    Changing surname

    I have heard when you get Turkish citizenship some names with ‘w’s need to be changed. What could I change the name Wilkinson into? thanks
  4. Amelia Ellis

    Documentary research

    Hello, I hope you are well. You might remember a few years ago, the UK broadcaster, Channel 5, released a hit series about marriage immigration fraud, called Holiday Love Rats Exposed. The series explored this little-known area and brought these scams, and the terrible impact on sometimes vulnerable men and women, to public attention. The contributors involved thanked us for giving their cases traction. You may have come across an organisation called Immigration Marriage Fraud UK (; we’re working with founder Dee and contributor Kim to make a further documentary. I'm keen to hear from someone who has been affected by marriage fraud to help me understand these horrible scams more. If anyone is available for a quick chat over the phone so I could explain a little better, and if you felt like it, you could explain your experience - you do not have to speak about anything you don't feel comfortable about. Ideally, this would be someone who went on holiday and met someone, perhaps married them, brought them home to the UK or America (or planned to do so), only to find that their partner was sadly only with them for a visa, money etc.. Does this ring any bells for you? You could be based in the UK or further afield. We do of course understand that discussing these matters is highly sensitive but I can assure you that any initial conversations will remain confidential and be for research purposes only. If you then feel comfortable taking it further, we can discuss it. Nine Lives Media, the independent television company making this documentary, has won two Baftas, an International Emmy plus RTS awards and prides itself on working with contributors on sensitive issues. If you think you fit the bill, please feel free to message me, call me on 0044 (0)161 832 2007 or email me on Our turnaround time is quite tight, and we’ll need to identify potential contributors swiftly, so it would be great to hear about your story soon! Many thanks!
  5. Jeanina

    Name Change

    I got married in Turkey 4 years ago and - since I was in a hurry and didn't do my homework properly - was sort of put on the spot regarding the surname issue and had to accept them adding my husband's name to my name on paperwork. Didn't want to make a big fuss about it then, thinking that after obtaining my Turkish citizenship, I would be able to go to court and get (just!) my name back. Well... I've just obtained the citizenship but on my nüfüs cuzdanı, they would only list my husband's last name (without mine). Spoke to a lawyer yesterday and she said there's no way in Turkey for me to just have my own surname without my husband's. Needless to say how silly that is.... considering that most countries don't enforce such nonsense on women. Anyway.... my question is: if I get divorced here, and later on remarry the same person in a country whose laws allow me to keep my maiden name, would the Turkish authorities impose my husband's surname on me again, when registering that marriage in Turkey? Or would the laws of the other country prevail (ones which allow me to keep my own name)? Thanks a million!!
  6. I'm curious about this. I've met quite a few people who have married into Turkish families, and most of them aren't working very well. A few couples I know are very happy, though. So I wonder, what makes a marriage to a Turk really work? I think the initial response would be about love, but that would apply to any marriage. What things are important in a marriage to a Turk which are specific to that kind of marriage?
  7. Racheladams

    Getting married

    Hi Ok so im getting married and im so stressed. Trying to get a certificate of non impediment from uk. Heres my problem. My partner is kurdish and from Eskisehir. So he is turkish right ?????? I have to put his nationality on the certificate Turkish ! Being told i have to put kurdish????? Can anyone who has recently married a kurdish man please confirm what you put as his nationality. Im losing the will to live with the registry office girl.
  8. Unorthodoxtraveller

