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  1. Don't forget Istanbul," a project which aims to promote and protect Istanbul's history, historical figures, places and works has been completed by Istanbul Şehir University. The project, which was initiated in 2015 to promote Istanbul's cultural and historical values, protect its heritage and make the documentation of such information accessible to the public has now been completely digitalized, according to a statement by the Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey (TTOK). As part of the online project, Istanbul Şehir University has digitized more than 10,000 documents. Around 1,000 documents were uploaded on the site and paired with their relevant locations on the map of Istanbul for the first phase of the project. Users can now access these documents via their computers, mobile phones or tablets, the university said. "This project is very special as regards to the digital work and resources it provides," Peyami Çelikcan, the rector of Istanbul Şehir University, said. "We had previously digitized our rich Istanbul archives, but this time we also shared these materials in an effort to set an example to all libraries, and invite them to participate in such developments in the world," he added. The "Don't forget Istanbul" project can be accessed via unutmaistanbul.sehir.edu.tr and is now also available as a mobile app on iOS and Android devices. Source: Daily Sabah
  2. Hello everyone before 4 months i was in Istanbul ( I am not Turkish) , i met a Turkish man twice , he asked my Instagram and i added him, after a week he start sending me messages, first of all he told me he was divorced after a marriage that last for 2 years and knew his ex-spouse for 4 years, (with no kids) he said he doesn't like her anymore,he is 35 and i am 21, he tried after while to talk dirt and try to get my number , and keep sending his number and photos and i stopped him and told him i will no longer talk to him if he didn't stop,and he stopped it and never repeat it after that,he asked me after 2 month for marriage i said yes , he said he wants to have a family and be a father , he showed me to his mother and she liked me , he said he doesn't have money to marry so i have to wait this summer or next year i offered money help he became angry for a weak from me , besides he doesn't talk too much to me frequently he sent me message before he sleep (he works till 22:30) ,talking how much he loves me and our future life and wishing if i am with him ,and i am a bit scary that he is only have fun with me and maybe because he is old he will look for a local Turkish girl and make it easy, we only have the agreement of marriage and that i will move to Istanbul to live there we did not discuss anything else, AND i can`t keep talking to him he can`t run a conversation and i feel so bad to do that instead of him and he doesn't talk too much because he doesn't know English and i do not know Turkish (Using google Translate) , recently i am learning ,,, so what do you think people ?,,,,P.S i love him and my family agreed
  3. Beşiktaş Endonezya 「BeşiktaşİD」

    Beşiktaş Endonezya 「BeşiktaşİD」 | Endonezya'da Beşiktaş'ın taraftar grubunun adıdır. BeşiktaşİD grubu 2016 yılında kuruldu. Amacimiz Endonezya'daki, Beşiktaş JK taraftarlarını bir araya getirebilmek ve Beşiktaş JK hakkinda her detaya hakim olan bir sadık taraftar grubu oluşturabilmektir. Beşiktaş Taraftar Klubu, Beşiktaş'ı seven insanların iletisim kurabilmeleri, bilgi paylaşmaları ve Beşiktaş'a olan sevgilerini ifade etmeleri için kurulmuştur. Bizim resmi sosyal medyalarımızı ziyaret edip takip etmeyi unutmayın, lütfen .. ziyaret edin, katılın, beğenin, takip edin, abone olun, paylaşın, ve yorum yapın! ALLAH sizden razı olsun. Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/besiktasid Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/besiktasid Twitter: https://twitter.com/besiktasid Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/besiktasid - Rizky Perdana - 뱅이키 ® 「 www.rizkyperdana.id | @rizkyperdanaid | #rizkyperdanaid 」 E-posta: rizkyperdanaid@gmail.com 「Only Business」 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rizkyperdanaid Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rizkyperdanaid Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rizkyperdanaid YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/rizkyperdanaid Twitter: https://twitter.com/rizkyperdanaid Google+: https://plus.google.com/+rizkyperdanaid
  4. Move to Istanbul next moth

    Hi, After 19 years full of hard work in multinational companies I decided to move to Istanbul next month to start my own business, I’ll leave my country, family and friends, I’m a little bit nervous where this is a big challenge for me since I’m 40 years old and looking for stability. I need to start a new life in Istanbul, looking for friends, relationship and a good life. appreciate your advice, support and hep. Regards
  5. I am native Turkish tutor with 14 years of experience working with Americans, Brits,Canadians,Aussies,New Zealanders,Dutchs,Frenchs,Germans,Italians,Greeks,Russians and others. My aim is to help you maximize your practical communication ability in Turkish at any level, from “survival” basics to advanced, with an emphasis on the colloquial language. Email: heyzen70@hotmail.com
  6. Ideal Salam Pork Shop, Istanbul

    Butchers and sellers of gammon pork, bacon, pork chops, pork ribs, sausage, salami, and trotters. If you need a special cut of pork, they can do that, too. They also have a varied selection of imported cheeses, meat sauces and spices. Ideal Salam can be difficult to find, since it's on a side street (Katmerli Sokak) off of Irmak Caddesi. Look for red signs which read "Ideal Salam Kozmaoğlu" and follow them to the shop.
