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Found 8 results

  1. KarenMDoguer

    Short term RP

    I have a question burning in my mind that I would love to have answered. I have been living in Turkey since 2010. I came to Turkey married, became separated in 2012 and divorced through the Turkish Family Courts in 2015. I was granted custody of our children , both hold US and Turkish citizenship, with their father having the minimal visitation required by Turkish law. My ex husband has made a right mess of his finances over the years. He does not pay the support outlined in our divorce decree. He also can no longer show the amount of money required for me to meet the financial requirement when applying for an RP. I do not have the financial means to meet the obligation myself either. When I need to renew I am putting money in the bank, getting a statement, and then giving the money back to whomever it came from. I do this because I must be with my children. My question is: I am committing a crime every time I have needed to renew my resident permit over the past couple of years. I would like to know what would happen if I were to refuse to do so any longer? Specifically- since I am the custodial parent would I be able to leave WITH my children? Or would they just kick me out without them? Their father has been a "father of convenience" since we separated. If it was convenient for him to spend time with them, he did, if it wasn't he didn't. My children would be devastated if I were separated from them. They are quite young- 6 and 8. They are not particularly bonded to their father because of how little time he spent with them over the years. I would appreciate any and all responses. I am very tired and fed up with our situation. I find it incredibly stressful to even just apply for an RP because I am always scared that won't be able to find money or something will go wrong and I will have to leave. My ex husband not being able to financially support us is also a huge stress, it affects my parenting, my psyche everything. I am tired and just want to take my children back to the US. I am not interested in getting Turkish citizenship in the least. I just can not understand how I can be required to stay in a country I don't want to live in; that I can not support myself or my children in and neither can the father. I mean he literally has no money at all often. He has to support his mother- because he bankrupted her, he has remarried with another child on the way in addition to a step daughter, and then there is myself and our two children. I can not get blood from a stone, our situation is not going to change. I have gone along for long enough and he keeps digging himself a bigger hole and dragging everyone into it.
  2. I need to find out how to have the terms of my divorce decree enforced. My ex husband and I were married in the US but divorced through the Turkish Family Court system in 2015. I am specifically interested in knowing if there are resources available for expats who do not have financial means to hire a lawyer. I have resided in Turkey on a RP from 2010 to August of this year. I was in the process of renewing my residence permit when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I had to leave immediately to care for her as she has no surviving family members living in her area. The problems that I am having with my ex husband are legion. He has made a right sh*t storm of his life and I am tired of living in the consequences of it. He is currently threatening me saying that if I don't come back soon he will not help me renew my resident permit when I do, telling me that I "will be on my own" whatever that means. He can't handle having our children full time is the crux of the issue. He is so used to having me there to take care of them while he's out living his life. Having problems renewing my resident permit is an ongoing problem. I am forced to commit a criminal offense every time I have had to renew it pretty much since we separated in 2012. I would also like to know the answer to a question that has been burning in my mind for the past few years. I have custody of both of our children, he has visitation. If I can not meet the financial requirement to obtain a resident permit on my own and my ex husband can not/doesn't want to. He says I am not his financial responsibility. Can I leave with our children? I am not interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship in the least. My ex husband has been a father of "convenience" for all intensive purposes. When it is convenient for him he spends time with the kids and when it's not he doesn't. Why do I have to commit a criminal offense in order to be with my children? Except for financially supporting them, I am the parent who has been with them constantly since birth. It just doesn't make sense to me.
  3. ZelalSenguler

    Turkish Legal Consultancy, Antalya

    Our Legal Services Our staff of lawyers provide a variety of legal services including: Litigation Mediation Advertisement Law Banking and Finance Law Commercial and corporate Law Consumer Law Contract Law Criminal Law Divorce Law Insurance Law Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Law Insurance Law Intellectual Property Law IT Law Labor and Employment Law Real Estate Law Tax Law Tenant and Landlord Law Wills and Estate Law Work and Residence Permits The Turkish Legal System The laws of Turkey are integrated with the European legal system. In fact, Turkish law is, in a large part, based on Swiss, Italian, French, and German law. But Turkish law is different in a variety of ways. You should consult with a Turkish lawyer whenever dealing with legal issues concerning the Turkish government, contracts, or financial institutions, as well as any other endeavor which may have legal ramifications. Our Commitment to Excellence At Turkish Legal Consultancy, a qualified member of our team will be there for you to provide cost-effective, high-quality legal services which are focused on you and your legal needs. Our Network Besides our Antalya office, we are also partnered with law offices throughout Turkey who can provide you with local, in-person assistance, wherever you are. We can handle your legal needs not just in person, but also by telephone, Skype, or Whatsapp, by message or videoconference. Personal Injury Claims Our lawyers go direct with insurance companies and responsible parties for cases involving accidents, abuse, or malpractice. Alternative Dispute Resolution Our arbitrators provide a no-nonsense, affordable alternative to lengthy litigation which can settle cases in the fastest, most efficient way. This is especially preferred in cases involving employer-employee disputes. Residence and Work Permits If you’re planning to live in Turkey, we can help you with the documents and procedures involved in getting either a Turkish residence or work permit. Company Formation Planning to open a company in Turkey? Besides our legal team, we work with business consultants and accountants who work directly with the Turkish government organizations involved in starting a company in all of the major cities in Turkey. Other Services Whatever your legal needs are, we can help you. Contact us by using the e-mail link, send us a personal message if you are A Turkey Central member, or give us a call.
  4. Hi Hi! I'm almost "desperate" to get some info about Turkish divorce cases. I'm from Holland and I'm in a relationship with a Turkish man for 2 years. I do live in Turkey, but not with him. My boyfriend was married for a couple of years and his marriage didn't work out and he filed for divorce. This divorce is going on for 2 years now and we have to keep our relationship a secret. I hate this so much, because I love him and I know it's also very hard for him. My boyfriend has a child with his wife and she very small (3 years old). He told me that the judge changed and this delayed his case. What i understand from him is that it can take 1 more year.. I'm devastated about this, that's why I want to learn more about the Turkish divorce system. Because in Holland it's so different.
  5. Ken Grubb

