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  1. Hello. I got married in Louisiana in 1973-74. I was then stationed in Turkey with the US Air Force, and my wife came with me. While in Turkey, I found her cheating and filed for divorce through a Turkish lawyer in 1974. Is that divorce recognized in the United States? How can I get a copy of my divorce decree from Turkey? Thank you, Randell Cryer
  2. Hi, I would like to get a divorce from my Turkish Husband (I am a New Zealand Citizen). We have been married for 5 years and we have not been able to make it work. He didn't like living in New Zealand and I couldn't get work in Turkey. We have basically spent the last 2 years living on different sides of the world. We don't have any hate towards each other, just sadness that we couldn't make it work. We've decided that we need to leave each other in order to be happy again as we are both miserable. We are still friends and have agreed to an uncontested divorce. We have no children or property, nor any legal obligations (i.e. money etc.). We simply just want to go our ways and move on. I am in New Zealand and my husband is in Turkey. He will file the divorce in Turkey as we were married there and much more simple than in NZ. However, we both do not understand the process - could someone please explain? What does he need to do? Does he need a lawyer? Is there someone / agency (free) he can talk to in Turkey to provide advice on what to do to get a divorce? I understand I can get a lawyer and give Power of Attorney to represent me? New Zealand is much to far to need to be in Turkey to attend myself. Unless I only need to go once and then maybe I could - however the cost would be astronomical! In addition, most lawyers I have looked at on the internet are in Ankara or Istanbul, however this divorce will be in Elazig. Kind regards, Kim
  3. My Turkish husband wants to return back to Turkey (we currently live in the UK and I plan to stay here) and get a divorce from me. I have no money or assets so I,m not able to use a solicitor. Can he divorce me while he is in Turkey and me still living in the UK, I don't plan on ever returning to Turkey. Im happy to sign any documents that he sends over to the UK but I'm not willing to divorce him at my expense. (its his idea not mine) He wants to remarry and have kids as unfortunately I can't have children due to medical issues. Because he wants to re-marry asap he will be looking for a quick divorce but I really can't see this as being any benefit to me at all. (he's getting a arranged marriage) I don't want to be awkward but what would be the damage to me and what would be the process if I only waited for letters to sign from him. I simple can'y afford a solicitor. I'll agree to the divorce if that helps him build a new life, I still love him dearly. It doesn't bother me if I remain married for years to come(on paper) as I feel I have absolutely nothing to gain or lose and I plan never to marry again. Would he need the red book and is it a good idea for me to get a copy of this. Many thanks Libby
  4. Where can I find out if I am married in Turkey?
  5. Hi Am posting to see if anyone has been through anything similar and maybe can offer some advise. Myself and 2 children live in Turkey, we are British with Turkish citizenship. I divorced my husband back in 2015. He is Turkish but lives in the UK He gave me full custody of the children and agreed to pay a certain amount of money a month. The amount to be paid was never documented on the divorce papers. Initially he was paying the agreed amount, then he decided to change it to a lower amount after several months with no communication with myself. When questioned he said it was because he was getting married and couldnt afford to send the amount. He got married and then got divorced again. He then again reduced the payments for the children - again no discussion with myself - said it was because the exchange rate was good and I get more! The latest problem though is I have a new partner who comes and stays regularly. He is not registered as living here with the Nufus address. My ex husband is saying that if my new partner is living with myself and the children then he will stop paying for them (they are both under 12 years). My main question is - can he do this eg is it law that if you have a new partner move in or you got married that the father can then stop paying for his children. If anyone has been through a similar experience I would be interested to know your experience etc Thanks in advance xxx
  6. Hi I was married to Turkish man in UK and divorced in UK. My ex husband has requested I go to Turkish Consolate in London to have the divorce recognised in Turkey. Does the marriage in Turkey effect me legally in any other country? Thanks in advance for any information.