    Brit marrying Turk in Turkey

    Hi everyone! I am a British Citizen and I am engaged to a Turkish Citizen. We are hoping to marry next year. We have decided to marry in Turkey due to the complications of trying to marry in England (he cannot work during the time if he comes over on a fiancé visa), therefore, if we marry in Turkey, it will be an easier transition for him to move to the UK so he can start working. I would just like a bit of advice as to how the marriage procedure works such as where to start with contacting certain offices etc i have read about the requirement for me to obtain documents like evidence that I have not been married before but what do I do when I receive these documents? How do I go about getting the medical check required without being in Turkey? Once we have had our checks and got our documents, what do we do? If someone can provide some pointers in a timeline like order so we know where to start and what steps we need to do along the way that would be amazing. Thank you
  9. Hi We are an Iranian (living in the UK) and Iranian/Finnish (living in Finland) couple getting married in Istanbul next month. I know what documents we need to bring but I have some questions to which nobody has given me a straight answer and I am desperately looking for clarification as the wedding day is approaching fast! 1. The Embassy of Finland in Turkey does not issue non-impediment to marriage and I need to bring it from Finland. I know I need to get an apostille for that as well so that the document is valid in Turkey. Now, the question is: I thought first I get the non-impdiment document and apostille in Finland and then translate and notarize them in Turkey. Would this be enough? One so-called expert tells me that I need to get the non-impediment document translated to Turkish in Finland and then get it apostilled. but I doubt that the Finnish authorities would apostille something in Turkish. Plus I doubt that Turkish authorities would accept a translation done in Finland as they have no way of checking its authenticity. Does anyone know what is the correct method? 2. For the marriage to be valid in Finland afterwards, I need to make the red marriage booklet they give us apostilled in Turkey after the wedding. Can someone please explain how long this process take? We are just trying to make sure we leave enough time before returning home. 3. We also like to get Form B for international marriage. Again can someone please explain where we can apply for that and more importantly how long it takes? Many thanks! Ayda
  10. Hello everyone before 4 months i was in Istanbul ( I am not Turkish) , i met a Turkish man twice , he asked my Instagram and i added him, after a week he start sending me messages, first of all he told me he was divorced after a marriage that last for 2 years and knew his ex-spouse for 4 years, (with no kids) he said he doesn't like her anymore,he is 35 and i am 21, he tried after while to talk dirt and try to get my number , and keep sending his number and photos and i stopped him and told him i will no longer talk to him if he didn't stop,and he stopped it and never repeat it after that,he asked me after 2 month for marriage i said yes , he said he wants to have a family and be a father , he showed me to his mother and she liked me , he said he doesn't have money to marry so i have to wait this summer or next year i offered money help he became angry for a weak from me , besides he doesn't talk too much to me frequently he sent me message before he sleep (he works till 22:30) ,talking how much he loves me and our future life and wishing if i am with him ,and i am a bit scary that he is only have fun with me and maybe because he is old he will look for a local Turkish girl and make it easy, we only have the agreement of marriage and that i will move to Istanbul to live there we did not discuss anything else, AND i can`t keep talking to him he can`t run a conversation and i feel so bad to do that instead of him and he doesn't talk too much because he doesn't know English and i do not know Turkish (Using google Translate) , recently i am learning ,,, so what do you think people ?,,,,P.S i love him and my family agreed
  11. My Father is Turkish and my Mother is Canadian and they divorced. Now, my father has re-married. My father says things I can not repeat about my mother. And he said his wife is now my mother. My cousin, who is educated (actually an Engineer) and Turkish also says my mother from now on is my Father's wife, rather than my mother. Is this normal/typical Turkish culture/behaviour?
  12. RockoRolo

    Please help with situation.

