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Found 25 results

  1. I have been absent because I ended up in hospital last week after being poisoned. I mistakenly ate a load of daffodil bulbs instead of shallots. I'm not happy, It's not too bad though the doctors have told me I should be out for spring. OR IN TURKISH ...Devamsızım nkü zehirlendikten sonra geçen hafta hastanede kaldım. Yanlışlıkla arpacık yerine bir sürü nergis ampul yedim. Mutlu değilim, doktorlar bahar için dışarı çıkmam gerektiğini söylemelerine rağmen çok da kötü değil.
  2. Hi. I'm new to this forum, and I have some questions. Our family is considering a move to Turkey. I'm American and my husband is Pakistani. We have 6 kids ranging in age from 1 month old to 17 years old. We have homeschooled the kids, had them in both public and private schools in the US, and had them in private schools in Saudi Arabia (Arabic language with no help for second language learners). They are English speaking. We are currently living in Abu Dhabi and found out after we arrived that public schools are for everyone according to policy (which we had thoroughly researched) but in reality they only enroll local citizens. I don't want to be taken by surprise like this again. This would be a longterm (permanent?) stay for us in Turkey, and I would like for my children to enroll in Turkish public schools and learn the language and culture and make friends. Will they in fact be allowed to enroll? And is there any help for children who are new to the Turkish language?
  3. Hello everybody. I'm an adult and would like to come to Antalya to study English. I've searched about the institutes (or schools) and I've found out these ones: Oxford Language Academy www.oxforddil.com ALS Antalya Language School www.alsgroup.eu Amerikan Kultur www.amerikankultur.org.tr Babel www.babelgrup.com British Culture www.ingilizkultur.com/antalya multidil YDM www.multidil.com.tc Wall Street English www.wse.com.tr but I've ever found out the "Wall Street English" is better than others yet. I think its method is more modern and its general atmosphere seems friendlier. maybe I'm wrong, but this is my understanding yet. now please feel free to give your information if you have anything. thank you.
  4. Where to get the CELTA certificate? + Teaching English Jobs I am planning to get the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) in Istanbul for the purpose of teaching english in Istanbul. Which institute do you recommend I do CELTA at? I am currently leaning towards an institute called ITI (international training institute). My second question is, where to find good well paying english language teaching positions? I am currently checking craiglist, is there some other good venue, online or offline, I can check? Further relevant information: I am a native english language speaker I do have Turkish Citizenship (through ancestry) so I do not require a work permit. I do not speak functional Turkish I have a Master's degree from a top university in Ireland (in Business not English, though I hve taken many english courses and have top marks in all my english courses and a very good overall gpa).
  5. Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew of any English teaching vacancies in Izmir, with any reputable school? I currently work for the British Council in Jordan and would like to move to Izmir within the next couple of months. I have Turkish and British citizenship (although I left Turkey in 1972). I also have a degree, a postgraduate diploma and a CELTA. I've been teaching English for 7 years in various different countries and have good references. Since I have a good job at the moment, I couldn't really pack up and leave without having a job to go to - otherwise I'd be on the next flight! I have had a couple of offers of interviews, but then have read pretty poor reviews for the schools concerned, which is why I'd like to ask somebody who lives there for advice. If you can offer any advice or information at all, I would be so grateful to you. Best Suzan
  6. An interesting article about the history of the English language, and how the Norse influenced it. Towards the end is a listing of Norse words we commonly use today. http://www.babbel.com/magazine/139-norse-words?slc=engmag-a17-info-139norsewords-tb