  7. Hello there, i am a pakistani guy married to turkish girl on 22nd june 2018 in kayseri Turkey. Things didn't work out between us and we want a divorce with mutual consent. Someone told me that you can not apply for a divorce within a year of marriage, is it true? Thank you
  8. I need to find out how to have the terms of my divorce decree enforced. My ex husband and I were married in the US but divorced through the Turkish Family Court system in 2015. I am specifically interested in knowing if there are resources available for expats who do not have financial means to hire a lawyer. I have resided in Turkey on a RP from 2010 to August of this year. I was in the process of renewing my residence permit when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I had to leave immediately to care for her as she has no surviving family members living in her area. The problems that I am having with my ex husband are legion. He has made a right sh*t storm of his life and I am tired of living in the consequences of it. He is currently threatening me saying that if I don't come back soon he will not help me renew my resident permit when I do, telling me that I "will be on my own" whatever that means. He can't handle having our children full time is the crux of the issue. He is so used to having me there to take care of them while he's out living his life. Having problems renewing my resident permit is an ongoing problem. I am forced to commit a criminal offense every time I have had to renew it pretty much since we separated in 2012. I would also like to know the answer to a question that has been burning in my mind for the past few years. I have custody of both of our children, he has visitation. If I can not meet the financial requirement to obtain a resident permit on my own and my ex husband can not/doesn't want to. He says I am not his financial responsibility. Can I leave with our children? I am not interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship in the least. My ex husband has been a father of "convenience" for all intensive purposes. When it is convenient for him he spends time with the kids and when it's not he doesn't. Why do I have to commit a criminal offense in order to be with my children? Except for financially supporting them, I am the parent who has been with them constantly since birth. It just doesn't make sense to me.
  9. Hi there, I am in an odd and uncomfortable situation and I need some advice. My wife of 17 years and I are having great difficulty, and she is considering abandoning me and our son (he's 34, from her first marriage, and lives with us, and we get along fine). We were legally married in Istanbul. We still all live in California for now. She is making threats against my assets, saying things like Divorcing, but also saying she would just leave and deny Divorce, but still would get half of all my assets. It's unclear what she actually wants as she doesn't really know herself and we both get very emotional when the topic comes up. I still love her dearly and am very distressed about her unhappiness, and am more than willing to try anything to make her happy, so of course I don't want a Divorce. Background - she is still grieving over the recent loss of both parents due to natural causes, and very distressed over the lack of emotional support from my own family. In fact, I am happy to give her *some* money, on the order of maybe $50000 USD, much less than she has in mind, if she actually manages to force a Divorce with me. But I have no idea how she could actually sit down with me and negotiate this number, as she is way too emotional and gets agitated whenever the topic comes up. Again, I really want to Reconcile. My question, in general, is, how much power does she have in this situation? What could she possibly have Turkish Lawyers do to me? Can she actually force a Divorce with me, from Istanbul? Does she have legal claim on my assets? A lot of my assets I accrued before we were Married. Thanks for any input /advice.
  10. Hi everyone! I hope someone can help me. I am from uk and married a Turkish man in 2005. After several years living in Turkey we moved to UK to be with my sick father. My husband hated England so returned to Turkey and after a some time said he wanted a divorce to marry someone else. We had been married for approx 8 years at that point. I said ok but he would have to pay. He refused to pay and married the woman anyway with just the ceremony without making it legal. To cut a very long story short, he has contacted me out of the blue asking for a divorce again. I have said ok again and he is having lawyers send the papers to me to sign. My questions are... Can I keep my Turkish surname after the divorce? My husband has said I can if he gives permission. (Is this true?) It would be so much easier for me if I could keep the married surname. Also, I have Turkish nationality and am about to apply for the new biometric Kimlik. Do I have to change my Kimlik again after the divorce?? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I am married to a Turkish Citizen an we married in Ireland in 2012. Unfortunately marrying in Ireland means we are bound my Irish divorce law, this means we needed to be separated for 4 years before filing for Divorce. 4 years is done on thursday the 15th of Feb but now my ex is making issues about signing the divorce papers. I have since found out that he has married someone else, I know in Turkey that some people choose to have a religious ceremony (this is doubtful from what i know of him) so I need to know how I find out if he is legally married there. Our marriage wouldn't have been registered in Turkey but I know it is legally binding and it would have been up to him to declare it. Is there an easy way for me to check this information? If not does anyone know of someone I may be able to hire to find out the information? Someone who would charge a reasonable price Thank you so much in advance for your help
