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  1. https://forms.gle/wTVZF4v1KSrhoScE8 This research is prepared for postgraduate thesis study carried out in order to determine perceptions of tourists on Bodrum. Your answers will be used for purely scientific purposes. Thank you for your attention and participation.
  2. You should come and see our healthy life offering house: in the center of the nature, next to the forest. It is ready, nobody has lived up to now, you can have the titel to the land. Not only in the nature but also close to the workplaces that you can cover your needs. It is just five minutes from center of Ortakent, Bağla Bay, which is one of the most beautiful sea in Bodrum, Acıbadem Hospital and The TED College. It is sub-free, detached, outstanding Sea and Nature Landscape. Exclusive Design from Steel Door to the Kitchen 3 Rooms 1 Sitting room One Bathroom/WC in each floor 150 m2 160 m2 detached garden within lemon, olive and pine trees and bougainvilleas. Water container for 4 tones Floor heating Aluminium joint
  3. Does any body know of a company/someone in Bodrum that can assist me with obtaining a Short term tourist Residence permit?
  4. Hi all I am deciding on a move to Turkey - possibly the likes of bodrum or thereabouts Is it a good time with the fall of the lira etc I await your replies
  5. Hi, I was hoping those living in Turkey can provide some insight on this.. Which cities among Antalya, Bursa, Fethiye, Izmir & Bodrum rank better compared to each other on factors such as cost of living, employment opportunities, quality of life etc. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I will be spending some time in the peninsula and may need to do some recordings for an E-learning project that require studio quality. I wonder if you know someone who has this facility. A studio at home is perfectly fine, sure is much better than my cupboard. Also if you are or know someone interested in taking Spanish lessons PM me. Many thanks in advance.
  7. FenerEniste


    Just wanted to see how everyone is doing w/that earthquake that was in Bodrum...
  8. I ran across this website showing live webcam shots of Bodrum. http://www.bodrumcanli.com/ Click "Bodrumu Canlı İzle." Then select the live cam for which part of Bodrum you want to see. Like Bar Street. Hmmm... hey... that looks like my wife!
  9. View of Bodrum from the Manastir Hotel - http://turkishtravelblog.com