    Hi there I hope someone can help me. I am a British Citizen and I married a Turkish man in Fethiye in 2000. We had two children together (girls, now 16 and 14 - they were both born in the UK). We bought an apartment together in Fethiye in 2001 and lived in Turkey. Both names are on the tapu. After 14 years of marriage, in early 2014, I found out many awful things about my husband - he was having a 3 year affair with a local girl who worked at the cinema, he was also using prostitutes and filming himself (I found the camera), he was watching teenage pornography and in thousands of debt without my knowledge, had a gun in the house, plus many other things. After he knew I found out about all this, he just blamed me for his behaviour. I knew for my sanity and my children's safety that I had to leave. On the evening of 13th June 2014, my children and I got to Dalaman airport without my husband knowing and we boarded a plane to the UK. I left my house, my job, my friends, we left everything behind. I wrote a letter to my English neighbours explaining why I was leaving. I brought everything with me - I have the marriage certificate, the tapu, the camera and all the evidence of his unreasonable behaviour etc. It is now 2017 and my girls and I have never gone back to Turkey. We are now settled in the UK. The girls rarely speak to their father. However... I have heard a rumour that he has recently divorced me over in Turkey - probably on the grounds of desertion. After all, it has been over two years since I left and I have not had the money to have ever asked a solicitor in the UK for help with it. My ex husband will not answer my FB messages whether he has divorced me or not, but he has been asking my daughter for our address. My question is: How has he managed to get a judge to grant the divorce when there is property or children involved? What happens now in regards to the apartment if he has divorced me? Can I instruct a solicitor here or in Turkey to sell the apartment because half of it is mine still? He has never paid any child maintenance while I have been in the UK. I want the value of my half of the apartment back because as far as I know he is living it in without any worries now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you x
  13. Hi, I'm a Malaysian. I came to Turkey in 28th July and left on 28th December this year. I don't need a visa to enter Turkey but I did overstay by two months because of residency application issue. I'm engaged to a Syrian in Turkey, we live in Gaziantep. I applied for a short term residency in Gaziantep in August but got an appointment on 16th December, my fiance ensured me it's okay to overstay while waiting for the ikamet appointment. On the day of the appointment, the Goc Idaresi employee told me that he couldn't accept my papers ( I've prepared all the necessary) because he is going to reject my application, and that will be a trouble for my future application unless we can get married within 10 days then he can help (my fiance has a work permit in Turkey, but I am not sure we can get married in Turkey), The reason he gave was the short-term residency in cities near the borders of Syria such as Gaziantep, Antakya, Sanliurfa and etc will only be granted to Syrians. He advised me to leave the country and pay the fine at the airport and they will not issue any entry ban and I shall able to enter the country and apply for the ikamet within 10 days in other cities that are not close to the Syrian borders. I double confirmed with the officer at the visa violation office and he said no ban will issue. But I have reservation about his answer. So my questions are as below: (1) How can I find out for sure that I'm not banned for a certain period to enter Turkey? (2) Can a Malaysian and a Syrian get married in Turkey? (3) How to resolve the ikamet issue? Any answers or suggestions are greatly appreciated as I'm waiting anxiously in Malaysia, counting the days I can get back to my fiance. Many thanks in advanced.
  14. Hello all, Some may be familiar with my situation, some not--at any rate, I am living in Turkey right now working as an English teacher and wondering the best way to marry my Turkish girlfriend. I wonder if it's better to get married in America first or in Turkey, then America? The easy answer is to apply for a marriage visa in America, but I've heard that takes a long time to process and we are currently living in Turkey for the foreseeable future (this might cause some problems with the marriage visa, if we are not currently living in America?). We plan to move back to America for a period time in the future, but in order to live together in Turkey we need to be married, hence the urgency. Thanks to any one with previous experience who can provide any advice. -Thomas and Seda