  12. I am writing this article with the request of a friend who simply wants me to be more active in the Turkey Central. I do not follow the questions often regrettably so by writing such article hopefully I would contribute a little more, If and if you have more questions, you are always welcome to ask any of your questions over whatsapp +905079767304 This article aims to clarify the matters concerning separation and divorce in relation with Turkish family law. The article touched on the procedures of divorce and also grounds of divorce in Turkey to tell you what you will be faced of with this important decision. Types of Divorce 1. Contentious Divorce Suit One of the spouse may bring a case to the court in order to end the martial relationship. The divorce suits are examined by the Court of Family (Aile Mahkemesi) which has exclusive jurisdiction related to divorcement. The suits must be brought to the court where spouses resided last 6 months or the court situates where the domicile of the applicant is. There are 2 main type of grounds (General or Specific) to divorce which are explicitly mentioned in Turkish family law. A) General grounds: High-conflict divorce Specific grounds: Such as Adultery, Plots against life, grave assaults and insults, crime and dishonarable life, desertion, mental illness. As ordinary contentious suits, spouses should convince the court concerning their rightness and other’s mistake or faults. This Divorce Process considerably stressful and could take over two years in respect to the circumstances carried and requires to be investigated by the court. We apply this process either one party refuses to divorce or when parties can not be agreed at children custody, separation of goods, alimony, or compensanation. Also at this process we need to prove our claim and The party who claims to the divorce suit has to have "righteous reason" and has to prove it, as an instance, if there is a cheating issue, the part that cheats do not have right to ask for a divorce and his/her claim will be rejected. We can give many different examples but court will evaluate all circumstances meanwhile the process continues. Also It is why we generally proceed general grounds, not specific grounds such as cheating, or leaving the house To submit evidences for a high conflict We generally need reasons such as humiliation, assault, irresponsibility, fight, violence, irresponsibility against children, abuse, cheating, also if its necessary claiming other part is ineffective to maintain husband-wife private life. Still its really stresfull and more likely a very hurtfull emotional war, What happens if you are having another life and your wife/ your separeted husband does not want to divorce? In such cases we generally try to prove the other party is the party who is "guilty" Our courts are very strict about loyalty indeed, but if the other party left the house, and did not answered a return call, if this process took years and if you have a new life than court could accept the other party "guilty" So its better to take step to get divorced before establishing a new life always. Can you claim a suit by claiming you have been separeted? Unfortunately separation is not accepted as only reason, to claim a suit with the reason of a separation 1. You must have a previous, divorce case rejected in front of the court. And from this decision you have never come together as husband&wife for 3 years and you need to prove it. What happens to children Custody ? The court will decide it, Our laws does not allow common custody, so the custody will be given either mother or father, But %90 Turkish Courts gives custody to the mother. What happens to the separation of the goods? In our laws after 2002 "if spouses does not sign an specific agreement that declares goods will be separated before or meanwhile the marriage" All goods purchased meanwhile the marriage ( not before, Not any good inherited or being donated before or in the marriage, not the personal jewelers or goods accepted to be personal) accepted as common proprietorship. BUT, the separation of the goods issue only could accept as a claim when the DIVORCE DECREE CERTINIFIED. We most of the time ask both divorce and separation of goods, but for example at the beginning of the divorce case you were angry and just want it to let it go, you have right to claim it as a separate case after divorce decision certinified in a 1 year period. ALSO despite of the common knowledge, parties are not entitled