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Found 23 results

  1. Customs parcel Broker Help Needed. I sent a parcel to my daughter, Who lives in Marmaris, It just contained her personal belongings, and a couple of Christmas & birthday gifts. I went on a comparison website, and it was parcel compare/ parcel Hero who the booking was made with. FedEx collected the parcel the next day. And I thought all was good. The parcel has now been at customs in Istanbul for the past week, And I have been told we need a broker to clear the items. We had no idea about this. FedEx won’t help because we booked through a 3rd party (they won’t even allow the parcel to be returned to me in the UK) and parcel hero are saying we should have been aware of this situation. My daughter has tried to find a broker to help, But most say they only deal with companies, not individuals. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and can offer any help or advice on finding a broker to deal with this. I have been told that after 30 days, The parcel will be destroyed, which will be devastating for my daughter, as some of the items are personal memories that can’t be replaced.
  2. I live in united kingdom and i want to take a metal detector to turkey through customs is it legal or not?
  3. Hi everybody, I want take four phones from US to Turkey and after one week staying taking them to my homeland. Is that a matter? Thank you for your time.
  4. hi again after just getting a quote of nearly £ 6000,- from a transport agency for shipping what comes down to a 2bed house I`m considering bringing it down our self. We have got a luton Van. I won`t be bringing any electrical items apart from some kitchen stuff and we would like to take the ferry. Has anyone any experience with doing something like this?
  5. Our goods form England are due to arrive in Turkey by mid October. We had an email last week from the Turkish customs consultants in Istanbul who are dealing with our goods being shipped from England. There were some forms to fill in and instructions to get some of my documents verified for customs clearance purposes: a notarised translation of my passport and a notarised copy of our TAPU (property title deeds) and a power of attorney for use by the consultant dealing with the import. We had instructions to first email scans of the documents to the consultants in Istanbul for checking before posting the actual documents. Monday we went to an internet cafe and printed out the forms, then went to the Notary, with a translator to translate my passport to Turkish, the power of attorney to English and get notorised copies of all the documents made. On Tuesday, after dropping stepson#2 at university we again went to an internet cafe to scan and email the documents. Wednesday morning I got an email from the customs consultancy company saying we had made a mistake and sent them the wrong power of attorney form and that we must send the correct form as soon as we can. Stepson#1 called the consultancy company to point out that we had only used the form they had sent to us, so it was their mistake that we had the wrong form. The woman at the consultants said she was very sorry, they had been very busy and she was too tired and had sent us the wrong form by mistake. She emailed the correct form. We then had to contact the translator to meet us at the notary office to get the corrected paperwork sorted out. We have also sent copies of the receipts to the consultancy company to claim back the extra money we had to spend because of their mistake. The consultants have emailed to say that all documents are now OK and once the shipment arrives in Mersin we must take the documents to their Mersin office for them to deal with and that there may be storage fees to pay while customs clearance is being organised. Hopefully it will go smoothly now.
  6. Hi allany information would be much appreciated. I am an Australian (age early 30's) with Turkish citizenship (passport) and plan to move to Bodrum area early next year. Currently we am living in London and would like to investigate if taking our car to Turkey would be a good idea. Just trying to figure out if its beneficial to bring our own or buy one when we get there. I did have a look at buying over in Turkey however the cars seem to be so expensive. Has anyone been in the same/ similar situation. Many thanksAyse
  7. How do customs offices calculate the import duty on cars for use by foreign students while living in Turkey? I have two vehicles, one is a 2010 Ford, and the other is a 1979 Lincoln. How much should I expect to pay for either cars as customs import duty? And how soon after importing a car would someone have to export the car back or pay its duty and fees for licensing? Thanks
  8. I am a UZ Citizen but originally from France . I went to Antalya last year for vacation and LOVED it so I amde up my mind to go and live there for few years however I do want to bring all my personal items and car to Turkey . The rules for doing so seems quite complcaied so I tried contacting the Turkish Embassy . I also look online as far as that and for instant find some good information here: https://usgshipping.com/asia/shipping-to-middle-east/shipping-to-turkey-from-usa I dont want to take any risk so I hope there is a NON Turkish Citizen here with past exprinces of taking their personal goods to Turkey and can share that with me on how complciated that was ? Do I have to pay import taxes and duty? Can i drive my car for few years ? What exactly should I expect?