  15. Hello, My partner will be coming to Canada in a few months and we are debating as to whether it will be simpler to legally marry in Canada then register our marriage in Turkey afterward or wait until our actual wedding in Turkey and legally marry over there. I've looked up the marriage process in Turkey and it appears I will need to get my birth certificate sent back to Pakistan for authentication then get a notarized translation of that, a statement-in-lieu of notice which must also have a notarized translation (to prove I have no impediment to marry) from the government of Canada which additionally requires I provide a certified true copy of my citizenship card, landing document, and a statutory declaration to the Canadian government, medical check up results from a doctor in Turkey, passport and photocopy, and 6 passport sized photos. In Canada he and I just need to provide our passports as ID in order to get married, he has no extra requirement despite being a foreigner/visitor in Canada. What I'm curious about is if he and I legally marry in Canada (which seems so much simpler), what do we have to do when we go to Turkey to have our marriage legally registered there as well? What do we need to do to get our marriage recognized/registered in Turkey? He's a Turkish citizen and I have dual nationality in Canada and Pakistan if that provides any useful information. Also, since I'll be moving to Turkey I will need to apply for a family residence permit, so do I apply for that before getting our marriage recognized in Turkey, or after? Additionally, he will be going back to Turkey a year before I come there for the wedding. Would he need to register it as soon as he gets back? And if he does, do I need to take further action once I get there? I can't seem to find any information about this scenario in English online. If anyone can provide some information I would be grateful.
  16. Hi to everyone. Im just new here. Im so confused please help me if you can. I married my Turkish wife just 2 months ago. I am a New Zealander. Im 36 she is almost 24. We met while i was in Turkey on a business trip. I was working in the Middle East but now im back home. I flew to istanbul 3 times to see my girl and we talked every day on skype. We got engaged in Turkey on one of my trips and she had just 6 months to go of university. I met the parents and got their blessing and even was allwoed to bring her to N.Z for two months before we married. We married in Sept in Istanbul and now i am back home and she is in Antalya finishing her exams in 2mths. (she failed a couple so had to go back)While we were dating and seeing each other she had some really aggressive moods/behaviours over the smallest most pathetic things. Things that were so small that i couldn't even pick exactly what she was angry about. She can go from being extremely loving,caring,genuine etc to just vile in a matter of minutes.You will ask why we married. Well i put most of this down to misunderstandings which it was often, cultural, and boundary testing since we were new to being together and also her age.Now we are married we talk twice a day for hours but every 10days or so she just goes crazy over the smallest thing. I send her money but its always an issue whenever we talk about money and she makes me feel so bad because she always says i make an issue out of it. She gets incredibly jealous over the smallest things like when i go to the gym or even at work with work colleagues. She hates my best friends wife whom she met here in NZ and has gone absolutly vile after i said i was going to her birthday party. She said she cant understand how i could possibly go to her party when i know she doesnt like her. She has said many times now she wants a divorce and can never be with a man like me and can never come to N.Z to live and i call her bluff and say "ok if thats what you feel". She wont talk to me for 5 days then come back to me saying she misses me like anything and loves me so much. In the meantime she has deleted me off facebook. Changed her name back to maiden name on facebook and takes her picture of us off?Even on our honeymoon she went crazy and actually left our honeymoon for a day and night because i swam with some other girls and guys that were on our yacht we were sharing. She doesnt swim but said i could swim. There were three single girls and some couple guys and we all swam together but she said a Turkish man would never ever swim with other girls while his wife is not there? Ive told her how hurtful that is when she does that and please not to do that but talk to me instead like adults. So when we have the next argument (which seems to be over nothing) she immediately goes to facebook and deletes her account or changes her name again.Its got to the point now im about to buy air tickets to go and pick her up and bring her back to NZ. Plus getting her visa. Weve discussed having children. One week she says she cant wait to have children with me and the next week she says she wants a divorce? Are these just cultural things, or misunderstandings, or what?????? Anyone with similar experience with Turkish woman. A N.Z woman would never ever behave like this. Not even close. Not even a 23yr old one.Thanks so much in advance for your help.
  17. jillyanne92