the half of everything owed together. The court will calculate the pertange, regarding the amount you pay for them. Now you can ask a question, what if I do not work but my husband does? In Such circumstances, the court will calculate your pertange over the minimum wage. Compensation& Alimony The party who has been abused, being cheated, insulted, violated or any how damaged either emotionally or monetary, could ask a compensation with the case. Alimony, is given to children, and women generally, I do not have sample that a man receives alimony. The court will check parties financial situation at decision, sometimes couples hides ownings or jobs or its shown at minimum wage, so you need the prove your husbands income to get a good amount of alimony other wise its generally given 100-200 Usd per child These are main questions but if you have more you can ask directly. 2. Uncontested Divorce (Consensual Divorce) One of the spouse may apply to the court by submitting separation agreement and property settlement concluded among them. If none of objection will arise, spouses could be divorced in accordance with the provisions of the separation agreement and property settlement with consensus. To get divorce by Uncontested divorce process, You need to agreed 1. Children Custody 2. Separation of goods 3. Alimony 4. Compensation, If you come to agreement this issues, you can be divorced in 10 days and be free. 3. Judicial Separation The spouse who has right to bring a divorce case may demand judicial separation. The judge may also order judicial separation if there is a possibility that the spouses could live together in the future. Judicial seperation may be obtained on almost on the same grounds of divorce and the court relieves the petitioning spouse from the duty of cohabitation. 4. Recognigation of Foreing Divorce Decree if you already divorced in another country regarding to the receiprocity and mutual international agreements the decision could be recognised in Turkey. But if you have such intention, please be carefull that, the decison taken from abroad should be given by the court, and signed by a judge, and no common custody given. The Consequences of Divorce There are many legal consequences of divorce. Some of them are personal in nature: The wife will have her own independent domicile, while the both spouses keep the majority acquired by marriage. The wife resumes maiden name. She may however keep the family name of the husband if she convince the court that it will not damage to her husband. She can also preserve the nationality which has acquired during the marriage. Also the court can decide alimony to the spouse for indefinite time period. Unlike USA, there is no joint custody in Turkey, therefore custody must be granted to one of the spouse which is convenient for custody of the child.
  13. Hi I am a turkish citizen, married to British guy in Turkey, lived in Uk and divorced after 20 years. We got divorced in Uk and found out our divorce doesnt recognise in Turkey. I found a solicitor in Turkey to sort things out for me. He advised me my ex needs to go to Turkish consulate and appoint a solicitor etc. I am not in touch with him and I choose to go through long winded way which is our divorce documents apostilled and sent back to my solicitor. My solicitor initially said it will take a year now he says it will take another year because of the correspondences between two countries. We don't have kids or any other issues btw. Please advice Regards
  14. Hello everyone before 4 months i was in Istanbul ( I am not Turkish) , i met a Turkish man twice , he asked my Instagram and i added him, after a week he start sending me messages, first of all he told me he was divorced after a marriage that last for 2 years and knew his ex-spouse for 4 years, (with no kids) he said he doesn't like her anymore,he is 35 and i am 21, he tried after while to talk dirt and try to get my number , and keep sending his number and photos and i stopped him and told him i will no longer talk to him if he didn't stop,and he stopped it and never repeat it after that,he asked me after 2 month for marriage i said yes , he said he wants to have a family and be a father , he showed me to his mother and she liked me , he said he doesn't have money to marry so i have to wait this summer or next year i offered money help he became angry for a weak from me , besides he doesn't talk too much to me frequently he sent me message before he sleep (he works till 22:30) ,talking how much he loves me and our future life and wishing if i am with him ,and i am a bit scary that he is only have fun with me and maybe because he is old he will look for a local Turkish girl and make it easy, we only have the agreement of marriage and that i will move to Istanbul to live there we did not discuss anything else, AND i can`t keep talking to him he can`t run a conversation and i feel so bad to do that instead of him and he doesn't talk too much because he doesn't know English and i do not know Turkish (Using google Translate) , recently i am learning ,,, so what do you think people ?,,,,P. S i love him and my family agreed