  7. Help refugees in Istanbul

    If you haven't already bought one of my books, now's the time. During the month of April 2017, I will donate AUD$1 of the purchase price of my books about my life in Turkey (and my husband's book about Sydney in the 1960s). The money will go to Small Projects Istanbul, an NGO doing great things to help refugees living in Istanbul. Click on the link for more information and help me help others. Please share my post too! http://www.insideoutinistanbul.com/donation-to-small-projects-istanbul/
  8. If you're planning to visit Istanbul soon and are looking for something new to do, check out my new audio tour of Kadikoy. Called "Stepping back through Chalcedon", I've combined my love of the area with my fascination for history to create a unique walk which tells you things about the area you'd find hard to discover on your own. Here's what Wandering Educators have to say about it. https://www.wanderingeducators.com/best/traveling/stepping-back-through-chalcedon-kadikoy-walk-audio-tour.html
  9. Over the last decade, Istanbulites have been offered many projects that allow them a new way to travel around the city or to pass across the two sites of the Bosporus. The last of those projects is Kabataş-Üsküdar Pedestrian Tunnel Project, which will offer Istanbulites a walk underneath the seabed. Istanbulites are getting ready for another groundbreaking project that will provide them with the opportunity to transverse the Bosporus under the sea with a project launched by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The last time people in Istanbul experienced a walk right on the Bosporus dates back to 1954, when large masses of ice traveled from the Danube through Istanbul's Bosporus on their way to the Black Sea. It was a very cold winter, but the people of Istanbul enjoyed the view walking on the ice on the Bosporus strait that had restricted marine traffic that day. Of course, every year, the participants of the Istanbul Marathon enjoy running or walking from the Asian side to the European side across the 15 July Martyrs Bridge, accompanied by beautiful Bosporus views. There are nearly a dozen ways to simply travel between the two sides of the strait by using public transportation and the three bridges built over the strait. The first step was taken for the "Kabataş-Üsküdar Pedestrian Tunnel Project," which will connect the Asian and European sides of Istanbul underneath the Bosporus Strait. The drilling tender for this project, which was described by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş as "one of the most important works of this mastery period," has finished. Anadolu Agency monitored the drilling works, which started with the drilling vessel located near Kabataş. The tunnel is designed to connect two continents underneath the Bosporus Strait between Üsküdar and Kabatas, and will be two kilometers (1.2 miles) long. The top floor of the two-story tunnel, which will be constructed 20 meters (65 feet) under the sea, will be used by pedestrians and bicyclists. The lower floor of the tunnel, on the other hand, will be allocated for rubber-tired electric vehicle traffic. When the tunnel, which is to be completed in 2019, is opened to service, the passengers getting off the Marmaray in Üsküdar will be able to reach the Kabataş subway by passing to the other side using a moving walkway under the sea. With the project, the Asian and European sides will be once again connected, this time by the walking-tube crossing. Kadir Topbaş, who submitted the 2015 Annual Activity Report to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Assembly, also announced the "vision projects" for his third term in the office, which he described as "his mastery period." Topbaş stressed that Üsküdar and Kabataş were integral points for the city, stating that these two regions would be connected with a pedestrian tunnel under the Bosporus Strait. Source: Daily Sabah
  10. I studied the turkish language last year under Ankara university(Tömer) and as well did a bachelor's degree in arts and social science and graduated in 2012 at kyambogo university (uganda) after that starting teaching in english and mathmatics in primary schools until 2015 as well as offering some guidance lectures in university but am currently in turkey ,istanbul n would like to teach english in schools or private tuitor but dont kno where to start from though i have the skills and experience
  11. Hello friends, I have a question in my mind which I would like to share and ask. What is the average age of a building (Bina) in Istanbul? An apartment complex age as defined by Belediye laws? If someone has an apartment in a building and after its age is over lets say after 40 years when the building is demolished and a new building is made on that plot; what happens to those who already owned an apartment in the old building? Are they accommodated or their money is finished as old building is gone and they need to buy another flat if they wish to live in the building? What does law say about these two things and what is practice normally done? Looking forward.