  9. Hey all, I've read in previous posts but the posts too old. I want to import a car (2016 BMW 320d) that's a 2 liter turbocharged engine, to Turkey of course. I was wondering how much the costs of the import taxes, customs and all? EDIT: According to the following website (https://www.export.gov/article?id=Turkey-ImportTariffs) "Other products impacted by the SCT include petroleum products, motor vehicles, aircraft, vessels and durable consumer goods. VAT is imposed at the general rate of 18%, but reduced rates (8% and 1%) are applied on some goods and services, and certain types of transactions are tax exempt." I don't why, but I find it hard to believe. **Tip: when and if you open the website search for "vehicle" to easily find the statement I quoted. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for any advice given, myself and a couple of friends wish to motorcycle out to Turkey from UK, next summer 2017 while I will be staying at my property for 4-5 weeks they will need to return to UK, my question is this as I'm staying can I put their bike details on my passport so enabling them to leave Turkey after a few days by flighing home to return a few weeks later for our trip back. Or is there another solution ? Which doesn't involve leaving bikes custom compound. The bikes would be under lock and key in my garage. I've driven out four times already, but never on my bike. Many thanks once again Charlie Harry
  11. Can somebody advise me please. I usually live in Turkey but returned to the UK to have my second child. I have been here 5 months and accumulated some personal belongings that are to large to go with us on the aeroplane i.e toys (non-electrical), a small toddler bed, toddler car seat, excess toys, Moses basket do we pay import charges on children's items and can anyone recommend some companies that were reliable and fairly priced? Any help on this or a point of reference to start with would be appreciated. I am English and my husband is Turkish.
  12. hi can anyone help me please I am so confused. i want to take my catering trailer to turkey but am not to sure on which company to go with. and if I would be taxed on this can anyone help me please? thank you
  13. Hi all, Does anybody know the best way to say thank you in Turkey? In the UK it is always really nice to receive a thank you letter. Do you know if this is the same in Turkey? I read somewhere that Turkish people often prefer to receive a call rather than a letter. If anybody has any knowledge on this it would be much appreciated. Many thanks. Gemma
  14. Hello everyone! I'm happy I found this forum and was hoping maybe someone can give me some pointers. I will be moving to Istanbul in a few weeks and I have plenty of electronic items I'd like to take with me. Now my question, will I have any issues with customs if I bring electronics with me, in my luggage that is? Also, I want to buy a 4k Ultra HDTV TV here in the US and take it with me to Turkey. This one, however, I would have to ship via carrier. The TV is quite expensive, so I am not sure how customs will react. Can anyone shed a light on this? Are there any restrictions? If so, anyway I can get around this? Here are some of the items I'd like to take with me: 1x Computer - Maybe in luggage, might leave the computer case here and just take the parts with me (they are expensive, since I built the PC myself) 1x 4K Ultra HDTV - priced at $5000, what's the best way of getting this TV into the country? It would have to be via carrier; so, should I declare a lower price on customs to avoid being charged crazy amounts? 5x Iphone 5S - I have family there, they all want one. I know it's restricted to one phone per passenger, however I was thinking of maybe putting 1 phone in each suitcase, since we have a total of 4 suitcases. Is there any better way around this? Lastly, I am currently on a tourist visa, but once I am there, I will obtain a resident visa, since I have family there and I do own a house in Istanbul. Also, is there anything else I am missing? I am looking forward to hearing your input on this. Thanks Kind Regards,
  15. Hello everybody,My wife and I, both Dutch citizens (NL), have been living in Istanbul with a work permit and residence permit for a few months and driving one of our two NL cars so far. So far, Istanbul surpassed our expectations in every way, but we are not 100% sure yet about committing to buying a car (which, as you all know, is quite an investment our preferred >2000cc segment needed to transport a family in hilly North Istanbul). It is clear that our current NL-plated car will have to leave Turkey after 180 days. What is not immediately clear to us: can we now bring our other, second car from NL and drive that for another 180 days? In brief: does the 180-day limit apply to a specific vehicle or to a specific person ... or even to a specific family? It would really help us if we could postpone the purchase decision with another half year and gain some more time to study the market and rules. Thanks for your kind help! Gerrit
  16. Hi,I'm hoping someone can guide me. Here, in the USA, we wish people a happy holiday, a happy birthday, happy Mother's Day, a happy just about anything. What would be the proper greeting to give a person for Seker Bayram?