  15. My Russian fiancee was married to a man in Turkey and divorced in 2010.. We want to get married but she does not have a copy of her Turkish divorce decree. Does anyone have any advice on how to obtain an offical copy? She lives in Russia .. Her ex husbands sister sent her a photo of a copy they have. It has their names and case number but no signatures or stamps on it so we don't know if this would be acceptable... It's for a fiance Visa from the United States so we need an offical copy. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I'm looking for some advice please. I am a British citizen and have been married to a Turkish man for three and a half years. Unfortunately things have changed a lot since we were married and I am now looking at getting a divorce. I am currently in the UK and he is in Turkey. I have a couple of questions and would really appreciate some advice. Do I need to return to Turkey for the divorce or can I stay in the UK during the process? Would this be the same for all types of divorce or only uncontested as unfortunately I don't think he will agree to the divorce. Do I need the red family book to be able to start the divorce proceedings? Can anyone recommend any good lawyers? I'm sure I have other questions but at the moment they are the main ones and can't think of the others right now. Thank you
  17. Hi Hi! I'm almost "desperate" to get some info about Turkish divorce cases. I'm from Holland and I'm in a relationship with a Turkish man for 2 years. I do live in Turkey, but not with him. My boyfriend was married for a couple of years and his marriage didn't work out and he filed for divorce. This divorce is going on for 2 years now and we have to keep our relationship a secret. I hate this so much, because I love him and I know it's also very hard for him. My boyfriend has a child with his wife and she very small (3 years old). He told me that the judge changed and this delayed his case. What i understand from him is that it can take 1 more year.. I'm devastated about this, that's why I want to learn more about the Turkish divorce system. Because in Holland it's so different.
  18. Hi, Can someone advise???? I am British citizen who married Turkish national in Turkey 2010. I never registered marriage in UK. We divorced in Turkey in 2016. However, solicitor advised I must have document notarized & apostille stamped otherwise & I quote 'I would have problems in future' should I wish to remarry in UK. My ex took document & kicked up a fuss about me not needing to notarize/apostille stamp (he didn't want divorce) so I just left it at that. He has now got engaged to a Turkish national. I just want to 'finalize' my divorce in UK. I have requested my ex send me divorce papers but he is saying it is not valid as I did not have apostille stamp within 24 hour period. He said I have to return to Turkey & start process again. Please help!! Thank you
  19. Hello, I was married in turkey 7 years ago to a Turkish man and I am a uk citizen . I have recently divorced in turkey. Is the divorce reconised in the U. K. Thnaks
  20. Good Day I am an American citizen who was married in Ankara Turkey couple years ago. My soon to be ex is not Turkish, but is a resident of Turkey and resides in Istanbul. I want a divorce and I don't trust him to follow through on the process because he's incredibly deceitful among other things. So is it possible for me to start and complete the process from the states? Also, can anyone recommend a good, trustworthy attorney that I can do a phone consultation with? Thanks
  21. I need help ! I am from the uk and I have recently got my Turkish I divorce from my Turkish husband , I have been split from him for 6 years but it has been a nightmare to get him to agree to the divorce! But at last that is over with . I want to remarry a Turkish man, does the 300 days waiting for a female after divorce still stand. If it does will they accept a medical to confirm not pregnant to marry ? Some peoeple say it only stands for a Turkish woman and I am not, please help
  22. Hi, my husband (ex) and I have recently got divorced through the British courts. We were married in Turkey but have divorced in British courts system. I am living in the UK with my child (I am British) and he is Turkish living in Turkey. As it stands, it means I am divorced but my ex isn't until the divorce is recognised in Turkish courts. We have the decree absolute which is stamped etc and I have received a 'limited proxy' for me to sign so they can procede over there in the Turkish courts. I will not be present and so our divorce is supposed to be only limited to the acknowledgement of the British courts decision and nothing else, that is two year separation basis and no financial split/ settlement. The proxy I have received looks very vague and unprofessional to me. It states that the proxy representing me is only limited to the British decision re the divorce and that custody of child goes to me. I have to sign this document and send it back after notarised and apostille stamp etc. I have been told this is the only document I need to sign, I really need some clarification on this. When someone (his chosen lawyer) sends me a proxy and I'm not there to sign I really want to know this is the correct procedure and nothing else can be decided upon without my consent especially where my child is concerned. