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Found 75 results

  1. Quizmaster

    Didim Quiz

    • Graded Mode
    • 12 minutes
    • 25 Questions
    • 5 Players
    A quiz about one of the most popular resort towns in Turkey for both expats and tourists. It includes Didim's history, features and attractions, and also questions about ancient Didyma, its temple, and the nearby ancient cities of Miletus and Priene. I hope you've done your homework! You must be a member to take this quiz, since the scores are ranked by member name. Join us! Share this quiz with your friends on Facebook or other social sites by clicking on one of the share at the bottom of this page!
  2. The Didim Göç İdaresi Genel Mudürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management, or DGMM) office is located in the Kaymakamlık (Governor's office building) on the second floor. Applications for long-term residence permits are handled at the Aydın DGMM. Open from 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon, and from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Residence Permit Applications are Handled Online You must submit an application for your Turkey residence permit online. If it is the first time you are applying, you will have to go in person to the Didim DGMM office to take the required documents to them. Their online system will generate an appointment date and time for you. If you are renewing your residence permit, you can submit your renewal form online, then mail the accompanying documents to the Didim DGMM. The website for submitting your residence permit application is here: Residence Permit Application Website Click the English option at the upper right, then click the "Residence" button at the bottom of the page. Foreigner Communication Center Turkey has a free national helpline for foreigners who have questions or issues about residence permits. From any telephone within Turkey, call 157. More Information About Residence Permits in Turkey Here is a collection of articles about the different types of residence permits you can get in Turkey, with instructions on how to get one, and the documentation you will need. Turkey Residence Permits Residence Permit Community Forum If you still have any questions, visit our Turkey Residence Permit forums. Browse the forums first to see if your questions have already been answered. If not, you can open a topic. We have many foreign residents of Turkey who have been through the process already, and who can help you through the process. Residence Permit Support Forum İzmir Valiliği
  3. More than 50 British families have won a five-year court battle in Turkey to recoup millions of pounds they ploughed into a holiday property complex. The victory has been described as a landmark victory in Turkey as for the first time, the landowner and builder were successfully pursued through the courts by foreign-based claimants.
  4. If you want to live in Didim, you will need a residence permit. You will need to go to the Didim office of the Directorate General of Migration Management. The Turkish name for this directorate is the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü. To find out where it is, click here: There you will find the Didim DGMM's contact information, address, and a map showing where it is. More Information To learn more about how to get your residence permit in Turkey, see our Residence Permits forum for information about the system, and personal testimonies from people who have already gone through the process. If after reading the topics you still have a question, you can open a new topic and we'll try to help.
  5. JustaPassenger

    Altinkum Webcam

    A webcam from one of the beach hotels in Altinkum. See what's happening in Altinkum, any time.
  6. daveb