  12. Is it easy to get a job in Istanbul if I don't speak turkish
  13. Hi, I am looking for English teacher who will prepare for ielts for two adults. Current ielts score is 5 (listening), 5 (reading), 5,5 (writing) and 6 (listening). Our plan is reach to 7 on each. Teacher who is preferably certificated (Celta etc) and experienced can give private lessons at our home in Halkali, Istanbul. Please contact to me via email ykaratas@gmail.com. BR
  14. hello every one any help or advise about living and work in istanbul how it look like ist hard or easy i visit istanbule last year in august 2015 and i was in taksim there for about 10 days
  15. Merhaba, I hope all are doing good; today Im posting in Istanbul group; I wish to know if people have some information about district Esenyurt? Is it good or bad? If bad then why? Upon talking to locals here; they say that Esenyurt is not a good place or safe place to live; is it true? I look forward for sincere opinion; Im looking forward to look an area for living and possibly purchasing an apartment. And if someone could give suggestion regarding a good and economical area near Ataturk Airport in the surrounding 10 kilometer radius it will be so kind. Awaiting.
  16. Traffic is the biggest problem in Turkey, especially in İstanbul. People have a hard time because of the traffic problems in İstanbul. İstanbul has many traffic problems such as, not subway, uneducated drivers, unplanned roads and many cars. Moreover, government know that, These problems have patmanent solutions. However, government can’t maket them. To begin with İstanbul is unplanned place. Roads and traffic’s field are jumble. For example, every morning mecidiyekoy, taksim and fisrt river are crowded so many cars can’t go along. In addition, Navigation devices improved day by day. People can’t use it in İstanbul because streets and roads aren’t properly and regular. Another problem is uneducated drivers in İstanbul. Turkey, especially in İstanbul driver’s license is served in a short period of three months so many traffic accidents and traffic problems are happening in banglore. To demostrate, drivers get license quarterly but they can’t be trainee so roads are filled with many amateur drivers. Last but mot least, İstanbul is a really crowded city. There are 15 million people so car’s companies buy a lot of car i n İstanbul then many accidents and deaths happen on. For instance, Although expensive oil gives banks credit to allow people to take cars and people are stil continue to get the car this will adversely affect trafic of İstanbul. Lastly, people have drafted the subway for last years in İstanbul. Subway is really important for regular city and smooth traffic. Many countries tihs infrastructure was built years ago but the foundation this year, was thrown in İstanbul. Unfortunetly this situation is a bitter truth. To sum up, traffic problems increased in İstanbul day by day. These problems causes accident and deaths. There are uneducated drivers, unplanned roads and field, buying many cars and not subway. Transportation is a considerable factor for people but in İstanbul alone it isn’t important. If you want to get help and information , I give you some important agencies concerning with special driving courses which you get special driving lessons in istanbul traffic. Please note Here are some links with driving courses agencies in İstanbul; Direksiyon Eğitimi Merkezi Direksiyon Dersi Direksiyon Merkezi By written Burak Avcı Driving Academy in İstanbul
  17. Archaeological Museums of Istanbul host a very large collection of sarcophagi. The word derives from Assos stone in which dead bodies decayed faster. That's why it means flesh-eating stone. The Roman period sarcophagi were made of marble with bas-reliefs on the sides.