    © Natalie Sayin / Turkish Travel Blog

  10. Post Source: Bodrum in 1987 (Video)
  11. This club was one of my favorites--Lawd have mercy...come on spring:-)
  12. For all of those who nee the Bodrum bus schedule. Just click on the image and download. And print if you want.
  13. Foreigners are overcharged for even the most inexpensive things at Bodrum and Cesme restaurants. This is shocking news for all of us. http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/tourists-in-bodrum-eat-the-worlds-most-expensive-dinner.aspx?pageID=238&nID=70593&NewsCatID=349
  14. Hi, I look forward to relocating to Turkey with my wife and parents. I need ideas about what would be the most suitable place for my family. Im looking at 4-bed villas. Although I've read about health insurance and residency, still wanted to clarify somethings.1) What would be the ideal place to live. My preference is not a big city, but not a small town either. Something with population between 100k to 500k. With things to do: Cinemas, bowling alleys, restaurants, concerts etc. I'm looking at suburbs and away from crowd and noise. Would also like to know which option would be most economic in terms of housing. Currently I'm looking at Fethiye & Bodrum but I suspected both are small towns? Population seem to be below 100k for both. Do you think one could have a home in towns like them? Not a holiday home but a home. 2) Also I would ideally like places with great schools and hospitals. I would never compromise on education for (unborn) child so I'm certainly considering that. 3) Something with some business opportunities. Not a big business, but a small grocery store or a convenience store. 4) About health insurance, my parents are covered by the government in their home country. Would they not need health insurance for the RP? Does that mean only me and my wife will need to purchase health insurance. I have heard the govt. charges per couple (and dependent children). So does that mean just one insurance for 200 TL per month would be sufficient? 5) Are there any other recurring or big costs associated with relocation other than: Purchasing a house, paying for the RP, paying for health insurance. Would appreciate any info / help. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi, I'm sure you are probably bombarded with posts from women/ girls who have fallen for a Turk and aren't sure what to do... but I have another one I'm afraid.... and a very long one (I'm not good at summarising. I went to Bodrum on a family holiday with my Dad, stepmum and younger brother and sister. I deceided before going away that I would just enjoy myself and take every opportunity I could to try new things. I got a lot of attention both staff, other tourists and also from locals, but I wasn't interested. I called off my wedding in January and the last thing on my mind was a relationship. Well obviously you already know that that has now changed. After a few days I noticed one of the staff. He was absolutely gorgeous and exactly my type, had tattoos and an amazing smile and just looked like amazing fun. If I was at home, he would be EXACTLY my type in every way. On night 4 I was at the disco and he came over to my family to talk and be generally polite and when he asked me to dance I thought nothing of it (it's his job after all). But after several songs I realised it was just me he was dancing with and when he asked if I was going to the nightclub after I quickly said yes! My stepmum (who is turkish) came with me and we had a great night. We danced all night and when I slipped on a spilt drink he quickly swept me up, had the dancefloor cleared and apologised prefusely. That was it.... He asked me to meet him outside the hotel after, but I politely declined. How could I meet a man that I barely knew? In a place I didn't know? I'd heard so many horror stories of men abroad (not just in Turkey I must add), that were looking for an easy target, or just western women in general for sex, money or visas, and I did not want to be one of this women. I'm very proud and to lose that would hurt more that the emotional pain. The next day at the pool (of course I'm a typical Brit), he kept making eye contact whilst he was working and came to our group at every opportunity he could. Around 1ish he dissapeared for his lunch break and within minutes I had a facebook message from him just asking how I was and apologising again for the large bruise I now had on my knee. Again he asked to meet me and after talking with my stepmum I agreed to meet him after he finished work, just outside of the hotel. He took me for a drink and then we walked down the beach and just talked and talked. His english is very good and most of the time he favours it over Turkish. I headed back to the hotel very happy and something just felt right, which I've never had before. The next few nights we did the same and we got to know each other quite well. On my last day he tried to see me as much as possible without getting into trouble with work. He seemed really beaten and when he struggled to find the words in English, he explained to my stepmum how he felt in Turkish. He said that he would be turning 30 in a few days (I am 24 incase that helps) and he was finally at a point where he wanted to settle down. That I was the first person he had met that he could see a future with and that he was so scared that now he finally found me, he was going to lose me... He said he was in a young man's job and looking to settle into a more secure job once he went back to Istanbul at the end of summer season. I agreed to keep in contact. I arrived home in early hours of the next morning and at 11am (9 in Turkey), I was woken up by a message from him. He said he missed me already and would I come back out to see him. He then skyped me and for the last couple of weeks we have been speaking and skyping daily. He even called me from his mobile when he couldn't get wifi (which would have cost him a fortune). Obviously it's easy to get swept up in it al,l as Turkish men are renowned for their charm, making a woman feel special and moving very quickly and I would love to let myself, but obviously I'm still ering on the side of caution. My dad and stepmum are both more than happy with things going as they are and my stepmum is very much supporting me and pushing for me to take the risk. My mum on the other hand is a lot more warey. She hasn't met him, worries about me and knows of people who have been hurt by foreign men so I can understand her angst. I would like to see how things go and we have spoken about a future together. Both of us are willing to relocate if it came to it and he says his family would be happy with me. One of his brothers is already married to a turkish woman and they have a son so he says there is a lot less pressure on him to find a turkish wife. He is not a practising muslim. He's from Beylikduzu in Istanbul. I'm going to be visiting him again in August at the same resort with my best friend (who is very supportive). I have read through the posts on here and I am so glad to see that there are some success stories, because although we have not known each other very long and I very much going into this with my eyes open, I have not had this sort of connection with anybody before (hence my calling my wedding off). If anybody can offer any advise or cautions or success stories or any tips on making the long distance thing work then I would be very grateful. Thank you x
  16. Hi guys, I'm currently living in Istanbul and making a good salary (around 4000lira), I also have a free non-shared 1 bedroom flat. I can see that some of the better schools in Istanbul offer this kind of package, some even offer flight allowance etc. But as soon as you look outside at Bodrum the salary drops to around between 3300 - 3500 lira with no free apartment. As I am new to Turkey I'd like to know, is that a fair deal? Is Bodrum really that much cheaper than Istanbul to lose close to 1000 lira a month and a free flat. Thanks in advance
  17. Emmamaire


    I have just booked a hotel in Yalikavak and I am starting to worry that there wont be much to do in the area. Any suggestions? Bodrum looks like a good place to visit, how easy is it to get to from Yalikavak?
  18. linde

    Quality souvenirs

    Hello Last time I was in Bodrum, I had to experience the fact that a lot of crap is on sale near the harbour. I am looking for typical Turkish/Middle Eastern things such as nazar's (evil eyes) and tespih's (bead chains of sorts). Furthermore, I would like to buy a cezve (Turkish coffee pot), tea glasses and stuff like that. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding a place to go, if I am looking for this? I am unfortunately probably not spending more than a day in Bodrum (and, effectively, Turkey) before moving on to Greece, so I am not going to have very much time to look. Besides, I would like to buy a couple of bottles of Tekirdağ rakı to take with me. Does the tax free shop at the harbour carry quality Turkish liquor? It's a while since I've been in Bodrum. Is it, furthermore, possible to purchase liquor in supermarkets (I mean given Erdoğan's latest policies and everything), in case they don't have it?
  19. I've been keeping in touch with our member RovingJay for some time about her upcoming travel guide to the Bodrum peninsula. What a great work, I think it's the best guide I've ever seen of the Bodrum area, coming from someone who has read a LOT of travel guide. Finally it's finished, downloadable as an e-book from Amazon.com. Have a look, you'll see what I mean. And congratulations RovingJay, you have done a splendid job! Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide on Amazon.com
  20. Gozleme is a delicious snack. Nothing better than walking around a local market, munching on a Cheese Gozleme.

    © Roving Jay

  21. As eating out is a favourite pastime of ours, our recommendations for eateries in Yali are Dede and Morgul restaurants. Great food and very friendly owners. We even went for a long weekend to Afyon with Ibrahim and Sue from Morgul to meet and stay with his family. Great time. Dede is open all year round and Morgul in the summer only.
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