    Solicitors Didim/altinkum

    Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a good solicitor in this area, preferably english speaking as my turkish is not that good yet. thanks daveb
  7. What made thousands of English people settle in a not-so-special town in the Aegean? This is the question one might wonder on the way to Didim, which has never been as glamorous as nearby Bodrum or Marmaris in the eyes of Turks. "I care about the tip I get," said the driver from the eastern city of Malatya when asked the same question. According to the same driver, in Didim, a town in Aydın province, one in every three people is "English." Like many others would confirm later on, a much more affordable life in a sunny town almost every month of the year makes Didim an attractive place for foreigners, particularly UK citizens. According to official data, approximately 4,500 UK citizens live in this town of a total of 60,000 people. Zilpha Griffiths, a retired accountant from Northampton, settled in Didim six-and-a-half years ago, although she had bought an apartment there in 2004. She says she always knew that she would retire to somewhere warm, but until she had been to Turkey, it was always Spain. ‘This is my home' According to Griffiths, it is the combination of sunshine, cheap property and higher interest rates compared to the UK as well as the friendly people that turn Didim into a place that attracts people from her home country. However, without any hesitation, "this is my home" is what she says about Didim and adds that she only goes back to the UK for Christmas. Although affordable property was a big charm, Griffiths says that British people have known about Didim for a long time. Griffiths started to come to Turkey 15 years ago. Talking to Sunday's Zaman in her nicely decorated house, Griffiths says, "Something like this would cost 300,000 pounds in the UK." She also adds that one can rely on the money in the bank here to make a living. However, without exception, all the Brits who commented on their life in Didim spoke about much higher interest rates in previous years in Turkey. "It is not necessarily a beautiful city, but there is something that draws people here," says Jane White, who settled in Didim 18 months ago but had bought a property eight years ago as an investment. She said that during her online research for a property investment, she found out that Turkey was the best place. In order to buy a place in Turkey, she sold her property in Northampton. "I feel more like home here than I feel in England," she further says, comparing her stressful life, in her own words, in Northampton as a call center manager of a major bank to her peaceful life here. Although many British people choose to settle in Didim once they retire, White's decision was prompted by a major illness she had due to stress in the workplace. According to her, life is "very smooth and easy" in Didim, at least easier than in the UK. "The way people look after you is fantastic," she comments. The emphasis she puts on the fresh food and vegetables and the healthy lifestyle in the Aegean town is hard to miss. 'Life in Didim does not require a watch' Chris Mann, a retired firefighter from East Yorkshire, agrees as he says that there is no need for time or a watch in Didim. "I love Altınkum, the people, Turkey," says Mann as he explains his sudden decision to buy a property in Didim after he saw an advertisement in a paper. When asked whether he could make an equally comfortable living in his home country with his pension, he says he would have to continue working in England on that amount of money. A friend of White and Mann who has not settled in Didim but has not gone anywhere else for vacation for the last 10 years, Kelly Medlock does not stop talking about the friendliness of the people. “They ask about how your family is doing," she says in appreciation. The three choose to hang out in the same café, Pinocchio, most of the time rather than mingling with the other expats. "The English who move here complain about everything," White says to explain why she likes to make local friends.A local of Didim who prefers to remain anonymous says the shopkeepers and restaurant owners almost spoil the foreigners, which is why they love Didim. "There is a different kind of wealth here," says Mann, confirming the conviction that locals "spoil" foreigners with their attitude. Based on what they say, one wonders whether everything is this perfect in Didim. They seem to describe problems as small. White complains about the hike in the prices during the tourist season. "I do not go to the [outdoor] markets because they try to get more money out of you," she says, but adds that as soon as "they know you are not a tourist, the price changes." However, Hasan, a driver who works for a shuttle company in Didim, says markets make life much more affordable for foreigners since "they can buy food enough for a whole week with only TL 20." Regardless of the arbitrary prices, fresh fruit and vegetables remain an attraction for many of the foreigners. White says she dried tomatoes for winter and made fig, peach and strawberry jam like the locals in Turkey. When asked how her family feels about her decision to settle in Didim, she says her daughter was upset until she saw how happy she was here. In order to buy an apartment in Didim, White sold her property in England. ‘You have to do your homework when buying property' Speaking of property, it was surprising to hear these people saying that buying property has been a very smooth process for them considering the notorious bureaucracy of Turkey. Another UK citizen, Claire Taylor, who also has an apartment in Didim, says she encountered no problems because she bought her property from a reliable company. However, she says there had been cases in which the people did not get their deeds, or as she says in Turkish, "tapu." According to her, as far as scams are concerned, "You've got to be careful, like everywhere else in the world." Likewise, Griffiths also says she had "no problems whatsoever" in buying a property because, as she says, she had done her homework well. "A lot of people bought property from people they met in a bar," she says when asked about the unpleasant cases. Local rumors about unpleasant incidents Locals of Didim also confirm that those who have been cheated did not do transactions with reliable and authorized people. Although with reluctance, in order not to defame their town, some locals say that there are still some people who force foreigners to leave their home and belongings with threats. They also talk about cases of rape and violence against foreigners, but say that these are isolated incidents. They complain about young men who marry much older British women to take advantage of their money and European citizenship, but also criticize women for letting these young men abuse them. According