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Found 25 results

  1. Dear Madam/Sir I am in touch with a Turkish company to form a business partnership. They have provided me their business details as follows: IARS- Confederation, (IARS HAVACILIK MÜHENDİSLİK AR GE , Ltd, ŞTİ, Istanbul, Turkey). ( VAT-VKN = 4650900073 Address : Sefika Sokak, Delmar Elit Palace No.:4, Yenişehir, KURTKOY, 34912, İstanbul, Turkey Website: www.doi360.com. The company address given on website is: Osmanlı Blv. No:4, Yenisehir Mah, Kurtkoy,34912 Pendik/Istanbul Another address given on their website is: Address: Yedikilim Institute, City Centre Belikesir Turkey Try as I might, I have not been able to locate them on Turkish business registry gazette. Could someone please guide me as to how to confirm their credentials as a business entity?
  2. I am curious that if I buy a shop in Turkey, I mean shop is a kind of property. So can I renew my residence permit every year based on my property. My reason of stay is my property (Shop). Please guide me. If the step one is not possible, can I setup the office of my company 2 Dollar Essay Education and shift it into my shop to renew my residence permit every year. Please guide me about both possibilities.
  3. Hello there folks, Couple of my friends are of opinion that they can startup a business in Turkey as expats and they are keenly looking into different domains. While my point of view is that more likely they will end up losing their money. Simply because its not easy to startup a business in Turkey and there are many reasons for my view. I would like to know if there are folks out there who came to turkey as expats and are now running successful businesses. Would they share their experience with us on this forum and their advice? cheers
  4. I am coming Turkey with wife on a tourist visa and plan to apply for a short term residence to understand the business environment and to open a small business there. Which online form to be needed to fill out for my wife? Is it same one as me? And how can I open bank account without residence permit?
  5. Some one I know for a year has offered me to have a startup for a coffee shop in istanbul, whereby I would invest all of the money and he would take care of he business. He said the business has good potential if coupled with a unique idea. What is your opinion as am not living in istanbul cheers
  6. Thank you to all the people helping others out in this forum. I have a question in relation to starting a business but since there is no dedicated forum about business, I am trying here. I am a US Citizen and own a small technology consulting company. I am considering setting up a branch in Turkey as it allows good access to both Europe and Middle East; I want to start very small in the beginning, nothing more than an address in the beginning but hope to get a small office and possibly hire a local to manage marketing and communications. I personally will only be visiting Turkey occasionally to manage business. Being a US Citizen I think there should be no problem going back and forth (for a few days/weeks stay), but what about longer term stays; like 1-6 months? I also want to find out what are the requirements for setting up a business; as a foreign owned entity. As I do not expect to do any business in Turkey itself (unless some comes my way), I am just interested in getting to the point of being able to open a bank account, lease space, and hire someone.
  7. Dear All , Greetings to all , I came to Istanbul 3 months ago with a dream to start up a small business , considering the atmosphere of Istanbul i have started to learn Turkish as i believe it is one of important requirements if someone is thinking to shift to turkey or start a business . At first i thought of opening a restaurant (which is pretty much harder as i learned in this 3 months ) , now I'm thinking to open a small burger /doner shop in Istanbul. to be honest , I'm going to start a business to fulfill my family living expenses . At the moment I'm teaching English to Turkish kids in one of courses near by. I wanted to know , what would be procedure to start a small shop like i mentioned above ? Will be glade to hear back from you friends . thanks
  8. hello every one any help or advise about living and work in istanbul how it look like ist hard or easy i visit istanbule last year in august 2015 and i was in taksim there for about 10 days
  9. HIMy name is Faisal Qureshi and I currently reside in Norway. I have just opened a clothing brand in Norway and I am looking to do business in Turkey. I am in a search for a denim manufacturer who can design the jeans, make them and then ship them to Norway. I have tried searching google for tips on doing business in Turkey and who I can contact that can give me more information about the different suppliers. If you have any tips or suggestions on who to contact it would be very appreciated. I have searched europages.com, and sent emails to different suppliers of denim. But I have not recieved any feedback. If you know of any other way let me know. Kind regardsFaisal Qureshi
  10. If you own or operate a businesses in Turkey, you are important to our membership, because you have much knowledge about the city or town where you live, issues pertaining to your field of business, and how things work in Turkey. You are very welcome here and we hope you'll stay. There is a certain way things are done here with our business members. If you are willing to help others, you will do well. Many business owners have already as members of our community. With our system, we will get quality information, and your business will get marketing exposure. But you have to be willing to market your business "indirectly." Here's how to do that. 1. Don't Market Yourself in the Forum Topics. No marketing or links to your business's website in the forum posts is allowed. Our members want this forum to be a place where they can read objective information, free of advertising or hidden agendas. There are other ways to market yourself... read on... 2. Set Up Your Personal Profile. You will need to make two posts before you can edit your profile***. When you post information and a member wants to learn more about you or your business, they will look at your personal profile. It is a very good idea to have some information there for them. You can also synchronize your Turkey Central account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts there. You can find your profile by clicking on your user name at the upper right of the forums. 3. Earn Your Signature Block. We allow "signature block" privileges to business owner members who seem to be serious about being a member of our community. If you have been around a while and have been providing useful information, and are a regular follower of your local forum, contact the Admin and ask for signature block privileges. In your signature block, you can provide your "business card" information, including a link to your website. After you earn it and get it set up, your signature block will automatically be included below every post you make (and have previously made). But you will need to subscribe to your local forum and participate. After six months of no participation, signature blocks are removed and the privilege is revoked. 