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  23. I am literally copying and pasting this from another thread I wrote on another forum. I had an experience with Turkish Divorce this year and sharing it will be helpful. I think my story will be useful to a lot of people here. I split up from my Turkish husband in 2010. He went back to Turkey and started divorce proceedings there, as we were married there. I received the documents, from Turkey and was so relieved after 2 years we were divorced with no hassle. This year I sent my divorce documents to the Registry Office in Winchester to give notice of my marriage to my new guy, only to be told there was no decree absolute! I asked my ex for the document and he was not helpful. In desperation I contacted a Turkish Lawyer from turkishdivorce.com to see if she could get the document from the Turkish court where we married. There is a standard fee of £530, I had no choice but to pay as I couldn't get a marriage licence without it. To my horror I found out that the divorce was not finalised, we were not divorced. I was so upset and called my ex, who swore that we were and the lawyer was wrong. I cried my eyes out!! I told my Turkish Lawyer, she was brilliant, she called my ex and told him the facts, he was as shocked as I was. My Turkish Lawyer, with no extra charge, proceeded to finalise our divorce. She was absolutely brilliant, I cannot thank her enough, it was all sorted in 8 weeks. The procedure isn't completely straight forward.... You need a stamp/seal of apostile from a UK notary public. Basically this is a UK solicitor that specialises in foreign law. This person will check your ID and make a document to legally confirm who you are. This must then be sent to your Turkish Lawyer acting on your behalf. The cost was £130. She then sorted everything out and sorted it all and sent me the decree absolute. If you want to re-marry in the UK your Turkish decree absolute must be translated by a signed translator. My Turkish Lawyer did that for a further £150, although you can have it done in this country by any translator. I sent this all to the GRO and was granted my marriage licence. This all happened this year and I'm getting married in 6 weeks. There was a cost but it was so worth it, being in control and having the documents. I was foolish trusting my ex-husband, but that was a lesson learnt too late. I cannot recommend my Turkish Lawyer enough, her name is Açelya Yılmazer.
  24. My Father is Turkish and my Mother is Canadian and they divorced. Now, my father has re-married. My father says things I can not repeat about my mother. And he said his wife is now my mother. My cousin, who is educated (actually an Engineer) and Turkish also says my mother from now on is my Father's wife, rather than my mother. Is this normal/typical Turkish culture/behaviour?
  25. Hi there I hope someone can help me. I am a British Citizen and I married a Turkish man in Fethiye in 2000. We had two children together (girls, now 16 and 14 - they were both born in the UK). We bought an apartment together in Fethiye in 2001 and lived in Turkey. Both names are on the tapu (property title deed). After 14 years of marriage, in early 2014, I found out many awful things about my husband - he was having a 3 year affair with a local girl who worked at the cinema, he was also using prostitutes and filming himself (I found the camera), he was watching teenage pornography and in thousands of debt without my knowledge, had a gun in the house, plus many other things. After he knew I found out about all this, he just blamed me for his behaviour. I knew for my sanity and my children's safety that I had to leave. On the evening of 13th June 2014, my children and I got to Dalaman airport without my husband knowing and we boarded a plane to the UK. I left my house, my job, my friends, we left everything behind. I wrote a letter to my English neighbours explaining why I was leaving. I brought everything with me - I have the marriage certificate, the tapu, the camera and all the evidence of his unreasonable behaviour etc. It is now 2017 and my girls and I have never gone back to Turkey. We are now settled in the UK. The girls rarely speak to their father. However... I have heard a rumour that he has recently divorced me over in Turkey - probably on the grounds of desertion. After all, it has been over two years since I left and I have not had the money to have ever asked a solicitor in the UK for help with it. My ex husband will not answer my FB messages whether he has divorced me or not, but he has been asking my daughter for our address. My question is: How has he managed to get a judge to grant the divorce when there is property or children involved? What happens now in regards to the apartment if he has divorced me? Can I instruct a solicitor here or in Turkey to sell the apartment because half of it is mine still? He has never paid any child maintenance while I have been in the UK. I want the value of my half of the apartment back because as far as I know he is living it in without any worries now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you x
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