  7. Hi all I've read quite a few of these forums and thought I should just get my feelings out there! I have been going to Turkey all my life, every year in fact. I have family out there in Marmaris so i go with my family to visit them. Last year i decided i wanted to go for more than just the typical two week holiday. So i flew out by myself and stayed with my aunt for 2 and a half months. I didn't plan on meeting anyone I just wanted to go for a good time as i love Turkey, my uncle is Turkish and is too over protective and i knew meeting someone would be difficult. On my first night i went to the bar my aunt was working at and i met all the staff. None of them really caught my eye but as the days went on the barman started to become very chatty with me even though his english wasnt that great but we could still have a conversation. We became quite close very quickly as i found him very funny and he just seemed like a nice genuine guy as he was quite quiet and sweet, not the typical turkish guy you hear all the stories about!! He then would ask my aunt if it was ok if he could take me out for a drink but as my uncle wouldn't have liked the idea of this she had to say no and i didnt want to upset my uncle. But anyway i was upset by this as i really did want to go out with him as i started to have feelings for him. We then got each others Facebooks but he added me on a profile that was a totally different name from his but i didnt question it. He would send me a "Morning canim" message every morning and this would make my day. Then one day i got out my bed quite late as i was out late the night before and i got a message from him asking if i would go to the beach with him. I told my aunt and she was fine with this but my uncle didnt know. I then went to the beach with him and i honestly had the best day of my life, we had our first kiss and i actually felt like i had known him for years. When i seen him at the bar at night i couldn't stop smiling, i just wanted to be with him 24/7!!! We would go to the beach at least 2-3 times a week and he would take me out for lunch and would spoil me, no one has ever made me feel so special but him! My feelings grew even more for him and i couldnt stop thinking about him but it was good that i seen him every night although we couldnt show how much we liked each other as i didnt want my aunt to find out. Even though my friends knew and the bar staff also knew haha. There then came a day where we had went up to his apartment and things happened and we kept going back each week. My uncle then found out i went to the beach with him and ive never seen anyone so angry before and he stopped me from going out with him. We both missed each so much and it didnt feel right just sitting at the bar at night knowing ive not spent any time with him. Sometimes i would go to the toilet and he would follow me to the sinks and we would kiss and it was amazing. His family then came to marmaris and i met all his cousins and we all got on really well. As my 2 and a half months were coming to an end i was literally dreading leaving him i just couldnt bare the thought of not seeing him every day! I spent my very last day with him and i wish i could relive it so much. I've never ever felt this way about any one in my life before. The day i was leaving finally came and when i went to the bar to bye to him my heart literally fell into my stomach, he gave me a big hug and kiss and told me he loved me (which i obviously believed) and i was the happiest girl ever. Cried all the way home and i was sooo upset when i finally got home. He would message me everyday saying how he wishes i was with him, how much he misses me and he loves me so much etc nd these messages would brighten up my day, i wanted to talk to him all day. We could never skype because he had a rubbish phone and didnt have a laptop which was quite difficult. I would look at the photos of us all the time and would sit with a big grin on my face, he also would always send me photos of him and i just loved seeing his face!! As time went on he stopped messaging me for a while as he went back to his hometown and i was so confused as to why hes not messaging me? He would then come online after a while and this would last like a day or two then he would do a disappearing act again and i couldn't cope with it what so ever. It then became months since he hadn't messaged me and i was still upset by this. I was looking through facebook one day and i came across a facebook with his name, so i clicked on it and i was raging because from what it looked like he was constantly updating this facebook, but the facebook i had for him he was never online. So i questioned him about it and he blatantly lied saying he only has one facebook which is the one he was using at the time and why i didnt believe him. I then felt bad for questioning him so i let him off. He still wasnt really on facebook much and i tried to find the other facebook but it was no where to be found so i was happy as i thought he had deleted it! But no lol i went on my friends facebook and i searched in his name and i found his facebook within 1 second. Only thing that could have meant was that he had actually blocked me because i asked him about having two facebooks. Anyway after a while a kinda got over it all as he was on facebook quite a bit always talking to me just like we would before and was talking about how he wants to marry me etc but then he changed and started to get angry with me all the time, which led to an argument just about everyday. I was truly sick and fed up of it which resulted in me deleting him and trying to forget about him. He