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  1. There are plenty of employment opportunities in Turkey if you have the right qualifications and know where to look. What Kind of Job Can I Get in Turkey? In Turkey, foreign language teachers are always in demand. So if you have a university degree and a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, you can find work practically anywhere. International companies frequently hire non-Turkish citizens not just for their technical skills but also for their knowledge of their own country's culture and language, if they do business with that country. You can even find summer jobs available at various resorts and luxury hotels, especially if you have a skill or talent, such as knowledge of particular types of massage or even dancing or other forms of entertainment. What Are the Rules for Foreigners Working in Turkey? There are some general rules you should understand when seeking employment in Turkey. You must have a work permit to work in Turkey. If you work illegally, you'll be deported, and you and your employer will have to pay a hefty fine. You must find an employer, be offered a job, and accept it before you can get work permit. It's your employer who applies for your work permit, which is valid only for that employer. If you're already living in Turkey, you must live here with a residence permit for at least six months before you can get a work permit and start working. If you're not in Turkey, you can apply any time you want. Applying from outside of Turkey involves first getting a work visa to travel to Turkey, as your employer applies for your work permit. You can't be hired for a job if an equally qualified Turkish citizen can do it unless the employer has already hired five Turkish employees. For every five Turks, they can hire one foreigner. But if the employer requires some talent, skill, or ability that can't be found among eligible Turkish job applicants, you can be hired no matter how many Turks are employed. Learn about the employment restrictions in Turkey. Learn about the professions which are prohibited to foreigners. What are the Best Employment Websites for Turkey? There are many employment websites where employers are seeking foreign employees. Some focus on foreigners, others are in Turkish and focus on Turks. The Turkish websites are also worth checking, because there's an advertisement in English, it's directed at English-speaking job seekers. Here are the most popular employment websites offering jobs in Turkey: Dave's ESL Café: For English teachers, this is a great place to find a job, and also to get advice from other teachers about teaching in Turkey. You can also read reviews of various employers and get an idea of where you want to work and where you don't. İşkur: This is Turkey's national job bank, which has offices in all provincial capitals. Kariyer.net: Turkey job search site. Jobs in Istanbul: Specifically for native English-speakers. Yenibiris: A Turkey job search site. Craig's List Istanbul: Includes employment listings for Istanbul. Secret CV Turkey: For assistance in finding work in Turkey. Learn4Good.com Includes job listings. Career Jet Turkey Career Jet's Turkey jobs. Marmaris Recruitment: Recruits for many Turkish cities, not just Marmaris. MY Executive: For middle and upper-level management and professional positions in Turkey. Turkey Talent: find jobs by industry, professions, and locations across Turkey, including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and beyond. 444 İK Consulting: Job listings and a CV bank for job seekers. How Else Can I Find a Job in Turkey? Ask around. Walk into company offices and ask if they have a job for you. You never know when there's a job opening that hasn't been advertised. If they don't have any openings, they may know of other companies that are hiring. Search Facebook for various groups with titles that include the name of the city where you want to work. Join up and participate, or just keep an eye on the group posts. From time to time, members of the group will post job announcements. Go to group events and meet people. Let others know that you're looking for a job. Someone might give you the lead you've been looking for. Check out LinkedIn.com. They have business groups in Turkey where you can learn about job openings. What Happens After I'm Hired? Once an employer has offered you a job and you've accepted, what happens next depends on whether you're outside of Turkey or inside Turkey. If You Apply for a Job While Outside of Turkey Once you have a job offer and have accepted it, you'll apply for a work visa at your local Turkish embassy or consulate. At the same time, your employer will apply to the Aile, Çalışma, ve Sosyal Hizmetler Bakanlığı (Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services) for your work permit, which should be ready for you when you arrive at your job site. Learn how to apply for a work visa and work permit from outside of Turkey. If You Apply for a Job While Inside Turkey In this case, the employer will apply for a work permit for you. There's no need for a work visa since you're already in Turkey. But you must have already lived in Turkey for at least six months with a residence permit before you can apply for a job. Learn how to apply for a work permit while in Turkey. Ken Grubb As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.