  17. I did a search for carpets and read a thread about buying carpets, but I didn't see this answered anywhere. Forgive me if I overlooked something. So after two years in Turkey, I'm preparing to head back to the US in about a month. As a parting gift, a very, very, very good friend of mine has offered to give me a carpet that his mother made. He has several carpets, kilims, and other woven knicknacks that she made and he wants me to have one. I am honored and touched by his generosity and would love to accept it, but I'm wondering if I need any paperwork to get it into the US. I've heard that taking things more than 100 years old out of the country is illegal...these carpets aren't that old, but how do I prove it when it is a gift like this? I assume that there must be some kind of paperwork/system that gets handled by carpet shops when you buy one there. Does anyone know? I don't want to get in trouble and I don't want to lose a precious family heirloom to customs. The one I'd be taking is the small 60x90cm size, if that matters. They're just made by his mom, as I said, so it's not like they're some super high quality, pricy piece of art...it's value is much more sentimental. Any thoughts? Do I need any paperwork? If I do, where/how can I get it done? Thanks guys!
  18. I was wondering if any of you know if I am allowed to bring goods into Turkey, specifically maple syrup? I know that some countries have laws where only certain foods can be brought in. I'm hoping syrup is alright because I want to give some to my host family, and Maine maple syrup is a well known commodity from my state!
  19. I still remember a French woman I met when I landed at the Ataturk Airport (and also in Turkish territory) for the first time. She was waiting in my neighboring line when I was trying to reschedule my flight to an earlier one. "Here in Turkey, you have to take things slow." She suddenly interjected, "you cannot really expect things to move on at a fast pace." Now three months have passed, and I am starting to understand what she was trying to tell me. Punctuality does not seem to be a strictly-obeyed rule in Turkey. There are countless times when someone made an appointment with me yet failed to show up at the suggested hour. A few can show up within the half an hour after our appointment time. There are also times when I stuck to the principle of punctuality and showed up at their places at the right time. Yet some of them would seem to be panicked and unprepared, as if I had never made an appointment. If someone says :"I will send you an email in two days." I'll probably get it by the end of this week, on condition that I constantly "harass" that poor guy with numerous phone calls.
  20. Was thinking that as the summer season is nearly upon us, the dreaded Take a Break magazine will soon be publishing countless articles about love rats. I thought maybe as a group we could get together a load of our stories (funny, romantic, etc) to show that not all Turkish men should be grouped the same. A sort of chick lit book put together by people who have inside intelligence on these relationships. Not sure how we would go about it, but I could enquire as to getting it published if we get that far. I am thinking along the lines of "Light hearted reading for holidaymakers"Am sure many of you have interesting stories to tell of how you met your partner and how you coped with the cultural differences. It's about time we overcame all this prejudice BS ......ok.......who wants to go first?????
  21. Hello! Could someone share with me any knowledge they have of Turkish customs for greetings? Including how people address each other when they have just met? Is it customary to use surnames? Shake hands? Remove shoes in the home? Are greetings different between different sexes? Share anything you know about appropriate communications styles! Thank you!
  22. I have just been talking to a friend about the amount of spirits I am allowed to take IN to Turkiye. I was under the impression that I would only be allowed 1 litre of spirit but she said that I can take 1 litre from my UK airport, another litre from Istanbul airport and another again at Adana arrivals Duty Free, totalling 3 litres. Is this right? I have been asked to take vodka for friends which I will quite happily do but I do not want to get in trouble with customs at either Istanbul or Adana.
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