obviously seen we werent friends so he added me and i stupidly accepted. He was being his usual lovely self, the guy i first met! Then again changed like the weather and i had to just delete him again. We now have not spoke in over 5 months and its been the hardest 5 months of my life. I feel heart broken because I love him, it wasnt just a stupid wee girl crush and the worst part is that i know i did nothing wrong for him to be like that. I'm going back out to Marmaris again this year but not as long as last time because of college and work! I was really hoping that maybe he would be working at the bar again because he said last year that he 100% will be. I got in touch with my friend who knows his cousin and i asked them to ask him if he will be going back? Really i was hoping that he would be because he made my holiday last year the best holiday ever and will never forget it. But hes not going back this year because his cousin isnt either and when i found this out i can honestly say ive never been so upset before. I felt heartbroken. After a year and i still feel like this i dont know how i will ever get over him, especially if im going back this year to the same place and he wont be there! It wont feel right and i dont think i will have half as good of a time like i did last year. I dont know how he feels about me anymore which is upsetting but a part of me wishes that he feels the same way i do. Weird thing is that some of his friends add me on facebook and they message me telling me stories that he must of told them, he also must of told them my name for them to find me on facebook. Too many things go through my head but this is really the worst feeling in the world. A part of me regrets getting so close with him but then again i have the memories to remember. Theres always so many stories like this to do with english girls and turks but i really thought i knew the bad type to stay away from and i thought he was one of the lovely genuine guys! Guess i was wrong but it just hurts so much!! Think il need to stay away from guys this year when i go back so i dont ended up feeling like this for the second time. I just had to get this out of me and im glad i did haha. Not much i can do now apart from try to get over him but i truly think this will take me a while which is hard! Thanks if you read this. Ali
  8. Hello I have some questions about the work permit. The requirements for work permit are the same if you want to work in a public school or in a private one? About the certificates, I don´t have a BA, I just have a diploma in ethnomusicology from an university of Spain, TEFL teaching certificate and a similar one for teaching spanish. Do you think that with this certificates I would be able to get a work permit to work in a private school? I´m not talking about a language school, I´m talking about high school or something like this, I think it is call "Kollegi" here in Turkey Thanks
  9. Hello again everyone.I am planning to live in Turkey and teach English. I hold a bachelor's degree in English and I am planning to get my TEFL certification online.Money is tight, I found onlinetefl.com which offers a 120 hour course for only 299.00 USD.Does anyone have experience with this website? I know potential employers prefer some teaching experience, but it's not something I have.My girlfriend is a Turkish native and will be a great resource in evaluating potential employers. She wants to live in Izmir, but Istanbul is a possibility as well.I posted this here just to see what everyone thinks of this plan/ give me any advice. I will initially apply over the phone or online, with the possibility of moving there and applying in person if necessary.Everyone on here is always so helpful , thanks in advance!
  10. Merhaba everyone!I've been reading through this forum but am still confused about how this information would apply to me so please forgive me if I ask repeat questions. I am very interested in teaching English in Turkey (anywhere in Turkey but preferably in Istanbul). I will graduate university with a BA in International Studies in a few months. I spent a semester abroad in Istanbul and volunteered teaching English to 9-10 year olds every week that I was in Turkey. I also completed an intensive internship teaching English and professional competency to native Arabic speakers in Palestine so I have a fair amount of experience teaching ESL abroad.My question is which direction to go as far as the TEFL certification. I want to be a competitive applicant but am not currently certified as an ESL teacher. There is not an (affordable) option for me to attend regular classes locally so I found the accredited online course for 40 hours for $220. Would it be worth it for me to get this basic TEFL certificate even though most places require 100 hours of TEFL and prefer the physical class setting? I'm hoping that my combined experiences will balance a limited TEFL certificate.Thank you so much for any advice you might have!