to locals, foreigners might not want to voice some of their problems out of fear, but this remains unverified speculation for now. The foreigners themselves cite not being able to have a work permit and the endless construction noise, even during the tourism season, as problems. While White wishes that they could get work permits, Griffiths cannot understand how there is no control mechanism over the construction projects at a time when tourists flock to the area. Taylor, who lives in Didim with her boyfriend and manages a free health consultancy office for foreigners, says she plans to stay here. Back in her home country, she used to manage a taxi company in Manchester. With her boyfriend, who settled in Didim before her after living in Australia for 26 years, they got commissions from doctors in return for their referral. "We tell them where foreigners can find the best doctors and dentists," Taylor says. According to her, higher interest rates in Turkey than in the UK make life here appealing for retired Brits. Although it used to be higher, especially at times of economic crises, they can still live off the interest of their savings, she says in reference to the retired British community here. When asked how they connect with each other, Taylor talks about Facebook pages and blogs for expats. There is a weekly newspaper published by foreigners who live in Didim called "Voices." During the much less crowded winter months, the publication of the paper sometimes becomes less frequent, the readers say. The Brits in town seem to be indifferent to Turkish politics as long as it does not have an impact on their lives. "If it concerns me, then I am interested, but I listen to both sides," Griffiths points out in reference to the supporters and the dissidents particularly of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. "Some say that the prime minister is wonderful and the others say that he is too extreme," Griffiths comments when it comes to views of the two sides she is talking about. However, she says that being an accountant, she keeps pace with the economy. Griffiths and her friends are interested in community work though. She says she is very busy with Helping Hands, a local charity through which they help the poor in the area. The Didim Town Council supports their work. In between auctions for fundraising and her Turkish classes, Griffiths has lady coffee mornings with her friends on every first Tuesday of the month. Brits love high interest rates and friendly people A retired nurse from Surrey, Jane Trussler, who has been spending summers in Didim in a property she bought in 2008, says the food is problematic in Didim. "When you go to the supermarket you cannot find instant food, you have to make everything from scratch," she complains. She does not plan to settle in Didim permanently. Instead, her Turkish son-in-law moved to England with her daughter after they met in Didim. As far as safety is concerned, Trussler says she would never go out by herself at night because she would not feel safe, although she underlines that it is not specific to Didim. A retired couple, Jim Hinken and his wife, June, say many people have sold their properties in the town in the last two years. According to them, people are disappointed with Didim because it looks untidy and dirty. June complains about people throwing trash on the street. However, like their fellow citizens, they love the sun and friendliness of the people. The Hinkens tell about an online forum named Absolutely Altınkum on which the British community exchanges ideas on several issues from where to buy to where to go. The forum has a "name and shame" section through which the people make the names who scammed them public. "Many people lost their property and life savings to a scam," June tells Sunday's Zaman. They named an Irish guy who was convicted of real estate fraud and served jail time in Turkey. The Hinkens join all the others in their satisfaction with the high interest rates. Slow paperwork causes problems in real estate A realtor in Altınkum, by far the most popular part of Didim due to its sandy beach, Yaşar Kenan Kılıç tells Sunday's Zaman the reasons behind such frequent property scams. According to him, due to the long duration of the background checks and the paperwork required by the state for foreigners, some contractors resell the properties in the waiting period. "In Turkey, no document is valid unless it is authorized by a notary," he says, adding that most of the people whose deeds were sold to others rely on the contractor, pay the money for the property in advance and do not ask for notary confirmation. According to him, these cases were prevalent a decade ago although they can still happen. Kılıç mentions a lawyer whose license was canceled because he took advantage of the trust foreigners placed in him when buying property. "Everyone is a realtor in Didim, from the bartender to the waiters," he complains, as he adds that the British trust people's words and some take advantage of this attitude. He also talks about cases in which Brits have scammed other Brits. On a different note, Kılıç says the British tend to move out from buildings occupied mostly by Turks due to noisy children. All in all, the love affair between the British and the trio of Didim's sun, low cost of living and high interest rates is likely to continue despite the problems such as unplanned urbanization, disorganization and the bureaucracy. Source: DEAD LINK
  8. Hi all,My Mum recently suddenly died in hospital in Turkey . She was repatriated and buried in the UK. She and my stepdad have a property in Didim. They also have a property in Bulgaria. Firstly, my step dad has not been issued a death certificate of any kind. What does he need to do and where does he need to go to get one? Secondly, myself and my brothers want to give my stepdad full control of the properties. (bulgaria has the same inheritance law as turkey i am told). How do we go about doing this? Do we need to issue a power of attorney to my step dad? My step dad is in turkey and myself and one of my brothers are in the UK. My other brother is in Australia.If anyone could help, that would be wonderful!Thanks a lot,Emma
  9. Ken Grubb

    Sacred Way, Didyma

  10. Ken Grubb

    Sacred Way, Didyma

  11. Ken Grubb

    Sacred Way, Didyma

  12. Ken Grubb

    Sacred Way, Didyma

  13. Ken Grubb

    Sacred Way, Didyma

  14. Ken Grubb

    Sacred Way, Didyma

  15. Ken Grubb

    Sacred Way, Didyma

  16. Ken Grubb

    Temple of Apollo, Didyma

  17. Ken Grubb

    Lion Statue, Temple of Apollo, Didyma

  18. Ken Grubb

    Temple of Apollo, Didyma

  19. Ken Grubb

    Altar, Temple of Apollo, Didyma

  20. Ken Grubb

    Temple of Apollo, Didyma

  21. Ken Grubb

    Temple of Apollo, Didyma

  22. Ken Grubb

    Temple of Apollo, Didyma

  23. Ken Grubb

    Interior, Temple of Apollo, Didyma