  2. Hi everyone, Khalid Kamran here from Pakistan. I want to move to turkey for work, i have military background as well as worked in social sector since 2013 in my country. Please suggest anything for me as i don't know much about this. How can i get job, or sponsor from turkey, i am 31 years old and also single.
  3. I'mplaning to move turkey but need a little knowledge on job policies in turkey. Isn't there any jobs for foreign doctors, especially dentists? I'm from Pakistan. Can anyone help me on this?
  4. Hello there I created this topic because I didn't find the exact topic to post this. I'm a Turkish and at the same time I have a second passport . I raised and born in my second country and I took my bachelor in computer science also there. I'm looking to work at Aselsan but I wondering if they will hire someone who graduated from a university outside of turkey . Please can someone tell me if possible to get the job even if I have the conditions above
  5. How is it possible for my wife and I to secure a job in Turkey?
  6. I wonder if anyone can advice me about foreigner, English speaking doctors and how easy or difficult for them to find a job in Turkey? I am a female gynecolgy doctor who is going to move with my British husband to Antalya in the near future. We already bought a house there and my husband has started to set up his business following the normal channels and regulations. He will have a work permit and a residence permit. My concern is how can I fit myself in the country as a doctor as it will be unrealistic to stay unemployed. I will appreciate if anyone can help me in this issue about work as a doctor or even any related field in both the private and public sector, and what this needs from me.
  7. I live and work in Norway, but for personal reasons I found myself into the decision to move live and work to Turkey, to Dalaman to be precise. Now, I read several things about that, but the main doubt is, how hard can that be? I have worked for like ten years in logistic and transport companies, my language skills are pretty extended (Italian, English, Norwegian, German, French, Spain), so I am wondering if is that hard to find works not in touristic contexts. I know it´s gonna be hard, but more than technical information right now I would better appreciate to know how the working/economical situation is.
  8. i just moved to Ankara and i am looking for a job at the moment. I have a short time residency permit but will change it if working possibility will turn up. Now my question is: does anyone know working places where they need German speakers? like teacher or something like this. I am from Germany and speak English and i have a bachelor of engineering (Geoinformatic). I already applied at some European NGOs based in Ankara. Basically i am flexible about cities. Maybe someone has some information for me.
  9. I am looking to move to Istanbul around the summer or fall of next year. Currently I am taking Turkish classes and finishing a bachelor's degree in the US in International Security and Conflict Resolution. I also plan on earning my TEFL certification next summer. I go to a good, flexible university, and I have been wondering if I should get a second degree in order to increase my chances of good employment in Istanbul. Can anyone please help me and give me some insight on what is in demand in Istanbul? Are there particular fields or degrees that will get me hired quickly into a decent paying job? I do plan to have my options as an English teacher available, but I've been hearing it is very difficult to make a stable, comfortable living teaching English in Turkey. So, I would like to have a plan B.
  10. I am applying for a job online and in Eurasia. Marmaris Recruitment in Turkey has a fee of GBP 39.99. Do you have any idea if this is all worth it. Does the company have any negative issues that I should know so I can prevent spending money for a scam or what? No offense to the said agency but I just really need to be careful and too cautious. Anyone can help me answer my worries? I am a gay/mtf person, has just High school diploma and some units taken in college (two separate semesters done), do you think I can have an opportunity to work for even an entry level in this region of Eurasia.
  11. Hello, am offered a design job in Istanbul, where am required to do graphic/interior designs for a retail company, I am being offered 1500TL+Accomodation (shared house with other employees at kayasehir)+Transportation fees. I am relatively new (newly graduated from Architecture school and have one year of career experience). so what do you think, any advice is appreciated.
  12. I'm glad to find here so many useful discussions... Just wondering how easy to get the job legally in real estate sector in Antalya. I'm certified agent with 10 years Dubai experience,English/Russian speaking;was dealing with VIP clients,specializing in most luxurious projects like Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina... What do u think my chances are to get a proper job and how to approach the good reputable companies? I'm doing my homework by sending my CV, but don't get any respond. Do u think it's better to meet just by passing through? Would really appreciate to hear from some of you.