4. Don't Push It. If you are willing to objectively help members with various problems in your area of expertise, without having a purely marketing agenda, you will soon become a respected member of our community, and your posts, if they are good ones, will remain here for a long time (and also the contact information in your signature block). 5. Subscribe to, or "Follow" the Forums You Participate in. You can do this by clicking the "Follow This Forum" button at the upper right of any forums. For example, if you are a property agent, you should subscribe to the property forums. If you are a travel agent, your should subscribe to the travel forums. Regardless of what business you're in, you should subscribe to the forum for your city or town, to help members who need local information. After all, if they need help regarding that location, they'll be in your neighborhood, and will be a potential customer. When you "follow" a forum, every time someone makes a new post,you will receive an e-mail, and you can reply with assistance if you want to. You don't have to keep checking the forum for new posts--the forum will alert you. 6. Don't Use the Personal Message (PM) System for Business Leads or for Self Promotion. It is okay to contact a member if they want to be contacted. If they don't ask you to contact them, this may be considered spamming. This Method DOES WORK. Many business owners, who have provided helpful information to our members without blatantly promoting themselves, have gotten requests for their product or service even years after they posted their information. So if you are willing to be patient, and willing to gradually build up a powerful business presence in a thriving community by helping others, Turkey Central is for you.
  11. I'm trying to get certain Turkish foods to run a business here in the States. NJ is one state over and they make the products, but they are a pain to deal with and we'd have to deal with the FDA and it's not me who'd have to get the paperwork done; it's NJ and they are dragging their feet. I was wondering if anybody knew of a food distributer that ships to the US that has a good reputation and won't cost an arm and a leg.
  12. Hello everyone, Great to have this Forum and thank you on advance for your inputs. We are planing to open a corporation in Istanbul. We will be hiring 1-5 Turkish employees for a few months and then much more once we open offices in different places. We have air and surface decontamination company from USA. Can someone point me to some information as to how we can go about with our plans. We are hiring an attorney but I am just a bit cautious and want to do my own research. What do we need to begin the process of opening the company? Should we open the company first and then get the work permit or vice versa? Any financial requirements? I will advertise employment opportunities in this forum once we get established. Again, thank you all for your inputs.
  13. I've been in Turkey for some years, and have learned that the way of doing business here is not very European, and in my case, not very American in the style. Turkish business seems to be more, well, adversarial, and less transparent, than what I'm used to. What's your experience? And what's the secret for success in Turkey? Is it the psychological aspect that gives one an edge? Is it "who you know?" I've talked to several people about their experiences and found some things in common, such as a more short-term focus and a lack of transparency. But would that approach work here as a foreign businessperson doing business in Turkey? Another aspect is the way that personal relationships are inter-mixed with business. You may, as a business person, be asked to do things outside of the business relationship, which throws some people who don't realize that the same requests would be expected on the Turkish side of the business. And it can be confusing. I have read, for example, that if something goes wrong with the personal relationship, that the business may suffer, regardless of the amount of loss to both parties. I've been asked "how do you do business in Turkey?" And my reply has been "if I ever learn the secret, I'll give you an autographed copy of my book." It may be easy to blame someone else for business failures, but there must be a certain logic behind business practices in Turkey. Once that key is found, it could open many doors, I think. But how does that logic operate? What are its rules? So that's the question here. How does a foreigner do business successfully in Turkey? How do you win and become successful here?
  14. Hello there! My name is Björn, I am an IT consultant doing freelance projects for international customers. I am German, my wife is Turkish, we are based in Çanakkale and we would like to move my business over to Turkey (as a legal entity). I am currently researching the process of forming a company here in Turkey and would be interested in regular conversations with people who have already gone through this and are currently operating a business here in Turkey. It would be great if you have experience with regards to tax, insurance needs and regular government interactions that need to be done. If you know about the special situation of being inside a "Teknopark" or employing people here, that would be even better. To make sure that the conversation is beneficial for all, I would like to set this up in the format of a Mastermind Group, meaning 3-5 people meeting once a week for an hour on Skype to talk about the current issues they are facing while operating a business here in Turkey. If there is somebody here who would like to join, please reply in this forum or send me an email at [email protected] Thanks a lot for your time and I hope we can meet soon Best wishes Björn
  15. Hello I know there is a lot of topics talking about almost the same thing but i prefer to create a new one to get in touch with the member and maybe I take a better advice. Actually I'm planning to move to Turkey next month, and my company will open a new office in Turkey for Software Developers, at the beginning we will be a 3 persons, we don't care too much about the local business for the beginning but after a year maybe we will start to work with Turkish customers. The main question what is the better place for us, our salaries from 900$ to 1300$, including the apartment rent, we need a place the cheap but also comes with good options as schools, hospitals ...etc. we are now thinking in 2 main cities: 1. Izmir 2. Mersin could you please share with me some advises and please take in consideration our salaries Thank you in advance.