    English Speaking Lawyers In Izmir

    Here's a list of English-speaking lawyers in Izmir: "BALIN & BALIN Law Firm practice is also on the list of special lawyers to the "U.S Consulates", "British Consulates" and "Danish Consulates" in Turkey. BALIN & BALIN Law Firm is mainly specialized in the fields of especially "International Law", "Family Law", "Real Estate Law", "Foreginers' Law","Mediation", "Commercial Law""Free Zone Law", "Labor Law" and "Foreign Investments".BALIN & BALIN Law Firm also gives "mediation services" which is one of the alternative law dispute settlement solutions in Turkey. In case of having our clients' needs, there are international law offices which we have been co-operating with in England, USA and Spain. Beyond international collaborative law offices, we have domestic law offices which we have been co-operating in Turkey; such as Istanbul, Didim, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Antakya. (Ms.) Merve Balin speaks English and Italian, as well as Turkish. She also provides certified translator, court reporter and notary services. Beyond general consultancy and legal corporate consulting, Ms. Merve Balin is also a partner of the "De Micco & Friends international lawyer’s network"." MERVE BALİN (Ms.) / Attorney At Law Address: BALİN & BALİN LAW FIRM Cumhuriyet Bulvari No. 185, Kat.4, Daire.5 Alsancak, Izmir Telephone: +90-232-464-4101 Cell phone: +90-535-9771988 E-mail: Web-site: Name: H. Ender KELEŞ | Avukat / Attorney at Law, LL.M. Address: Mansuroğlu Mah. 288/6 Sk. Yurt İş Merkezi No:11 K:3/8 Bayraklı / Izmir- Turkey Tel: +90 532 179 1513 Fax: +90 232 486 10 17 Website: E-mail: An independent law office which provides full service law in both individual and business law, as well as all aspects of Turkish and international legal and business matters. Has affiliated offices in Kusadasi, Didim, Bodrum, Cesme. Name: Sabahattin Yilmaz Address: YılmazKale law Office Adalet Mahallesi Manas Bulvarı No. 30 Daire:1 Bayraklı İzmir Turkey Tel : 090232 4625711 -441 02 41 Fax: 090232 4625719 Mobile 90 532 277 67 16 E-mail : Sabahattin has been working for 20 years as a lawyer in Izmir, Experienced in civil law, business law, land and rent law. He is also experienced in criminal law. Mr. Yilmaz's wife has 20 years experience in family and inheritance law. The rest are from a list obtained from the NATO base in Izmir: Suha Tanriover Mithatpasa Cad. No. 742 Yalim Apt Kat 1, Kucukyali, Izmir Tel: 0 (232) 243 1188 Fatos Sal Gazi Osman Pasa Bulv No. 30 sureyya Reyent Ishani 1/102 Tel: 0 (232) 446 3080/445 6569 Haluk Arslanbey Kibris Sehitler Cad. Ustay Apt No. 117/6, Izmir Tel: 0 (232) 422 6531/446 1748 Piraye Erdem Sehit Nevres Bulv No. 10 7th Floor Izmir 0 (232) 441 6100/464 6676 Halik Bilgen Cumhuriyet Bulvari No. 109/502 Bulvar Ishani, Alsancak, Izmir Tel: 0 (232) 446 4772
  6. The British Consulate General in Istanbul maintains a list of English-speaking lawyers in Turkey, here: List of English-speaking lawyers in Turkey
  7. I have been trying to buy property in Turkey , but I have many issues dealing with lawyers , builders and shallow contracts . Anyone has any advise about how can I buy property with confidence ? Thanks Joe Marcini
  8. daveb

    Solicitors Didim/altinkum

    Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a good solicitor in this area, preferably english speaking as my turkish is not that good yet. thanks daveb