  13. Hello, I'm Claudia, I'm 25 years old, Im looking for job as a food engineer. Could somebody say me how can I search jobs, internships, scholarships for to go to Turkey?. I want to travel to that country for to join with my boyfriend. Thank yoi so much
  14. Currently I live in Finland with my Turkish boyfriend, but nowadays we've been talking about moving to Turkey, because getting a job in Finland hasn't been easy at all for him. Our main plan is stay in Finland, but we don't want him to waste his education by working somewhere far away from his field and in Istanbul he would have better chances to get a good job and working experiences. I'm also about to graduate from university during this spring and I'm not into waste my studies either. My mission now is try find out what kind of chances I would have in Turkey. And who else would be better to review it than foreign people who live in Turkey? I'm studying business information technology, specialising in media technics. I worked in Turkey for Finnish company for couple months in last autumn, but I don't speak Turkish and that might be a problem, right? I've been thinking to study Turkish couple months at first, would it make any difference, I don't know... So what do you think, is it completely impossible idea that I would be able to work in Istanbul? What would be my possibilities?
  15. I am a registered nurse from Malta. I have graduated in 1986. I am fluent in English and Italian. My specialty is psychiatry. I am very interested to live and work in Istanbul. How can i proceed?
  16. Hey, I'll try to keep this short and sweet to cut through any unnecessary drama. Some years back an investment “opportunity” arose from family members. The idea was that after 15 months I'd get double my investment if I helped them out. They were so sure of themselves and pretty convincing on how easy it will be and what not, I handed over 65,000 pounds of my hard earned savings and thought happy days. Thinking the investment would pay off I passed up a job promotion (albeit not fancy but still) on top of which I left my job and packed up and headed on down here. This was 2 years ago. However upon arriving, it seems that all was not so glorious and that they had blown through most of the total investment on pointless things like a bunch of brand new cars and flash offices that were not necessary. Sadly they spent more time and money trying to 'look' the business instead of actually doing business. I got royally screwed through poor judgment and terrible understanding of how things worked in Turkey and it seems I won't be seeing that money ever again and I have simply grown to accepted that. Their blatant recklessness was discussing. Anyway, Life lesson learned. Long story short, I have some money remaining enough to get me through maybe another 6 months. I was planning on moving back to England and just starting from scratch but knowing I have to do that is really hurtful.... starting from shared flats and bedsits is just something I can't bare the thought of to be honest. With the current exchange rates, I'd only have 2 months worth of rent upon returning if that and that's a scary thought as no job in guaranteed for me there. My question is, is there anything I can do in Turkey? I was thinking possibly being a teacher but I'd make a terrible teacher, then I thought of being some kind of translator but would have no idea where to start. Then I thought maybe some kind of desk job that requires English? I mean it would be terribly wasteful to know English so well and fail to put it to use. Possibly based in tourism or working at a company that requires native English speakers for inport \ export goods etc. FYI, I am a Turkish citizen, and I have a kimlik so I'm certain a work permit won't be needed and or the red tape that's associated with that. I also have no issue with relocating anywhere in the country. I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get. Many thanks!
  17. I am Karol and I am from Poland. I am 21 years old and I can't really speak Turkish. I've got diploma that I can work as a chef. I've got it from my high school. Unfortunately so far I wasn't able to get an (official)experience in this section of work. I am willing to learn Turkish, but atm I know nothing beside some simple single words. I can communicate in English though. I want to go to Istanbul ASAP cause of my girlfriend who is Turkish and lives there. How are chances for me to find a job in Turkey- Istanbul? Is there a work for foreigners in this section? Should I make a publication on Turkish sites in English that I am looking for job? I don't know how to start. What should I do 1st? Every response will be appreciated! Greetings, Karol! @Edit I must add that I can't find anything on Turkish sites since it's all been in Turkish language. I'm CRyingggg
  18. It is amazing that such forum exists I am a female canadian citizen who has spent 5 years in Turkey (2005-2009). Oh how I miss that country... I am about to graduate from Community college, I will have a Business management diploma. I was just given the opportunity to go to The Netherlands as an intern, and work at Hanze University for 5 months as an international student adviser. I will be going there from March till September this year. Here in Canada, I do the same thing, I am an administrative assistant - student assistant for international students at my college. I speak 4 languages fluently (well, almost ) including Turkish, English, Russian and Uzbek. Since I will be graduating, I want to have international opportunity to enhance my international background even more. I thought Turkey would be the best place to do that, since I know the language and familiar with the culture. I was researching online, and few ideas popped up Universities such as Bahcesehir and Fatih, that have a humongous International department could really use me I could be the best fit for international student assistant position over there. Well, I really do think so because of my language skills and job experience background. Even if not... There should be some firms I can work at with my business post secondary education and language skills. What do you guys suggest? All opinions are appreciated
  19. Next summer I want to work in a hotel near where my boyfriend lives in kusadasi (he already works at a hotel and could get me a job) so we can be close together. I know if I was to get a job as a holiday rep through TUI or First Choice they would place me wherever they want. But as I am from the UK would it be possible to get work through a specific hotel so I choose where I work so I can live with my boyfriend for the summer.