  18. Quick Guide 9: Did you know sarcophagus is flesh-eating stone? Archaeological Museums of Istanbul host a very large collection of sarcophagi. The word derives from Assos stone in which dead bodies decayed faster. That's why it means flesh-eating stone.
  19. Throughout Byzantine and Ottoman history, the Hagia Sophia has been the Imperial Church or Mosque. Emperors were crowned, victories were celebrated and Ottoman Sultans prayed in this remarkable building. For many centuries the Hagia Sophia was possibly the largest shrine in the world.
  20. Marmara Paintball

    An open-air paintball range for individuals or groups. Açık hava paintball İstanbul oyunları alanında Marmara Paintball bireysel ve küçük gruplarınız için sizlere mükemmel fırsatlar sunuyor. Paintball için ihtiyacınız olan herşey bizde yer almaktadır.
  21. In 330 AD, Constantine I allowed Christianity to be practiced publicly, dedicated Constantinople as the capital of the Empire, and rebuilt the city splendidly. Constantinople itself was not only the new capital of the Empire but was also the symbol of Christian triumph.
  22. Chora Monastery, Church of the Holy Savior in Chora (Kariye Museum). Kariye Museum is among the top must-see museums in the world. It may well be accepted as the most
  23. Being close to the Topkapı Palace, Sultan Ahmed Mosque was regarded as the Supreme Imperial Mosque in İstanbul. A 19-year-old Sultan, Sultan Ahmed I, started digging ceremoniously in the presence of high officials until he was tired. Thus began the construction in 1609 that continued until it was finished in 1616. He appointed his royal chief architect Sedefkar Mehmed Aga, one of the apprentices of Architect Sinan, to be in charge of the construction. He designed one of the last examples of the classical period’s architectural style. It incorporates Byzantine architecture with that of traditional Islamic. Built by Sultan Ahmed I as a part of a large complex, it is originally called as Sultan Ahmed Mosque. However, visitors fascinated with the beautiful turquoise blue tiles always remember it as the Blue Mosque. The complex consisted of a mosque, tombs, fountains, medreses (schools of theology), a health center, kitchens for the poor, shops, a bath, rental rooms, houses and store houses.
  24. From the top of the Galata Tower, where Hezarfen flew across the Bosphorus, to the Grand Bazaar that holds the secrets of Chinese silk clothes... Are you ready to witness the tale of Istanbul, through a magical and poetic story? About the Film: Istanbul is the main hub of Turkish Airlines, a unique city that we take pride promoting at every single opportunity. Together with Rob Whitworth, a world-famous figure known for his talent in filmmaking, we created a film that introduces the historical, cultural and social aspects of the city to a global audience. The film that was shot in 4K resolution is simply a spectacular visual feast for the eyes.
  25. April 30, which was officially designated as International Jazz Day in 20111 by UNESCO in order to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe, will once again be celebrated in Turkey. As part of the 2016 International Jazz Day celebrations, the Ayşegül and Nezih Yeşilgil Quartet will perform at the Istanbul Zorlu Center PSM. Invited by UNESCO, the Thelonious Monk Jazz Institute and the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV), the couple was also on stage during the first International Jazz Day celebrations in Istanbul in April 2013. The free concert by the Yeşilgil duo, who will take the stage at 6:30 p.m., will be followed by the Ece Göksu & Neşet Ruacan Trio at 8 p.m. and Jülide Özçelik at 10 p.m. Another International Jazz Day concert will be organized at Swissôtel The Bosphorus Istanbul as part of the Ambassadors of Jazz Music are in Town concert series at Les Ambassadeurs Bar. On April 29 and 30, the Manuel Rocheman Trio and soloist Charlotte Wassy will perform live on stage. The concert will be a tribute to legendary jazz pianist Bill Evans. April/28/2016 Source: Hurriyet Daily News