    Moving abroad before army

    Hi my fiancée and I have been together for 4 years. He's turkish and I'm British and he's coming 21 years of age. He has delayed the army for a few years due to his mums health and is due to go in, in 2017. We're quite happy to do this however, several of his family members have said if I got a lawyer on the English side he will have a chance to come into the country before he does his army service and we would be able to buy out of it after 3 years... Does anyone know the possibility or risks of this? Before we pay out for help and end up with nothing. This would be so much better for us if possible as my father is ill and it would be a chance to get to know each other before he passes and also be able to start a family. If not we will continue on with our original plan.
  18. Dear Members, Hope all is well. I have a simple question which I urgently needs an answer for based on your accurate knowledge or expertise. Basically, I used to live in Istanbul for over two years on a student permit. My education now is completed and I move to Dubai for work proposes. Once or twice a month I visit GF here in Istanbul for 10 days or more and enter the country using my valid student permit. My permit will expire on November and given the fact the new April rules and the permits that takes months to be delivered and given that I can’t stay for long time in Turkey for that, I have decided not to renew it after it expire. Now I am getting married in December (only Baldyea Nikah), I know and have all the needed documents. My question is, do I need a resident permit in order to get married in Turkey? Or a valid tourist visa should do that job. Please advise. Thank you, Adham
  19. Good day! Pardon me if the question was given in the past. I have been scouring the net trying to look for a page which could enlighten me of detailed information and some led me here. I am a Filipina and planning to move to Turkey for good. Anyways, my Turkish boyfriend and I are in a long-distance-relationship for almost a year now. He asked me to visit Turkey in a tourist visa so we could get married in his country. I am honestly so puzzled of the idea. Is there no way that I can get a fiancee visa instead? Applying for a tourist requires big money and more effort. In addition, Turkish embassy in the Philippines is very strict in requirements compliance. Don't get me wrong, we both have stable jobs and even if he gave me guarantees, I am still not confident of it. I already checked the e-visa, unfortunately, not applicable in my country. I would like to get more alternative before going to the embassy. Please help me out :-(
  20. Hi. I need some advices. To make the story short; I met a turkish man in May in Alanya. Met, of course, at a club. He was in Alanya at a holiday. We had a great week together and I went back to Turkey in September to meet him. I had my sister with me. We stayed in Alanya again. I am going back in November to meet his family and I am staying in Turkey for two more weeks. I ahve told him that before we do anything he has to visit me in Norway and meet my family also. So he can meet them and also get a more understanding of where I come from and my culture. And if we ever going to move here (if not I moving to Turkey) he can see how the country is first. I am 29 and he is 32 years old. We have been talking about what we should do, b/c if the relationship should work for å long time one of us got to move. I am a social worker and I don't know how to speak turkish (but I can learn), so I think it will be hard for me to get work in Turkey. But in Norway... if you want to get a job you almost need an education 99% of the time. So I think it would be hard for him to get a job here. And he need to learn Norwegain of course. The one thing that scares me is to not know. Should I let go of my life here, sell my apartment, quit my job to an uncertain future? Or should he? I also have study loan that I need to pay, so I need a job if I am moving to Turkey in the future. I can't ask him to pay for my debt. But I think I have found a middleway I have the right to get unpaid permition from work if I want to study some more. I can study online. I was thinking of Sociology or maybe Journalism for one year. I can rent out my apartment for a year and live in Turkey. I will, of course, get more study loan. I not shure if I can get a visa for a year? But then me and my boyfriend will figure out if we are right for eachother, the normal - everyday life we will experience together ++. And if I do this next autumn I think I have what I need with the salary per year ++ if we want to move to Norway and he must apply for a visa. I don't know... I haven't told him about my idea yet. He wants us to get married and say that we can live in Turkey or Norway. It is up to me where we are going to live. When I go back in November we have to figure this out. What should we do? What have you been doing if you have been in a relationship with someone who lives in a different country? I will be happy for the respons and advice from you! Anything will help because I am lost and my brain is tired of all the thinking. PS! This wasn't so short after all. Sorry about that!
  21. Hi I plan to get married in Turkey in October 2014 however both my partner and I are uk residents and have been married before. My partner is just completed her divorce and I was wondering if there is a waiting time after getting divorced before re-marrying again.
  22. I have gone through pretty much all of the posts here for an answer but nothing quite exactly the same. I am Chinese (not a Muslim) in Asia and the Turkish boy has been here for work for the past few years. I am older by 5 years and he is currently 31. We have been dating for over a year now and we have gotten serious and talking about marriage. I have recently also flown to Turkey to meet with his family (and he has met mine) but unfortunately they are adamant against us having a future and instead wants to find him a suitable candidate. He wants to end the relationship now as he sees no future to this to continue. I know family ties are really strong especially in traditional family but I am reluctant to let go of something i firmly believe in. Although i also understand that love isnt the priority in muslim families. I just am not sure if I should hang on for the sake of hoping they will eventually relent since he has a couple more years here and will not be moving back to Turkey so soon. And that he is quite ready to settle down but we just dont see how we can work this out without breaking his family ties. I have going to start understanding Islam more too for the sake of the promise i have made to him and myself since we started dating and also to find peace in myself. But i cant say i am not hanging on that Allah can give us a miracle here. Anyone has seen a miracle as such happen? I think the fact that i am older than him also plays a huge part in their objection since it may not be so easy for me to conceive now. I need a glimmer of hope. So desperate that this is the first time i am actually posting on any forum for support.
  23. hı everyone, me and the mıster have a lovely long romantıc story but ıll cut to the chase (happy to answer any questıons though). so we are currently plannıng our weddıng for september 2015, everythıng ıs goıng good but the only thıng were concerned about at the mınute ıs the paperwork sıde of thıngs. we understand what was requıred before wıth the trıp to antalya etc but weve heard that all of the regulatıons have changed for englısh people. but as an englısh woman and a turkısh man were not sure ıf anythıng has changed for our sıtuatıon wıth the most recent changes ın law. ıdeally ıf theres an englısh turkısh couple who have wed recently could you please tell us what applıed for you or ıf anyone else has any answers please because at the moment were just seemıng to fınd the same ınformatıon as was posted before, but we have no ıdea ıf thıs ıs stıll the case. thıs ıs my fırst post and ım happy to have joıned the forums and hopefully be able to contrıbute to others ın the future. lookıng forward to your replıes and thanks ın advance (ps how awful wrıtıng on a turkısh keyboard, sorry about any typos and all of the lıttle Is)
  24. MohamedAly

    Social norms in Turkey

    Hi, I am a guy from Egypt, Muslim and moderately religious (Pray, fast,etc...) considering marrying a Turkish girl. the problem is that i do not know are women in Turkey religious or just Muslims by birth? i am asking on average do people pray, fast in Ramadan? is it normal to have sexual relationships before marriage? P.S 1: this does not mean i do not respect all people it is just that i believe this is essential for me for compatibility. P.S 2: I know there is always all kind of people, i am speaking about the average and majority.
  25. thoughts please? i wonder your thoughts as a young person.