  11. Hello everyone, I would really like some help! I am applying for an english teaching job at this place called global ingilizce. They teach english to business professionals. I have an interview with them tomorrow but before that I wanna know if anyone else has had any good/bad experience with them. Their office seems to be in a nice place (world trade centre istanbul). And their website was presentable and they've been quite professional so far through their emails unlike most language school who when you call don't even speak english. I was hoping to initially teach at a private school in Istanbul but when I called a number of schools they don't know what I want and give me email addresses of people who never respond. I can't go all the way to istanbul before I have a sure contract with a work permit. So can any of you guys give me advice on any good private schools that hire international teachers and actually respond, in istanbul. secondly have u heard of global ingilizce? and thirdly hats a good salary for a single person living in istanbul. thankssss!!! id really appreciate the help!! Myra
  12. The Teaching English forum of Turkey Central has a lot of very good information in it about teaching in Turkey from current and former teachers. Please make sure you browse and search it first for the answers to your questions. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, or need additional information then post your specific questions on the forum. The English Language Office of the United States Embassy has a variety of resources for TEFL/TESL/TESOL teachers and those who wish to be. Resources include the following: [*]The English Language Specialist Program which recruits U.S. academics in the fields of Teaching English...for short-term assignments to Turkey. [*]The English Language Fellow Program brings U.S. educators...to Turkey on ten-month fellowships. [*]The E-Teacher Scholarship Program offers online, graduate level classes to English teaching professionals in Turkey through the University of Oregon. Their Other Exchange Programs include: [*]The Fulbright ETA Program places recent college graduates and young professionals as English teaching assistants in Turkish universities - improving Turkish students’ English language abilities and knowledge of the United States while increasing the U.S. student's own language skills and knowledge of the host country. If you are seeking a teaching position at a high school, this list of High schools in Istanbul may help get you started, many of them also have elementary schools. Almost all of them have web sites which list the legal requirements and limitations for teaching in Turkey as well as open positions. For those who are thinking about university teaching positions, this List of Universities in Turkey will get you started. Please Note: pay and benefits of the non-private (state) schools will almost always be much less than the private universities even though the prestige and quality of some state schools is higher. Most of the private universities are quite young in comparison to their state counterparts so their quality is sometimes uneven. That being said, several private universities have risen to the challenge and may be equal or higher in quality in certain departments. Besides contacting schools directly you can also seek out secondary web sites such as Dave's ESL Cafe. TEFL.com seems to be another excellent resource with a lot of information for seeking teachers. Jobs in Turkey is mainly for those seeking to work in Turkey as their next destination. It offers a lot of advice on how to go about finding a job and what to look for in a school. Please Note: Jobs in Turkey is quite dated and although the general information is good some of it may no longer be relevant. You must be very, very careful about the positions being offered and try to make sure you will not be used, abused and taken advantage of job-wise. Work and residence permits should be a joint effort by the school and the applicant with the school taking the bulk of the responsibility. Sometimes housing is provided, more often it is not, ask! What are the benefits offered such as salary, lunch tickets, transport to and from school and others? Is the salary offered a net amount or gross (before taxes)? Net is best, the school pays your taxes and you pocket your income. Do not try to work illegally, there are many people who do and the authorities are trying to stop this practice. Turkish universities are somewhat easier to get hired into than elementary or high schools. Those universities which have an English Language Program (ELP) usually have a prepatory (prep) year for students with low or no English skills. The ELP is where most new teachers of English will start. The qualifications deemed highest for prep teachers are usually: (1) native speakers, (2) TEFL/TESL/TESOL (other), (3) university diploma (this is often the deal breaker). Write every school you have an interest in and be persistent. If you do not hear from them right away try them all again in a few months, keep trying until someone "nibbles" or tells you to stop. You might get a job right away or it could take you a year or more... Elementary and secondary school teachers from a foreign country who want to teach in Turkey are required by Milli Eğitim (the National Education governing board) to have elementary and/or secondary teaching certificates from a university, in addition to a university diploma, from their country of origin. Take a look a this Robert College page for prospective teachers which has a lot of very specific information for high school teachers and the qualifications necessary. In addition, most of the good Turkish schools look for actual classroom experience. Because almost all of these positions are with private schools, the pay and benefits are usually quite good and the positions are competitive. Many headmasters from Turkish private schools go to international recruiting fairs in the US and the UK to seek qualfiied and experienced teachers. This