  16. Can anyone tell me if a foreign company can open a representative office in Turkey? If so, can the office manager get a residence permit in Turkey? is he required to apply for work permit? What are the conditions, the documents required etc..? Generally, the official web sites do not give details or they are only in Turkish Thank you so much in advance for any useful informations
  17. Hello to all and thank you in advance for reading and replying, I want to open a restaurant where we specialize only in hambergers and pastas (of the most popular flavor and recipes). I really don't know where to start. Should I rent a place or buy a restaurant? I am an American citizen. I know partnership is not advised so I am staying away from that. Will residency and work permit be a problem? I will, of course, hire a few Turks to help me as employees, but I'll be the only one managing and cooking (with all the recipes). Is there any website featuring "for sale" restaurants? My receipts are most favored here in USA. Thank you again.
  18. Hi everybody,I am thinking about opening a small tour agency in Mersin, It is an amazing city with lots of touristic places, however somehow missed due to the lack of direct flights, I tried to find an English speaking agency in Mersin but couldn't, in addition I have some connections here in UAE. The questions are:1. Is it a good idea?2. Am I allowed to operate such business activity as an expat?3. Is it a good idea to get a Turkish partner? Any help or feedback will be appreciated. Sam...
  19. Hello everybodyI am happy to find all of you here. I am from Lithuania, the Baltics, having my dream to come true - after two years of thinking I am finally trying to set up my life in Turkey. June is the date, Izmir is the destination. Will be glad to contact you either in the forum or wherever in the city. First I will come with questions and later hopefully with answers :)See you in Izmir forum!
  20. I am interested to know as you see it either locally or nationally depending on your location or travels what little businesses are doing well and which are not? I am aware as mybe customers we may not know the actual financial current situation of a buisiness but just wondered as you see it as a consumer whats what where you are or where you go/shop. A business banker may have a different view on such little buisinesses in comings or outgoings but then i cant track them down and ask can i! anyway interested to see what people have to share on this subject maybe you are a little buisiness owner or work for one or maybe you started one up and it failed for whatever reason... look forward to reading replies :-) happy new yr new n' old been ages since i came on here but motherhood saw to my spare time..litterally binned it it seems!! excuse any spelling mistakes i have had 4 hrs sleep son got a cold //again!! and i am not at peace with my keyboard or brain today ;-))
  21. HI to all Im about to buy a house in uzumlu and to move there on a permanent basis. Im not of retirement age yet but will have an amount to invest in the Turkish savings account and hopefully be able to live on the interest. I would like to start a business using quad bikes as the company assets and base the company on hiring these out . The company will be small to begin with but I would hope to employ locals in two or three years. could I ask a couple of questions.. 1- as im not retired can I buy a property outright and live in turkey full time ? 2- Can I start such a business in turkey and be the sole trader for a while ? 3- Is there any way that I can import the bikes from china without having to place a bond equivalent to the full quad bike cost with the tourism agency or tax office 4- Is the savings rate in a Turkish bank taxed at all ? I must admit that ive tried looking for all this information here and there but it seems different every time I get to another page so any help and information would be gratefully received... thanks mica
  22. Hi Everyone, Apologies in advance if this isn't the appropriate sub-forum for my question. Had a look everywhere & wasn't sure of the right place. Anyway, I'm a UK expat currently living in Egypt. I've actually live abroad for since 1997 - mainly in Arab countries working in IT. As I'm sure everyone is aware - Egypt is really in a mess now. I live here with my family & we have young children & really don't think it's the right environment for us anymore. I am seriously considering a potential move to Turkey very soon. My work is based online & I'm able to earn a living anywhere I can have a stable Internet connection. I am also looking to register either a branch of my company or a separate company altogether. We have a large young family (the kids study online) & we're looking for suggestions for a simple, conservative traditional environment but it must be well connected Internet-wise. I would appreciate suggestions - I'm planning to visit within a couple of weeks to check place out. Thanks!
  23. Hello Having spent 2 months in Kemer, this summer I decided to open a business in the repair and installation of new pipelines in house,hotel and metal constructions can fabrication.i ask you what region Turkey, I start looking for business partners and seek orders in its sfere and be grateful if someone knows the Turkish business sites and sites of large firms for the construction of the city. Thanks for your answer in advance.
  24. While on vacation I spotted coloured rubber car floor mats and didn't have the opportunity to research them . I don't know if they are manufactured in TR or imported . I would like to import them to Canada. If anyone has info I would appreciate contacts. They are car floor mat sets in blue , green, red, leopard print, etc. Thank you Con
  25. Hello Friends, I'm asking about the price range per month for renting a shop at a good place in Istanbul ( Ground Floor or Raised Floor / 70m-110m) to be opened as a cafe. And, What are the required procedures, costs and salaries of persons work in cafes? Thanks
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