  20. am native arabic from tunisia and i speak french and english i want to ask if there is an opportunity to work in turkey hotels also i have experience in the same field i want to know there is recruitement agency in turkey or website of recruitement so what should i do if i want to find a job in turkey thank you
  21. Hello again Everyone, I am interested in working in Turkey so I can be with my Turkish girlfriend who will be working on her Master's degree. It seems like a job in the tourism industry is the easiest to obtain because I don't think you have to get certification (ie: TEFL). Is this an accurate assessment? I am interested in working in Izmir; how can I start the process to apply for work? If this subject has been covered in a different subject, please direct me. Thanks for any help, everyone on here is always so willing to assist. Best, Thomas EDIT:I see the thread with the job permit application, but it seems like this is best used after you already have a job.
  22. Hey all on this very helpful and overwhelmingly friendly forum! What are the best job prospects in Turkey? Growing sectors? Top salaries? Best job security?
  23. Hi thereI am planning on moving to Turkey in a few months, my partner lives there as well as some of my family. I am looking to find work over there as I am a professional childcarer, I would prefer to Nanny which is what I do here in London. I am a qualified Nanny and have worked in Nursery Schools too. I have found some positions in Istanbul which offer a fantastic wage for very long hours but they want the nanny to live in which obviously wouldnt work with me having a partner, I have also looked on au pair sites but they do not seem very legit. Has anybody worked as a Nanny or Childcarer in Turkey? Is it possible? Appreciate your replies!
  24. Hi everyone, I've just about resurfaced after 2 and a half years of university, ready to leave England and its godawful job economy, to go back to Turkey which I miss with all my heart! My family are very set on me teaching English if I am to go back to Tr alone (aged 21). I'm just wondering if anyone actually in Tr can clear this up for me... what sort of job can I land in Tr with no actual job experience? I think I'd be suited to teaching English (although I've always been very firm about the fact that I do not want to be a general "all bases" teacher; English is my specialty, I suppose), but I know it's a very condensed and competitive job market in Tr, especially in Istanbul. Here's what I've got to offer: - I am a native speaker (British accent, with an "American edge"). - I hold a degree in Creative Writing from a reputable UK university. I think this is a subsidiary of English. This has given me copy-editing experience, so I'm pretty good at clearing up dodgy translations! - I also have a TEFL certificate (which only took 3 days to get). - I speak some Turkish, accented, but apparently my accent is non-traceable and "very close to the native accent". I do feel quite pressured by the family to snap myself up a "comfy" job at a university or something, but I don't think I'm qualified for that (do I need an MA or PhD?). I wouldn't say no, in fact I'd be amazed if it was possible. Finally, I'm not picky about which city I go to, but I wouldn't go anywhere East as I have no family there. I'm intending to go to Ankara first to stay with family as a smoother transition, and then move to Istanbul once my first year is up. Soooo that's it. I'm not sure what sort of job I can get any advice greatly appreciated!
  25. Hi guys I'm wondering for the salary of an average B. A person with 5 years of experience in turkey! I got a job offer but don't have a clue of the rent amount or cost of living there or any taxes and stuff ? Please explain what should I expect for my monthly expenses or what is the cost of living and how much should I ask for? Please advise ASAP I have to meet them with in next two days !
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