usually happens in the very early spring or late winter. Most of them reach their quotas and return with contracts in hand. Please Note: All social studies/history courses are taught ONLY in Turkish by Turkish nationals--following the regulations of the Turkish Ministry of Education. A person without a university diploma MAY be hired to work as a teaching assistant at a university. Any reputable university will, of course, attempt to find the most qualified and experienced teachers and many who come to Turkey have Master's degrees with experience and TEFL/TESL/TESOL and other language teaching certificates. If a university ELP does not have sufficient staff, they SOMETIMES may hire native speakers who do not have a degree. Applying in the fall is too late for most places as they usually have filled their quota for teachers. (Try anyway, be persistent) There is sometimes staff turnover in January and then the departments start looking again in March-April for the coming school year which starts in September. If a school does not have their quota by late July or early August they start to get "desperate" and a university may have a way to legally hire any native speaker who comes through the door. An elementary or high school by law cannot do that. If you move to Turkey without a job, visit all the schools you have an interest in personally with CV and credentials in hand. Make sure you bring your ORIGINAL diplomas/certificates, etc and not copies. Keep trying, (did I mention to be persistent?) Be sure to drink tea with anyone in any office who offers it to you no matter their professional position. That "clerk" or "secretary" with whom you speak may have influence beyond their station (then again, they may not.) In all cases, be cordial, sociable, polite, and ask questions about the person you are meeting with and their families without getting too personal and tell them how glad you are to be living in Turkey. Personal relationships mean a great deal in Turkey. Brits and Americans tend to want to get "down to business"; do not make that mistake! Whomever you are speaking with, if they are Turkish, or a long-time foreign resident of Turkey, they will eventually get around to "business" when it suits them. I brought my transcripts from the university when I first arrived, the university would not even look at them, they wanted to see my framed diplomas! My transcripts came in handy only when I took a position with the computer science department. I had grad level tech courses listed and the department head needed to show them to the Rector to get me transferred into his department. Otherwise, I never needed them. That being said, bring your transcripts, a course catalog with descriptions of the courses you took, and if necessary you can have them translated and notarized, which can be expensive. Good luck in your search.
  13. Hello guys such a fabulous and useful website you got, I've learned a lot since a registered here –and even before that - it totally changed my perspective. So many thanks. I got one question –for now - I would like to work as a teacher. My main obstacle is the lack of university degree, and yes I've read all about it here. This not my question the thing is I do have a 2 years community college diploma, does it count or only bachelor degree is needed here?? Thanx in advance.
  14. Hi, my name is dale, i just found this forum today and figured i had best try and get involved and get some help. I am currently a painter and decorator living in the uk, but have a very close relationship with a turkish national whom i am eager to be nearer. Based on this i decided that as i did not wish to continue painting, and would need a job in which would allow me to work in turkey i thought about teaching english. I was always interested in teaching and helping people but after leaving school i fell straight into the building trade. Anyway, now at age 26 and wishing to change not only career but country, i enrolled on the ittt tefl/tesol course scheduled for october and lasting 4 intensive weeks which i believed would allow me to start somewhere on my path to moving and working. However having briefly read a little in the section here, i am now worried that i may be in over my head ) i am enthusaistic and determined to try for what i want but sometimes it is not enough. If there is anyone here who has done similar to me or has experience in what i am trying to achieve i would be forever grateful for any help and advice you can give me on my quest i really want to make this a success but am now quite scared about my options and what i need to do. Thankyou for taking the time to read dale
  15. Hi Everybody, I recently found this site as I was searching for jobs. I like the tone a lot more than Dave's ESL! Currently, I'm in Korea teaching English. After a rough year, I've decided to leave the country and search for other work. Having lived on the border of Turkey (Batumi, Georgia) and visiting the country once, I've decided that I would love to try my hand at teaching in Istanbul. Something I've noticed, however, is that there aren't as many jobs postings as in Korea. I hear private (or public) highschools and universities are great jobs to get, but there are few postings on the usual websites. Should I just come to Turkey and search then? I would be arriving mid July... would that be too late to get a job? I've heard Istanbul is very expensive. What I'm wondering is if I were to live outside the touristy/hip neighborhoods would I be able to find better accommodation or a better job. From all my discussions, it seems I might have to be on the ground to land a job in Istanbul and Turkey in general. Do I have a chance to get something decent? Many thanks for any responses. I know I've asked a lot of questions. ~Karyn
  16. Hi I would really love to teach english in Izmir. I have a degree and a TEFL cert. I would love to find a job for the next academic year Any advice would be greatly appreciated Ciara
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